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GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Morning all,

I can still smell the wet paint.

I'll catch up at the old place in a bit. I did get my magnifying lamp yesterday and it made a big difference in seeing the models closer. I have some things to fix on my building project.

I did put the windows in a container with paint remover as I just didn't like the way the looked. I'll have to do something a little differently once they come out. I only have 3 layers to remove and will gently scrub them tonight with an old toothbrush. I know it took most of it off, but I can't get my fat fingers in the smaller areas.

OK, caught up at the old place:

Wife is scheduled for a chemical stress test on the 11th. She's not looking forward to it, but her knees won't do the treadmill.

I lost out on the kits as the lot went higher than I wanted to spend, although the price per kit would have made them about $8.00 each. I just didn't have that much to spend, so the extra is now going to pay down the house. I guess every dollar helps. I'd never heard of the silver streak kits before, but I still have a lot of buildings to work on and with. I just gotta figure out what I want the rest of the layout to look like.

TrukTrain55 : I like your O-scale layout and the 3rd rail doesn't bother me. I think you are doing wonderful work with the scale. In my defense, I had Lionel's in HS that I tried to make look as nice as what you have. There may be a time when I go back, but even with my multi-focal lenses, I just need a bit of help with details.
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A few problems on the MRL today

The Montana Rail Link Railfan Society They took the 264 off the Jimbo train and added it to the loaded Ballast train for a combo train to Livingston dumping ballast along the way.

You can make out the crew next to the first 3 Hoppers having opened the ballast shutes. Can't see where it's been put down, but there's less in the hopper

Bit o' History

An explanation from the Engineer on the reason for what happened
Michael Gene Music That was me. Our second unit ran out of diesel so instead of picking up old ties the jimbo teamed up with us to dump ballast so we could make it over the mountain.

The gondolas and Canadian type Caboose, which I think was inhereted from SRY in British Columbia on the tail of the Jimbo train to the left and the end of the ballast hoppers to the right. I've observed 8 of the Diffco side dump cars in the ballast train before and from info that an N scale MRL'er told me, who scratch built some, they have differeces internally to the standard Diffco's. Dun'no what though.

The Montana Rail Link Railfan Society The Jimbo part of the train

Might be able to read this one a bit better. Can't be bothered going back and deleting the other.

The Montana Rail Link Railfan Society The Jimbo on the end

I'm sure there's one of the new gondolas they got not long ago for this train, all painted up for this equipment, with the new logo too. Where that is is a bit of a mystery. Been no mention of an additional machine.
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Good morning...Happy September! 66° and cloudy, going to the upper 70s, with a chance of rain. Yesterday's heavy rain turned out to be a few sprinkles.

Looks like a good morning for some Taylor Ham and an egg on a roll.

Baldwin RT-624 8785 at Overbrook 10-26-1952.jpg

1952 photo of Baldwin RT-624 # 8785 in Helper service at Overbrook, PA. (per caption). Photographer unknown.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. A sweltering 82° with partly cloudy skies to begin September with. Crazy as it seems, that is supposed to be the high temperature for today, with 100% chance of thundershowers and predictions of 2" of rain total. That will put a damper on outdoor activity today.

Scrambled eggs and a pile of sausage patties for me this morning Flo.

Thanks for the reactions and comments on my progress yesterday; Troy, Lee, Karl, Chad, Patrick, James, Garry, Sherrel, Tom O, Phil, Curt, Tom, Louis, Ken, Rick, Joe. And thanks also for the well wishes for my wife who is recovering nicely.

Well, what happened in the train shed yesterday? Not really much. I did finish painting the driver for the yard mule for the piggyback facility and added some figures to the scene.
09-01-20 003.JPG

09-01-20 001.JPG

09-01-20 002.JPG

The figures (except the driver) came from a Walther's Scenemaster set of pre-painted figures, appropriately enough called Trans-Load Crew, no longer available from them. The set has eight figures, many of which I will be using in a true Trans-Load (non piggyback) scene elsewhere.
I did also do some tune-up on a very old Con-Cor covered hopper that has been staring at me for over a year on the RIP track above the workbench. I just got tired of looking at it! It had been derailing at random places. Couldn't find anything wrong with it, so I reversed both trucks and added an additional penny of weight inside over each truck and that seemed to fix it. Weight was actually OK to begin with, but only two pennies still kept it within 5% of NMRA recommendations.

Chet/Greg - The Spanish that the Mexicans speak (and me as well) is not true Spanish. The academics here refer to it as "sloppy" Spanish. I consider it to be "Tex-Mex" Spanish. I never took Spanish in school, taking Latin, French and German instead.
Greg - Belated Happy Birthday to your wife.
Regarding Walmart, I rarely go into that place, even though watching the people can be quite amusing. Maybe three times a year. I just don't like the place. I don't mind paying a little more for stuff at a local business where the atmosphere is a little more inviting. My wife doesn't mind, so I don't normally have to go.
Tom O - Interesting photo yesterday of the hoppers. Kinda looks like more than just the sky was photo-shopped in. If not, you did a fabulous job on the structure detailing and the transformer weathering.
Chet - Too bad about the pandemic guidelines that you are having to follow. It just seems to me that bowling (and golf, neither of which I do), would be an easy sport to socially distance from others. People and politicians need to use a little more common sense.

