weekEND photo fun! 9/28-9/30

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Ignorance is Patriotic
I thought I'd start off this forum's official weekend photo fun thread!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of running on my friend Don Meeker's massive, two-level layout. It's mountainous scenery, and the modern-day NYCS looked a bit out of place in the Colorado mountains, but that's what happens when we have run-through agreements! Also making their journey west were my recently completed Berlin Mills boxcars. Quite a change of scenery for them, eh?

The layout uses a signal system hooked up to his computer, and all HO scale operators must pay attention to the signals and call dispatch on their journey over the layout.



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Thanks for the tour of that awesome layout! Those NYC units looked great on it as did the weathering on some of those cars!


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Here is the first set of photos by the Farm House Area


P2K GP-7 – Reading approaching farm


P2K GP-7 – Reading


Athearn RTR Horizontal Ribbed Boxcar – Milwaukee – owned by a friend


Accurial 40’ Boxcar – B&O


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MDC/Roundhouse 40’ Boxcar kit – Nashville Chattanooga & St. Louis


MDC/Roundhouse 40’ Boxcar kit – Frisco


Bev-Bel/Athearn 40’ Boxcar kit – Atlantic Coast Line


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Bev-Bel/Athearn 40’ Boxcar kit – Louisville & Nashville


Bev-Bel/Athearn 40’ Boxcar kit – Lehigh & New England


Mantua Caboose - Reading


Ignorance is Patriotic

Awesome stuff there. I have always admired your weathering and your photographic technique. Top notch!


Great Job mtrpls, those boxcars look great in any scenery! Beautiful layout BTW. Thanks for the pictures.

Tom your photos and weathering are also excellent.

I watch this thread every week and enjoy everyones posts!

For Jeffery I've got a little KCS action. KCS 4798 eases out of Corinth yard.

Todd Templeton
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Dr Frankendiesel
For some time now, I've been saying that I have an Athearn Blue Box F7 that runs very quiet. Now I have a video that proves it. Two locos will make a runby. The first is a Proto 2000 PA1. The second is the Athearn F7. Is it quiet? you be the judge.

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I can't think of a word better than "spectacular", everyone. I think these are some of the finest images I have seen yet!

Here is my own modest contribution. I had some good feedback on a photo I took of my PRR J1 emerging from a natural portal a bit back, so I thought I would capitalize on that overall theme with this image.

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SAturday at RJR

Mtrpls cracking layout, I espesically like the shot with the high rise city scene, I thinkthe height of city scapes is often missed by layouts, The blue sky is just right too, does it have a colour name ??

Here at RJR some more track has been put down.

I had been struggling with getting pointwork right for the track coming out of the gradiant from the fiddle yard. With one point onto the main line, the lift out section across the door would have to be in for the train to have enough room to get out. With two points into a straight ther woud not be enough room on the straight so I thought of a double slip.

So Off I trotted to the model shop and purchased the said bit of (expensive) pointwork, and I think it has solved the problem


at the near end the curved point will lead round over the lift out section and at the far end the line to the right of the standing 57 will curve to the right and create the complete loop. The double slip allows the trains rising from the fiddle yard to take the back track if I am operating without the lift out section.




Trying to incorporate the different levels has proved more troublesome than I expected but Im glad I went for it, given the board on this side is only 21" wide it doesn't look to cluttered with 6 lines ? It will look better when the retaining wall is but in between the two levels.

The plan is to have the other side of the room more open country / open spaces.


Steve B

Good start John, you see those Heljan buildings on ebay here sometimes, very impressive, if you only require a background building you can use the back as a front to double the width

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