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Curt .... Thanks for commenting on my photos. Your benchwork is going together very well.

Chet .... I'm glad you liked the MILW pictures. Your club layout pictures are very impressive. I like the NP ABA F-units in particular. I notiv=ced somebody has fuselages entoute to Boeing,

Toot .... That is quite video. There must be a lesson t that story. Perhaps, artificial intelligence can go too far.

Everybody ..... have a nice night .


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David- you can keep that heat to yourself. 64* at half past midnight here in NC Wisconsin. Glad to be finally starting my weekend(my days off are Sunday & Monday), even if it’s supposed to ⛈ on Monday.

Mike: Hi, nice to meet you
Yes, I know what you mean about the heat, I despise it too ! The next couple of days are supposed to cool down fairly nicely.

It's 69°F at 2:30 Am, no wonder I sit with the fan blowing on me !


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Howdy .

David .... You said you were having trouble posting a picture. What's up?

[BGarry:[/B] The picture/image I was having the problem with is a screen shot of the Niles Canyon 2-4-4-2 Articulated logging loc like you have.

I'm not sure why I can't post it ?
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It was a clip from a Sc-Fi movie of some repute. The similarity between HAL and the rear light appealed to me, plus both had rather unusual ends.
Toot .... That is quite video. There must be a lesson t that story. Perhaps, artificial intelligence can go too far.

Everybody ..... have a nice night .
Garry & Toot: A wake up call *!! Here's a live testing of current robot that will blow your mind !!*!!



Louis- I like the picture of the B&O engine.
I am interested in the background building. It is hard to tell if the black weathering of the brick is from decades of steam engine smoke or is the results of natural mold and mildew.


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Morning all,

First off: BIG cup of coffee this morning Flo...Thanks.

Secondly: Belated Happy Birthday to Phil.

Tertiary: Condolences to James and his family on the loss his grandfather. Sounds like he was a good man.

HAL 9000 was fed conflicting instructions that cause him to become paranoid. This was briefly touched upon in the movie 2010.
Man I miss Arthur C. Clarke.

Well, I managed some train time over the weekend, well not so much train time as model time. Got my area made up and started on a different building:


I thought that I'd start simple as a refresher and work towards the better models. I'll start a new thread on what I have so far.

Due to the holiday on Friday, I get to leave even earlier everyday this week.


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Good Morning Everybody. Cloudy and 78°. Supposed to warm up a bit for the next week or so, upper 90's. Saharan dust doesn't seem to have made it here yet, and may not spread past the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex 60 miles away. Our air quality is still good whereas theirs is bad. Despite the longer daylight hours, the recent cloudy days have let the pool temperature stay between 83° and 85° which is ideal.
Spent some time mowing again yesterday, but not before replacing the three cutting blades on the mower deck.
06-29-20 001.JPG

It was time to do so as you can see. That was the easy part, getting the mower deck back in the proper place was exhausting.
I had some help from the granddog.
06-29-20 002.JPG

Today is going to be another day of making and canning tomato products. Salsa is first on tap this morning, Spaghetti sauce is tomorrow.

Tall stack of blueberry pancakes today Flo, with a handful of bacon and a large OJ on the side.

Thanks for the likes and comments yesterday; Joe, Garry, Karl, Guy, Jerome, Chet, Phil, James, Curt, Patrick.

Further update (minor) on the museum in Charlottesville. Got the line-up ready so I can proceed with track and ground cover.
06-29-20 003.JPG

That blank area between the two buildings on the other side of the road is where the new structure is going.
Meanwhile the DPM structure is coming along slowly.
06-29-20 004.JPG

Excuse the picture quality for a few days, wife took my good camera to the Gulf Coast for vacation shots. I guess that I could try to master the phone camera!
Between the garden, mowing the yard and preserving tomatoes, I'm just not getting enough time in the train shed.