Everybody have a great day.


Curse You, Red Baron!
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Good Morning where it is 62 going to 86 with partly sunny, but no rain forecast.
(thank goodness for spell check! That top line had 6 errors.)
My fingers are f%#* up this morning. More coffee, FLO! I need help!
WILLIE - I didn't take a language in school - took Argi instead. Our animals could't speak Engrish much less French, German, or Spanglish!

Great posts yesterday, folks. LEE - I liketiyr O scale. The more I look at HO the more I am thinking about going with "O". I just need a place to run a train - period!


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Howdy ....

Terry .... Thank you for starting September Coffee Shop .

Toot .... Tha scenery is beautiful in your pictures of the work train.

Willie .... I like the Santa Fe tractor.

Joe .... The Baldwin loco is impressive.

Here is my basic piggyback terminal I squeezed into a space too small.


Next, you can see my CB&Q and GN piggyback trucks. The CB&Q tractor is an Ulrich model that I shortened the frame. The GN tractor was from a resin kit. Both trailers are Ulrich models. I painted and lettered the two trucks.



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Nice place. Who picked out the color Sherrel

70 and Cloudy in the Ozark

Flo. A bowel of Oatmeal please and leave the Honey bottle.
First off I want to Thank all of you for your likes and complements on my O scale.

Toot. I would ask you a “Penny for your thoughts” about the coin less subject but you know the case. Very nice pics you posted

Boris. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Locomotive like that before looks like it’s ready for business

Willie. That spotter drive looks very convincing especially in that pic. You did a great job on all the figures

Patrick. Hope everything goes well for you today. Seems like if there was a dog turd on Sleezbay some Clown always has to bid it up. When I was a kid in early 80s I remember seeing those Sliver Streak models you brought back some memories with them. Thanks for the complement on the O scale I really hate to quit HO but I’m afraid it’s going to happen. At first the third rail bothered me a lot but after a while you never notice it just the great detail in this scale.

Sherrel. I’m with on the spell check being from the Ozark Foothills you know the rest. Thanks for the complement and I have really enjoyed it since I’ve moved to it.

Garry. Nice pics of the Pig ramp. That background looks like it goes on for ever nice job on it

No bench work but I’ll leave you with some pics of me getting a Crusher piece going to the country of Brazil. Take care



GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Fortunately it wasn't a fleabay auction. but a non-profit organization. So the extra benefits a non-profit instead of some seller getting his friends to bid stuff up. I have my price and lose out on occasion, but they were gonna sit for a while anyway. Better the non-profit gets more than I was willing to spend with shipping.


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Good afternoon from Wisconsin. Not sure what today will bring I am just going to let it come to me.

Willie the sky was photo shopped. The power poles I purchased were already strung and weathered. Everything else is mine and that is a foamcore building with a photo of the real building laminated to the foamcore. From the angle shown it looks great. From a straight on view look it looks like a laminated photo, not real good. This was a throw away experiment and I still am experimenting with photo laminations but at this time I still prefer styrene used for sidings. I have tried to follow Lance Mindheim techniques for photo laminated buildings and I just don’t get great results in straight on views. When I add the downspouts, electrical I really enjoy that as I add that to all buildings, photoed, kit or styrene scratch.

tail end Tuesday on one of the Facebook sites.
have a great day

PRR Modeler

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Afternoon All,

Today I started out ordering books from the library and renewing auto tags both electronically. After that I participated in the monthly trek to Wally World which for that place relatively painless. Tomorrow I have a haircut appointment in the morning. After lunch I filled up pool chlorine jugs then painted the plaster "hillside" brown.

Thank you for the likes yesterday.

Toot- Nice pictures and story.

Joe- Thank you. That loco has always intrigued me. If I remember right, I think only about 6 of them were built?

Willie- Great looking scene.

Garry- Another great scene.

Lee- Interesting 1:1 and layout photos

Alan- Nice job so far on the brass loco.

Troy- A word of caution, make sure you leave enough room behind the WS Risers for whatever scenery you plan on doing. Remember I just recently made that mistake.

TomO- Nice photo. It has a nice rural feel to it.

I hope everyone has a good night.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Hey Sherrel, need some rain? Come and get it! I have 4.5" in the gauge between 10:30 and 1:00. Local heavy flooding down south in Denton 25 miles away where they got about an inch more. My pond which was empty yesterday, almost filled up by noon. My hayfield is happy, this guarantees a second cutting in early October. Downside is that I will have to begin a steady mowing cycle every 4-5 days beginning this Friday unless it rains some more. After today, it will all run off since the ground is now saturated.
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