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Ol' School
Good morning from southern Oregon. Dry, high's in the mid eighties again today, and thru the rest of the week. Let's have some rain. Rain? what is rain?
First off, Dave...thanks for the links on the SP tank car. It seems completely plausible that that car could have run on the line in front of my house as SP completed this line in 1929, which went from Fernley Nev. to Klamath Falls Ore. Here's a pic from a book on the line, (Modoc Northern), of a construction train at Newell Cal. This tank car looks to have the same side sills and bolsters for the water tank , but I'm not seeing any walkways. "Water car" is stenciled on the near end.

Willie...Troy.....nice progress on your layouts.
Justin...very nice fleet of motors.
Garry...that motor is about three months old, here is a couple of the cars it was shuffling around. For you BN modelers out there, practice your weathering skills on these guys......
Build date on this car is 5-70

This Thrall car was built 3-72...

And the Thrall logo....

Thanks all for your 'likes', may everybody have a great day!


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Clear and quite cool at 48°, rather unusual for September. Later today it will be 80°, and 90° tomorrow. See-saw weather for the next ten days, and no rain in sight.
Spotted a new visitor to the estate after mowing around the pond yesterday.
09-29-20 004.JPG

09-29-20 006.JPG

It's about twice the size of my hand. Haven't named it yet.

Western Omelet with extra sausage on the side this morning for me Flo.

Thanks to all who liked or commented on yesterday's progress update; Lee, Sherrel, Troy, Garry, Patrick, Karl, Tom O, Chad, Justin, Phil, Jerome, Curt, Dave, Ken, Jerry.

I made some visible progress out in the train shed yesterday. Ballasted the last two switches that I intend to do at this time.
09-29-20 007.JPG

I added a partial tarpaper road to the layout edge.
09-29-20 012.JPG

Then I turned my attention to the left hand side and the auto body shop.
09-29-20 008.JPG

Specifically to adding ground foam between their future fence and the ROW alongside the passing siding.
09-29-20 009.JPG

I am making the fence out of scrap cut-off pieces of Pikestuff roof panels that have to be cut down to fit some of their walls.
09-29-20 010.JPG

Jerry - That is interesting that BNSF had an ES44C4 on that work train. Looks pretty clean as well. I believe that that particular loco was built this year. I had seen some in that number range headed out of the GE plant in Ft Worth TX earlier this year.
Garry -
Jerry .... BNSF 3273 looks remarkably clean for work train duty.
See comment to Jerry above.
Tom O -
We used to heat with wood but the insurance company put a stop to that.
While mine originally accepted it, they cancelled 15 years later. I've been self-insured for the last 25 years. They also didn't like the pool with no fence despite the fact that we have no neighbors closer than 1/4 mile, and they had no kids either.
Justin - Nice fleet there.
Curt -
How do you ballast the T/O moving parts? I just set a little bit of ballast loose in that area without glue.
That's pretty much how I do it. If I do it right, sometimes a tiny bit of "wet glue" seeps in and holds what little that I put there in place. And, that's only on the outside of the track.
09-29-20 013.JPG

Hillside looks great, you'll need to put a bear or two in there later.
So Troy, what kind of novels do you write?

A couple of commemorative days today, National VFW Day, and National Coffee Day, subtitled Starbucks Day. I don't drink Coffee but I appreciate all of the Veterans in the VFW, as well as all of them who are not in the VFW. Here in Texas, the VFW posts have the cheapest beer around, just gotta go with a member.
Everybody have a great day.


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Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 9.35.48 AM.png

Snuck out and got some wording motivation this morning.

Jerry's piece on the tanker reminded me that I need to find a way to make an N-scale 1950s era tank car look crushed. There's a scene from the final season of Mythbusters I want to model on the layout. An n-scale Jamie and Adam should be easy enough to paint up from generic figures (a bit of green stuff painted black for the beret). But, how does one modifiy a plastic tank car to make it look like a metal one imploded?

Willie: Thanks for keeping the slithery friends out of the feed. Don't mind the slimy nor 8-legged butt shooters. ;)
I write Paranormal Cozy Mysteries. Think Agatha Christie combined with Harry Potter. The normal audience for these is 40+ year-old women. I write under a pen name. If anyone is REALLY interested, message me for a link (Available on Amazon only). Otherwise, I'll stay vague and avoid the self-promo.


Curse You, Red Baron!
Staff member
I write under a pen name. If anyone is REALLY interested, message me for a link (Available on Amazon only). Otherwise, I'll stay vague and avoid the self-promo.
I think my B-Unit just may be interested? PM me with details, please?
Not sure that I would be - Willie made us a novel of his own today!
Willie - how about "Fergie" the Frog - he better hide - a hawk will grab him in a flash!

Confucius say: He who toots not his own horn - his horn does not get tooted!
(I never quite figured it out neither)

Good Mid-morning to all East of the Divide!
It was rather warm yesterday but the low 20's% humidity was nice.
Today is forecast to be either 101-103 (two different sources)

FLO - My body is back ... Orders for MEL - Chicken Fried Steak with eggs up, taters, and sourdough toast with a coke, please!

Not a drop of moisture and hardly even a cloud from D-Day, June 6!


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Good morning .... Coffee and a donut, please.

Jerry and WIllie ..... Regarding locos pulling work trains. Below is a work train I saw in downtown Nashville. Tank cars and a bridge partly block the view, but you can see CSX 6410 has seen better days.

Willie ...... When I ballast turnouts, I put a small amount of masking tape over the points. For the rest of the track, I apply ballast similar to how you do it. ..... Perhaps you can name the toad or frog after your least favorite politician.

Everybody ..... Have a good day.

PRR Modeler

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Afternoon All,

Sat on my backside this morning before chauffeuring the wife to Dollar Tree and Aldi. After lunch I connected the feeders to the power buss, cleaned the track then tested with the WM 2-6-6-2. Of course there was a issue with the T/O that I installed yesterday (in the worst track location to get to) I tried a bunch of things that made no difference.

The steamers first set of 3 drive wheels would go through without issue then the second set of drivers would ride up but not derail. this happened in both directions. I was scratching my head contemplating taking it out when I had an idea. Since the diverging route was not fastened down (going to coal trestle) could it be as easy as tacking down that side to prevent possible flexing? The short answer was yes in all loco directions. At least that's fixed.

You may remember that my 2-8-8-2 was having front drive wheel issues. I dropped it off with my buddy Jon and he took it apart and told me the steel motor shaft was slipping in the brass cup on top of the gear tower. He repaired that and tested it so I just need to pick it up from him. :D That makes me very happy.

Joe- Thank you. It is very time consuming.

Troy- Your layout is really coming together.

Jerry- Neat pictures.

Willie- Nice job on the ballasting and other projects.

Toot- Nope!

I hope everyone has a good night.


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kind of late in the game to find this out
my team did not win the cup last night
it seems too bad that Dallas didn’t show up for game 6. But I know they tried and it was a night of domination by an exceptionally well balanced Tampa team. I have known Joe Pavelski since he maybe was 5 or six as mite in youth hockey against my son’s teams in Wisconsin and then high school. He had been to the house and pool a few times in High School. Just a nice decent kid that while he dominated youth and high school games, during the game it wasn’t noticeable because he was not flashy or it’s all about me. Then you’d look at a box score and he was all over it.

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