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    Source for compressed air

    I've used a compressed air cylinder for many years with good results. A 100 PSI charge is good for about 2 or 3 painting sessions. The mini regulator/filter came from a mail order airbrush supply outfit, and the airbrush hose adapter is a Badger part.
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    Sculptamold, Hydrocal, Plaster of Paris?

    I agree 100%. Scenery materials are a very personal choice. Try everything you can find, then use whatever you like best. Celluclay is NOT the same as Sculptamold. Plaster (including Hydrocal) has the smoothest texture and Celluclay is the coarsest, with Sculptamold in the middle. Having...
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    How do I fill a gap?

    Another vote for Squadron Green Putty. They also make a white putty, but I haven't tried that. If the putty seems too thick, you can mix in a very small amount of liquid plastic cement. After the putty is completely dry, wet sand with 600-grit wet-or-dry sandpaper.
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    Best Plywood to Use for Layout Construction

    Birch plywood is wonderful stuff, but I agree it's overkill for this application. B-C grade softwood plywood is probably a good compromise. It will have one smooth face and the price is usually reasonable. CDX grade is too rough in my opinion. If you have a choice, go for the plywood with more...
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    Abandoned or old buildings

    Anybody remember E.L. Moore? He actually blew up his Cannonball & Safety Powder Works with photographer's flash powder. That was true gonzo model railroading. :cool:
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    Anyone using Lenz DCC systems?

    Bernie, I also use Lenz with a pair of LH-90 throttles and have been very happy with it so far.
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    What font is this

    Well, I'm going to disagree with Josh on the font ID. New Aster is pretty close, but I think this is either Dante MT or Danmark URW. The numbers look like plain old Helvetica. If you don't mind paying $20 for the Danmark font, it would be possible to print these at home.
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    wsor paint colors

    Based strictly on photos, NYC Pacemaker Red looks pretty close. I agree with Jim that Platinum Mist would be good for the silver-gray.
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    Soldering Iron questions

    Jeff's tips and techniques are excellent! Just two things to add: 1. Use eye protection. 2. Work in a well-ventilated area. Fumes from rosin flux can be irritating.
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    Took the DCC plunge

    John, North Raleigh NTrak has a great how-to web site on wired DCC decoder installations. Many N scale locos are very challenging (especially steam), but it's possible to fit a decoder in almost anything.
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    Trix roller test stands

    Anybody see the new Trix roller test stands on the Walthers web site? I thought they looked really well-designed. Then I saw the price and practically fell off my chair.:eek:
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    UP ac4400 build.

    For masking, I used to use drafting tape. Now I put a strip of regular blue 3M masking tape on plate glass, use a straightedge and razor blade to cut a clean edge, and apply. Burnish the edge just before spraying. Never tried the liquid mask stuff, but I think it would be handy for irregular...
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    AC Power Supply?

    If you happen to have an old "wall wart" plug-in transformer like the ones used to power cordless phones and other electronic gadgets, try wiring the lights to that. Use your existing power pack just for the switch machines. You can control switch machines from the Lenz DCC system, but would...
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    Need help with MP15AC details

    I'm planning to build an MP15AC and need help identifying some equipment on the prototype. On the right side, on the step just ahead of the cab, is a tall rectangular box. A round tube pokes through a gap in the gusset plate, and below that is a red square hole in the sill. Can anybody tell...
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    Solvent based washes over Acrylics?

    Any paint that is thinned with mineral spirits (like Model Master enamel or artists' oil paint) can be used in a wash technique over dry acrylics (Polly Scale or ModelFlex) or Dullcoat with no problem. I usually let the acrylic base coat dry overnight just to be on the safe side. Avoid stronger...

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