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Good morning gang.

Jerome, awesome scene!

Greg. stay safe up there in the woods, and prayers for Cathy's healing!

Flo said I could share, but she's tired of all of Mel's jokes. You'll have to tell a funny (and clean) joke if you want a donut hole!
Why don't ants ever get sick?? 🤔

Cuz they have little antybodies! 😆

It's ok. I'm here all week!

Willie, that spider gives me the willies!

TomO. congrats on the anniversary!

Finally, computers drive me crazy when they don't do what I ask of them, yea, kinda like the kids. or the dog, or the cat, oh wait a second, the cat doesn't care!

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Afternoon All,

Spent several hours doing lawn camp with the grandkids then watched TV with them while the wife and daughter sewed masks for the elementary school. No layout time today.

Mike- Thank you.

Jerome- Great layout shots.

Patrick- Nice looking train.

Toot- Nice video.

Troy- The layout is really starting to take shape.

Willie- That is a big darn spider.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Good afternoon. As usual, I've been bust again. Sold two more cars and helped them load on Friday afternoon and then went to town for bowling. Yesterday the grandkids came over. They were getting bored hanging around their house. They rode their bikes for a while and then watched cartoon on TV. They don't have the childrens cartoons at home. Cooler today. Don't think it will get up to 60 today but it should get up into the mid 70's during the week.

Had a couple of visitors stop by last evening to enjoy the apples that have fallen off of the tree. Do have some reflection in the photos.



Greg - Hoping the best for Cathy. There have been a lot of false positives reported. Prayers for both of you.

keN - Beautiful job on that B&O diesel.

Lee - The only Mack trucks I have are in HO scale. The B series Macks are some of the few that are available for the era I'm modeling.

Joe - Good photos. Like the RDC's and a Mack fire truck is one of the HO scale models I have.

Willie - It may not look like you got very far, but I see a lot of open space that I wish I had. Really like those DPM kits. They'll fit right into any era.

Alan - You made an accurate statement when you said that brass isn't for everyone. Many don't model the era when steam was running and then there is the expense of acquiring brass steamers. Painting them could be beyond the capabilities of a lot also. I have done quite a few years ago and now that I am getting a bit older, I doubt that I would attempt one having to deal with the small screws and other details. They drove me nuts when I had good eye sight.

Dave - Like your photos, especially the observation car.

Jerome - Excellent photos. Liked the wreck.

Chad - Like the photo of the commuter train. I have been watching quite a few videos on rail travel in Europe. When I was over there in the service I did enjoy traveling by train. you could get most everywhere by train over there. One trip I would love to take is the Trans Siberia railroad.

Ray - Liked the video. May have been on the Livingston side of the pass the way the wind was blowing. Livingston sits right at the intersection of three mountain ranges and the winds there can be something else. You can see the trees leaning to the northeast. A 50 MPH wind over there is considered to b a breeze, There are wind socks along the interstate.

Troy - I have had some of those Amish donuts. Excellent. Your layout is moving right along.

Curt - I see that you did learn a few lessons from your old layout by putting in the scenery at the rear of the layout before working on details at the front. I think Greg had mentioned having to work over the layout to reach the rear. Looking good.

I guess I could post some more archive photos.

Lee, here are some of my Mack trucks.



The Urlich Mack tanker was a pain to letter. One letter at a time.





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Spent the afternoon with my son working on his equipment. Prepping cars for weathering, some light weathering, and weathering a new Southern GP-50 he bought yesterday. Seems the Milwaukee Road leased quite a few Southern units when they had the need. we did this with a combination of airbrush, Tamiya panel line accents, and Pan Pastels, plus a little oil paint. Nice model!

Southern GP-50.JPG


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Anyone use Photobucket here? I used them for a long time, but since they pulled their little scam of denying you access to your images if you don't pay up, I pulled everything down from there today. They can kiss my a$$!

Anyhoo... I don't remember what photos I may have posted here, or at least not all of them, but it has been mentioned that some folks aren't into steam the way I am. I get that, and I wouldn't want you to feel left out ;) I've done a few other "family photos" at the club, and I'll share those as well. First up is the transition era with first gen diesels:


I like the second and third gen power too, and like I told Willie, as the era of the club moves forward I'll be able to stay current with this group! It's a mixed bag, but all favorites of mine, especially the Cruds!



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Good Evening all

Sorry I missed you guys this morning I was busy.

Chet. Can’t beat those old Leetown Mack’s that Brown one needs a pup trailer. They all look gods as well as you other pics

Alan. Nice pics of the SP and the Bloody Nose SPs

Sherrel. Glad your feeling better and posting again

Willie. Your making good progress with those buildings

Joe. Nice pic of the B Open cab fire truck

Thanks for the complements and likes I worked on the O scale layout today and took a few pics of some of my Lionel Standard O cars. The Boxcar Brown one I painted/ decaled it with Champ decals. Have a great evening.


Gomez Addams
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Alan, I also had a lot of stuff on Pee-Bucket. I ended up having to delete all of it, even though they graciously offered to allow me to download them back to my computer, they made sure the process would take almost 400 hours to complete. Total size of the files was less than 500Mb.


