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I am alive and well, but trying to get the place squared away. I like Libby a lot, not having the traffic, congestion and newbies to put up with. Bozeman was closing in on me. The first photo from Google Earth shows the new subdivision going in along US-191. My place was where the yellow untitled place mark is. This is housing for employees at the Big Sky resort down the canyon towards Yellowstone Park. The second photo is the starting of construction. These are all duplexes that will be so close together that one would be lucky to drive a car between the houses.


This WAS an alfalfa field until some newbie bought it and had to develop it. I am glad to be out of there.

This is the main street a few street from where I live. Just a couple of minutes from the center of town.


My daughter and her family came up last weekend and helped unpacking. What a mess. Had so much paper from the boxes that many empty boxes were filler with the paper and my daughter took it to the landfill. here's the mess we had to clear up.



This is what it looks like now.




The master bedroom looks good but the closet is packed with boxes, some with crap in them and some with the paper packing material. The last photo is the second bedroom which is still a mess. Have empty boxes with packing material, some with items in them, I call them mystery boxes because the people packing them didn't bother to label the boxes.
thumbnail_20220325_170233 (1).jpg


This is the room that the computer is in. Took a few days to find it and then when I did, it didn't work. Took it to the next town to the west about 18 miles down the road and got it repaired. The moving company already has a check for the repair on the way. It's a pain downsizing from a 3,200 square foot house to a 960 square foot condo. There is a storage unit close by that I will move some of the items into that I won't be needing here. I'll probably rent a pickup from U-Haul to take what's left to the landfill. I am curious as to where what's left of my model rail;road is. I did find 2 boxes but there are more.

The dogs are giving me that "Where's my dinner" look.



Beach Bum
Good evening: 51°, and clear. Today was a nice day. Overcast, but nice. I stored the snow blower for the season, brought up the lawn mower and fertilizer spreader. The mower needs new oil, air filter and plug this year. The spreader, is plastic, and I hosed it down. I finally put the Christmas Ornaments away, and got some of the clutter out of the garage. Guess who is going to be sore tomorrow?

Willie: Pizza Land needs a couple of Balck Escalades parked in front of the building ;)

Curt: That's intricate roof framing on that tower. Looks nice.

Hughie: TJ Reilly's - Looks great.

Gotta love dem Baldwins.

P:87. I've never heard of it, is it still a thing? I'm an HO scaler,
Steve: Proto 87 is for super rivet counters. Nice stuff, but way beyond my patience level.

Sherrel: Getting some decent sleep - Priceless!

Chet: Nice place. Looks like the dogs have settled in. Now I understand why you wanted out. Good luck in the new place.

I ordered the wife, her new Inspiron 15 laptop. Similar to mine, but with a touch screen. She also has more storage. It's comparable to her old one. It will be especially nice if we can get the data switched from the old one. Bought it at Costco, so there is an extra year's warranty.

All of a sudden, I have new stuff coming. All pre orders from last summer. The first is two three packs of containers from Trainworld (Athearn), a PC X72 box car, (Rapido), from MB Kleins, and a B&O PS-1 Box car (Kadee), from Tony's Train Exchange. I still have four items, 3 Genesis, 1 Rapido, on pre order status from Trainworld, Plus another few elsewhere.

MU working at Elizabeth.jpg

MPB62 leads MP54 train at an unknown location. Photographer also unknown. Source FB. Note the center door does not have a window

OBTC 1909

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Good morning all! Sunny, very windy and 33 heading for sunny, very windy and 42 for the day.

First week at the new job is in the books. Yesterday was probably the most enjoyable day of the week thus far with lots of opportunities to solve issues for faculty and staff. Overall, I think I'm going to be very happy there. I do greatly miss my co-workers from Lowe's, but I'm really enjoying what I'm doing now and the people here at the college are all extremely nice. I have a couple friends at the college that I've known for years, so that helps too. I used to teach there part-time so I already knew a few people, but many of the people I knew back then have since moved on.

No huge plans for the weekend. May go shopping with my wife today to find a few more shirts for me to wear to work. All I ever wore at Lowe's was t-shirts, so my stock of nicer clothing had dwindled down quite a bit due to my having gained a lot of weight since I last wore them. I want to lose weight but I need shirts now. Other than that, probably just going to work around the house and watch the NASCAR race tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great day!


Living in Dreamland; not the Dream
Good Morning!
Not supposed to get above freezing today, and it snowed about an inch overnight. It's a crappy day.
Suppose I'll go out and clear the walks before daylight. I don't want any melt to refreeze and makes the walks dangerous.

I'm trying to find a 'Tom Boy' grocery sign to make for a 1/87 building. Don't seem to be having much luck with net searches. I always thought the Tom Boy was a fairly common grocery chain back in the day. Suppose it just wasn't worth taking a photo of.
This is the best I can do, so far:

Might be back later. I really need to get out there and shovel the walks before breakfast.
Have a good one!


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Clear and 48° here in tornado alley. Supposed to get to 82° his afternoon and 90° tomorrow. Yesterday was 80° which is freaking out the cold weather plants in the garden, like lettuce and spinach. we have four more days of this before returning to normal mid-70's weather. Trees are budding out everywhere after the rain Monday, weeds in parts of the front yard are begging to be mowed.
I am still pruning some trees here as I got behind in February. I know that it isn't the ideal time for it, but it has to be done.