Joe -
your idea for a CUP museum item, resolves the didn't survive 'till 19xx problem.
Not a problem, as that's why I bought this one to begin with. I already have 18 others to use on trains.
I'm beginning to loose patience with the swelling, and stiffness
Both take a few weeks to subside. Good that you have already ditched the Oxy. That will make the mastering of the cane go more easily.
Garry -
Willie .... That is a very nice model of an ATSF caboose.
Yes it is. Despite many modeler's skepticism in the beginning (mine included), Horizon really has done some great things with Athearn over the years.
Terry - That's too bad about your LHS. At Discount Model Railroads where I shop, all employees have masks (all retail businesses in Texas that are open are required to have masked employees), customers are also requested to have them and there is a ten person limit on customers. In 30 years of going there, I never saw more than ten so that doesn't really matter. Besides no one was counting! There were seven there when I went Friday.
Chet - I really like those club pictures.
Mikey -
I have not noticed a bank building on your layout.,
Thanks for the suggestions. Actually there are two banks in town, one that is next door to the liquor store, and another cardstock one that hasn't been shown yet. I might use that Big K sign for an existing store nearby in town.
Patrick - That's another of those tried and true modeling kits from the past. Looking forward to seeing what you can do with it.

Useless trivia: Today is day #181 for the year, Wednesday marks the halfway point this year. I tell this to you today because I probably won't remember on Wednesday.
Everyone have a great day and a great week. Stay cool and safe.


Grandson of ALCO Bldr

2 coffees straight up black.....I will spike for me and one for my grandfather. Thanks!

Good morning everyone! I want to take a moment to thank everybody for the condolences of my grandfather's passing and celebration of his life. I appreciate all the sentiments.

I am at work today and tomorrow and then I am off the rest of the week. It will be good to have down time and not think about work and such. I may spend an evening or two in the train room. We have had some heavy thunderstorms since Saturday and it's supposed to continue today and tomorrow hopefully by Wednesday it will clear off if not no big deal. I have been lurking around on here I see everyone is making good progress on their layouts and making some acquisitions for their empire. :) Awesome! I hope to post an update on my layout this week.



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Good Afternoon Everyone.....a thunderstorm in the area and maybe more to come later. We need the rain!

Just come home from the cabin and it was hot and dry in the woods. Spent one day repairing some wooden benches with sawmill slabs. The pieces of wood are rough cut in 1 3/4 in thickness and 10 1/2 inches wide, but the ends need to be squared off. I paid $10 even for three eight pieces that were free of knots or defects. There several sawmills around the cabin and this one was the closest. One mill is run by the Amish.

Most of the mills are a cluster of steel and wood buildings many with open ends surrounded by piles of wood and cuttings.

Wednesday - Friday I'll be trying to get some train time in the schedule. I want to run some six axle locomotives that I adjusted their wheels and see how they behave after several hours of running time. Fun how my ore cars trains run just fine on the layout and the short cars should find every defect in the train work, but the ore cars trains run like a clock.

That's all to report......



The hills in the distance are some three or so feet from the edge of the layout and I landscaped this area after I did the majority of the work in the foreground. There's a small yard hidden behind the green truck and uncoupling will be a small challenge, but can be done.-Greg


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Afternoon All,

This morning I got up not feeling well, headache, feeling lightheaded and nausea. I went back to bed after about an hour and slept for 4 hours. I still don't feel great, but I feel better than I did. No trip to Lowes today, so hopefully tomorrow.

Thank you for the build likes.

Chad- Thank you for your thoughts on my layout power.

Garry- Thank you.

Louis- Interesting loco.

Patrick- Nice looking kit.

Willie- Nice scene. It sounds like the mower is a pain to do maintenance on.

Greg- Nice layout scene.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Cold symptoms- Chicken soup-Plain toast- Hot tea. Fever? Warm milk with a shot of whiskey. PJ's,bath towels on bed, get covered-sleep.
Been there,done that, have soggy mattress as proof. [forgot the towels].

Hope all are well.
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