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Good evening Shop Dwellers! 69*F, calm and dark in my central MD town.

Thanks for all the 'like's and kind comments on my GP40 #3698 - Karl, Jerry, Justin, TomO, Phil, Tom-Cambria, Chet, Jerome, Joe, Lee, Willie, Sherrell, Garry, Guy, Chad, Curt, and anyone else whose comments I may have missed! I chose that specific prototype because it was heavily faded, unlike most of the other 60-foot geeps in my roster. The prototype photo by Karl Jeffchen was shot in 1973, within a year of my modeling period (1960-72), and that convinced me to go ahead and model it in that condition. It provides some variety.

Lee, thanks for posting the pics of those First Gear Macks. I still can't fathom why they won't do them in 1:87, or maybe license Athearn to produce them.

Greg - sorry to hear about your wife's possible Covid exposure! Will add both of you to my prayer list.

In fact, I'm thinking of possibly getting tested myself on Wednesday. MHO and I spent Saturday night attending a baby shower for our daughter in her back yard, and nobody was wearing masks! o_O Leaving the party wasn't an option since we are the baby's grandparents. Just gotta hope for the best I suppose...

In other news, I finally completed the last unit of my 6-loco project that began back in May, a GP38, which I bought on impulse since I saw that it had the early style dynamic brake hatch (rarely ever seen on the 'Bay). It was shortly after that when somebody on the forum - Paul, a-k-a "kjd" - told me that Atlas sells replacement DB hatches as spare parts. It was all downhill from that point onward LOL! I might do a separate thread pretty soon on my retro-conversion of two mothballed Atlas GP40-2's using these replacement dynamic brake housings, depending on how much time and energy I have.


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So I watched about five minutes at the end of the tied third period before heading for bed. I may actually have to watch the next game.
Willie: The reason there is a next game is that the Stars held Tampa Off and won it in Double Overtime. (Full 20" periods during the playoffs).
Game 6 is tomorrow night. Hockey is an exciting sport much of the time, but since the Islanders were eliminated, I have not been playing close attention.

Windows is targeted at people that need or want to use a computer , but don't know or want to know how to maintain one.
GT: Not for nothing, but it isn't that simple. I no longer have the interest in working with Unix based OS, but I have mostly circumvented the MS money grab. I use Corel WP office on all three PCs in the subscriptions, and wrote my own Quatro Pro based Bank Register program to replace Quicken, when they went to annual subscriptions. Newest of the PCs is the one I'm using a 4 yr old HP Pavilion. Wife's Dell is five years old, and there is a ASUS, we bought for the MIL that she refused to learn how to use it, that will probably be incorporated into my layout's DCC, to use with JMRI. All run WIN 10 with zero subscriptions. I back up to high capacity SD cards, rather than USB drives. There are two other candidates for the layout, a older Dell with WIN 10 Clean Install, and a Toshiba still running WIN7. The Toshiba also still has a working set of drivers and Software to allow use of all the features of my Canon MX 860 Printer. Coincidentally, I fired both the Toshiba and older Dell up today to see if they were worth keeping. The only issue with both is the keyboard is losing it's "touch" . A relatively cheap USB keyboard would solve the problem If I choose to go that route. Might actually work out better in the layout environment.
When it comes to back-up, should one of our front line PCs fails, I'm well covered, without having to go to the bank. Next time we have to buy one, it will be a MAC.

Spent considerable time running the DC (Accessory Buss), and brainstorming the track plan for the "Staging" module. I have a pretty good Idea of what I'm doing with the Reading side, still not sure about the PRR line.

AS 616 #8967.jpg


Curse You, Red Baron!
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Morning Peeps! I been up for an hour already - just couldn't sleep; sitting here looking at that video that Garry posted - boy, were those guys lucky to be alive.
I guess I should fire up the coffee machine now and try to become more awake? I think that I arrived even before FLO and MeL? Need to see if TROY left any "holes" in the rack? I could use a few!

LEE - I meant to compliment you on your Lionel layout; The way you have secnickered your track - I don't even notice or pay attention to the third rail. Looks very professional!

JOE - Nice photo of the AS-616 - and it's surroundings. There is a multitude of details around that scene!

Question for toss-up? Have they developed a quick COVID test where they can determine yay/nay on the spot, or do you still have to wait days/weeks for results?

I have to go find some coffee - not awake!


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Morning... getting a late start today.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words about my Still Untitled Layout thread. I actually got to work on it last night. Made a couple of mistakes gluing foam down, but nothing I couldn't recover from.

Because you posted jokes or funnies, extra donut holes for Sherrel, Jerry, and Willie's fuzzy 8-legged friend. I'm not arguing with anything that large who shoots silk out of its bum.

Got some major writing to do today. Still catching up from the computer fiasco. May need another donut to power through it. And the furnace guy is coming out for the fall inspection and cleaning. Since this is a new to us condo, figured it would be a good idea to get a check-up on it before winter hits.
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