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    Not much pink left......

    Modeling that car would definitely be an extreme weathering challenge. You'll need a buttload of powders and chalks for that one.
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    Distracting voices and heads popping-up in videos.

    Honestly I've always considered the whole yakking in the car on the way there more annoying than stuff like outside voices or random body parts popping in. If you're filming at a train show or an open house random voices and intruding arms, butts, and whatever else is pretty much unavoidable...
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    Custom Amtrak Diner 8502

    Looks pretty good. I've heard good things about them on another forum, I'll have to check them out sometime.
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    Summer Layoff?

    I try to keep at it all year `round but summer's usually when I do more of my model building. As a kid it meant I had more time for model railroading since school was out. Plus in the summer it's nice and cool in the basement. Usually during the winter I spend more of my time watching football...
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    What are there about a 100 UP engines sitting on a track east of Tucson?

    Yep I was reading on this one guy's blog that a couple months ago Norfolk Southern was getting rid of a bunch of their old Dash-8s. They were moving whole strings of them with nothing behind them through western PA. From what he said they were going to Larry's Truck & Electric to either be...
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    Transfer Cabooses

    Transfer cabooses were sometimes used on locals and long reverse moves but as their name would imply they were mostly used for transfer movements between yards or interchanges. Transfer cabooses often lacked a lot of the amentities of an over the road caboose. Usually they had maybe a bench for...
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    Who here is under 50?

    I'm 35. I got into this hobby when I was about 10 years old. I got interested in trains by watching them outside my uncle's house as a kid. When I saw the Carnegie Science center's miniature railroad and villge display I got itnerested in building model trains because I figured it looked pretty...
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    Model Power officially out of business

    It's such a sin. Granted most of their stuff like freight cars and locos were pretty much geared toward the toy market but still their vehicles and structures were pretty good. The vehicles were a good deal especially when you consider the price.
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    My first Layout - a 5' x 9' Modern BNSF Freelance

    That is a great looking layout. It just goes to show you don't need to fill up a private barn to have a nice layout.
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    How do you handle bug control in the basement?

    One of the things I've seen that works pretty good for repelling insects and spiders is hedgeapples. They're also known as monkey balls, osage-orange, or horseapples as Texans call `em. You really don't gotta do anything special, just leave them in the corners of the basement. While some grocery...
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    steel mill pics

    Some great pictures, looking forward to seeing the finished layout.
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    Mail-order Ethics

    I don't see it as a matter of ethics. To me it's a matter of who has what I want. I'd love it if I could just drive over to the hobby shop and pick up anything I want, plop down my money, and walk out the door with it. I hate waiting for stuff. Unfortunately the local hobby shop doesn't always...
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    Whats the BEST Way to Remove Lettering from a Factory Paint Job

    It just seems like too much work to me. I used a Q tip and some isopropyl rubbing alcohol to renumber a walthers coil car and it worked good for me. You just have to be really careful with how much you use and how hard you rub or you'll take out the body color too.
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    What the ...? (Warning for questionable content)

    There aren't even words for just how much is wrong in that ad.
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    Richard K Wright

    Welcome to the forums, My condolensces on the passing of your father. It sounds like he lived a very full life.

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