Spokane circa 1961

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I ran across these 3 and thought that y'all might be interested. The aerial shows Union Station and Great Northern Station. Northern Pacific is to the left of Union Station and out of sight. Havermill Island's claim to fame was Expo 74 in which all the railroad and most of the ground structures were flattened for it. GN clock town still exists in what now is Riverfront Park.

The two drawings were from ~1957 and it is unknown who did the coloring. Looking at both, you can see why between Spo and Sandpoint, ID is called 'The Funnel'.


The first drawing kinda shows where I was raised just East of Argonne Rd ( Dishman ) between Broadway and Mission. Lived there for 17 years before joining USMC. Our house in Libby is now the longest I have stayed in one place. 2004 - 2022 beating out Spo. How things have changed!


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Hi. I remember visiting Spokane on business in 1998.
The main things I remember was passing under a high railroad viaduct and also seeing hexagonal basalt columns sticking out of the ground like the ones in the Giant's Causway in Northern Ireland and Fingals Cave !
I visited two companies in the town, I can't remember the names but one was developing a plastic beer bottle to prevent injury when thrown at sporting events ! I wonder if it worked ?
We then flew down to Orange County from Seattle and Alaska Airlines lost my luggage but got it back the day after - got $50 in compensation !


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Colin: I remember seeing plastic beer bottles sometime around then. Think that Rainier Beer had those. Haven't seen any since. I can just imagine what the beer tasted like after sitting in a warehouse for a few months.

Those Basalt columns are more predominate South and West of Spokane. As you go East and North there are not many; although you can still find them.

The pix is probably what you saw. You are looking at the BNSF/UP crossing of Latah Creek. Top right is Sunset Junction ( out of the pix ) where it splits to Pasco and Wenatchee; Top right to bottom right Pasco. Bottom left upper track at the wye: Wenatchee. Bottom left lower track mainly used by UP. Heads for UP Junction then to Hinkle Yard, OR. Note that at UP Junction track also goes back and connects with the Pasco leg. Note that you are looking at one of the few curved viaducts around. Steel beams underneath are actually curved. Also note that years ago the wye was connected as you can see by the bridge almost under mile marker 279 in the lower left. Used to be a fun place to railfan.

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