1. ctclibby

    Spokane circa 1961

    I ran across these 3 and thought that y'all might be interested. The aerial shows Union Station and Great Northern Station. Northern Pacific is to the left of Union Station and out of sight. Havermill Island's claim to fame was Expo 74 in which all the railroad and most of the ground structures...
  2. Mrs. Hippy River Bridge

    Mrs. Hippy River Bridge

  3. 2768 at speed

    2768 at speed

    Southern Railway GP30 2581 enters its fifth decade of service as Burlington Northern GP39E 2768.
  4. bn pacific pride #2

    bn pacific pride #2

  5. DSCF1309


    Athearn BN GP38-2 and GP50
  6. DSCF1171


    Athearn SW7 cow and calf. These units are linked together electrically. The calf in a non-powered unit with powered trucks. There is wires running between the two units like mu hoses. So instead of 8 wheel pickup up this bugger has 16 wheel pick up. I also have a light installed in the calf that...
  7. DSCF1017


    Athearn BN and ATSF SD9's
  8. DSCF0128


  9. BN NW2 spotting at the cement plant

    BN NW2 spotting at the cement plant

    This is my NW2 on the Yarrow valley sub, spotting a car at the Chorley cement plant
  10. MILW Covered Hopper

    MILW Covered Hopper

    The other side
  11. MILW Covered Hopper

    MILW Covered Hopper