I know that I have posted in the past about a newer neighbor of ours who took over a 100 acre parcel of land just south of us. He decided to turn this mixed woods/pasture land into a country estate. This is the guy who uses a weedeater along 1000' of barbed wire fence along the road frontage. He and his wife moved a couple of older restored houses onto the property sorta in the back and then had to spend $34K to build a gravel driveway. Then he spent another $45K to build a lake near the front gate that cost another $25K. The lake has a fountain in it! He has done a few other things according to some craftsmen acquaintances of mine. Bottom line is that the county tax assessor finally discovered the improvements and reassessed the place and revoked the agricultural exemption for nearly 60 of the acres. This will cost him dearly, probably to the tune of $35K a year!:( So what does he do? He bought four Texas Longhorn cattle and fenced off what I estimate to be about 35 of those 60 acres to regain part of the ag exemption. He also had to rip out part of the driveway to install cattle guards to keep them away from the houses. I'm still not too sure why they brought in two houses unless he and his wife (who actually owns the property) live apart.

Thanks to all for the comments and likes regarding the motley collection of pizza joints; Steve J, IB Ken, Troy, Dave B, Sherrel, OB Ken, Curt, Tom, Hughie, Rick, Patrick, Louis, George, Tom O, Joe, Guy.

I started a new project yesterday out in the train shed. It is on my very long list of things to complete. In an area where I just dropped off completed structures, I have this "Hot Rod Garage"
This is what it looks like on the layout.

It looks entirely different under the workbench lighting.

First step was making and painting a full base for it, which I don't normally do.

Added an LED interior bulb.

Mounted it and started with some details that I have hanging around.



I still have a few more details and figures to add today.

Sherrel - I forgot to comment, but that is one hell of a beautiful lemon tree. I hope that your options trading went successfully. I jumped back into my ETF's about two weeks ago and have regained about 25% of what I lost earlier in the year. Some I never got out of completely.
Steve J - I don't know anyone personally that does P:87, but I have read that it is a real PIA. On top of that, who knows except the builder? I'd rather have fun.
Troy - Yes, carnitas! Can't believe that you had never tried them. I make them all of the time, easy to make. Cube up a pork shoulder, marinate overnight in a dry marinate of toasted cumin seed/chile pepper/oregano and then braise them in the morning. Add to a crock pot and cook for a few hours. PM me if you want the complete recipe.
Guy - Hughie - T. J. Reilly's really looks good. Doo-Wop, I didn't know too many other folks liked that stuff. I really enjoy it.
Joe - Escalades are a little out of my era, but I understand the significance.

It's Saturday for those who still have to work, so enjoy the day off.
Everybody have a great day. Tonight I'm grilling fajitas.
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Morning from warm, sunny Cali! We are looking for 84F today with "mostly sunny" - it was 88F yesterday and the hills have already started turning a brownish color from the lack of moisture.

CHET - After looking at your "Map" - You have lost your concept of what crowded really is! Are the pups going to have a play area outside?

CURT - That roof line is something else! Lots of gables there - going to really look great.

On the homefront - No real changes in the MIL's condition. Sad to think about her passing. The ranch house is about 5000 sq feet with 5 bedrooms 5 bath plus a large office with outside door. It's been a nice place for all the family to gather for BD parties and Holidays. I wish my financial position were better - I would try and put together a purchase package to sort of keep it in the family, but it seems that several are thinking that a sale would net them more $. House with FIVE acres and a pool and a place to park the RV would keep me in CA - maybe? I know the Spousal Unit would jump at it!

Expiring Option positions didn't pan out as expected yesterday - 15 closed spread positions netted a loss of $58.74; however, 56 other positions showed a $2K paper gain putting me up 11% for the year - I'll take it!

OK - Back to the drawing board!


Living in Dreamland; not the Dream
Guy - T. J. Reilly's really looks good. Doo-Wop, I didn't know too many other folks liked that stuff. I really enjoy it.
I believe you have the name confused with a better builder than me.

I've seen that before, where fella's try to turn the acerage into a beautiful resort, and then need to turn it into a bee/honey farm after the assessor shows up. I know of one assessor who used a light plane to spot hidden treats.

The snow is shovelled, the dog is walked, the wife is at work; now it's time to go put on the legs of my last layout table. Little by little, I will get a layout.


Beach Bum
47° and sunny for now...supposed to get colder through Tuesday...

Last night, after I left my comments here, I watched the last period, overtime and shootout in the game between Buffalo and the Capitals. Capitals won the shoot out. Still not the best way to end a game IMHO. Then I watched the second period of the game between Calgary and Arizona. The Flames have a great team, with Four 30 goal scorers. They are explosive. Tonight,since the Devils-Capitals is a local blackout, I plan on watching Toronto at Montreal.

Terry: Best wishes for Marie's full recovery.

We have a few propertys near by that still have a "farm exemption". One guy a roofer by trade, never did anything to justify the Farm Assessment, but when he sold, the new owner had to start raising chickens and selling eggs, and growing veggies to sell. I suspect the produce is "grown" at Hunts Point, but the Chickens and eggs are grown on the property.

I am a little stiff and sore after yesterdays marathon garage clean-up. I'm headed to the train room in a bit. Have some wires to connect to the buss.
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