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60F at 8pm. Got up to the mid 60s. Was 41F this morning when the wife left for work. Supposed to start getting warmer. A cold front came through Saturday night and it rained off and on from Saturday night through this morning and was quite cold for June.

I'm feeling the urge tor un some trains even though at the moment I don't have the time :(


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Ken - Very realistic looking photo. The colors blend into the realm of nature.

GREG - I have to ask about the pile of tires behind the garage. I've not seen a stack that large before? Nice details all over the pic.
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Hi Shop Dwellers, haven't posted in a few days, can't even remember the last time I posted here[?] CRS - thats my story and I'm sticken to it!

Phil - a belated Happy Birthday!

Willie - I feel your pain about the mower repair work. No, really! My son and I spent several hours on Saturday pulling the cutting deck off after it had sucked-in a tarp over MOH's garden and wrapped around the blades - I guess six inches wasn't far enough to avoid the suction. But it gets even better: When we put the deck back on and were finagling it into position, the drive belt came off one of the pulleys and got wedged underneath it. The belt still looked and felt like it was in the normal position, until I started mowing and and the blades were sluggish, and bluish-white smoke spewed out from under the deck....oh crap! The belt got chewed-up really bad, so off came the cutting deck a second time and I had to drive 20 miles to get to the nearest Home Depot that had a replacement belt in stock. Every muscle in my bod was hurting after I got it all back together.

James - condolences on the loss of your grandfather, sounds like he was a true war hero!

* * *

Finally got my project geep body shells sandblasted, now I'll be going to a local friend's house to airbrush them on Wednesday. He has an "industrial grade" paint booth so it will save me from having to make a big mess in my own space.

Getting late gotta run, C-ya!


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CUSE ME, folks! I have been more-or-less in and out - just have not posted.

James - condolences on the loss of your grandfather, he sounds like he was a real hero! I am very happy to hear of his exploits as told to you. I wish for more like him!

PHIL - Hope you cure yourself ... does not sound comfortable. Nothing is more miserable than a "summer-time" cold. Need you around to make 85 in a year?

Going to make a few changes in my personna here ... going to comment less on posts ... IF I LIKE YOUR POST, I WILL "LIKE" IT. We all like kudos, but it is repetitive and and eats up valuable electrons and time (if you are as slow as I am)!

Anyway - I am just getting cranky and frankly have a lousy attitude. Sorry!


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A bi' o' bov'va for the Bozeman Local, or how to change a flat on a GP35.

The Montana Rail Link Railfan Society
The Bozeman Local headed east today (using the Logan power) towards Belgrade when a wheel on one traction motor decided it had enough.

Note the partial wheel tread lying on the ballast, (just see it) below the front wheel of the rear truck

Along comes the cavalry

The Montana Rail Link Railfan Society
The Logan local (with the usual Bozeman power)came to Belgrade to get the train and take it the rest of the way to Logan passing the poor 402

Just like a car, you can't do what you want to do, before removing something else. Off comes the plow.

Then a dummy wheelset is placed on the track behind, ready to replace the traction motored set so it will roll.

#401 looks on while the cranes get positioned either side

The lift begins

The Montana Rail Link Railfan Society
gotta get it high enough to pull the traction motor out

And extracting it

Back in, or how to make a prototype into a dummy.



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Morning all,

Partly cloudy this morning and 80* with a predicted high of 102* today (way too early). Heat index 105 to 110* so heat warnings go into effect at noon.

I bought some evergreen models sheeting to cut for the roof fire house. I'm hoping that regular model cement will work. I'm going back to H.L. to get some additional evergreen stuff as with coupon, I can get it less expensive than online. I may be limited in my selection, but I know I'll need some.

Not much else going on. No train time last night.


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Good Morning All. Starting out warm at 79° and partly cloudy. We're looking at upper 90's, dry and windy for the next five days, kinda normal.
Worn out from yesterday, Spent the early morning making some more salsa with tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, cilantro, jalapenos and onions from the garden. Sadly one of the jars (out of four pints) did not seal, so it's in the fridge until used. Moved on to mowing just before noon, the east side that I just did last Wednesday after the 6" of rain the previous weekend. Lots more to do, actually goes a bit quicker now that I have new sharp blades. After lunch/nap, I picked more tomatoes, peppers and squash. Grasshoppers are causing fits this year so I will have to call it done after all existing veggies are harvested. Nothing is pollinating right now due to the heat which is normal. As I post this, I am irrigating the remaining crops as there is a lot of stuff still on the vine. The tomatoes (as long as they're not too red and ripe) and squash are too tough for the hoppers to eat right now.

Thanks a lot for the likes and comments on my progress (slow as it is) yesterday; Jerome, Chet, James, Patrick, Chad, Guy, Curt, Phil, GT, Ken, Tom.

Too warm for a hot breakfast this morning Flo. How about some Corn Flakes with milk.

One more time, I spent too little time in the train shed yesterday. I did manage to complete the wall assembly of the new structure, and applied my trademark mortar wash. I also installed all of the windows and clear styrene glass.
06-30-20 001.JPG

06-30-20 002.JPG

Other than installing window treatments and sidewalk, I am stalled right now. One of the three items that my LHS was out of last Friday was the DPM parapets, otherwise known as inside roof trim. I'll be returning there a week from tomorrow when I pick up my wife, so maybe they will have them by then.
Here's a shot of it in position.
06-30-20 003.JPG

The white isn't this pronounced in person, I am still using an antique digital camera for the time being.

Greg - That is a nice scene that you posted yesterday. I don't recall seeing it previously.
Curt - Hoping that you feel better today.
It sounds like the mower is a pain to do maintenance on.
It's a pain because I am no longer as nimble as I once was. It would be much easier if I had a concrete pad to do maintenance on. Shoving the mower deck sideways on the rough grass to re-position it properly was the issue.
Phil - Get well soon. Toddies were my grandmothers "cure all".
Ken - Bluish-white smoke! Seen that before. Now I always check that before cranking up after any adjustments or repairs. Additionally I have a brand new replacement belt on hand.
Tom - Another nice sunset picture. I think that we have had some excellent ones here lately, but I go to bed before sunset so I generally miss them!:(
Patrick - Regular plastic cement works just fine with Evergreen Styrene. I use Testor's liquid cement which is just a fancy version of acetone.

Everybody have a great day.


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There's something I just realized with that GP35 repair. The truck frames don't leave the chassis at all, only the axles do, because they are just the same as the truck assemblies on other non-powered rolling stock. Only sitting on the bearing boxes.


Actually there are two banks in town, one that is next door to the liquor store, and another cardstock one that hasn't been shown yet. I might use that Big K sign for an existing store nearby in town.
Willie- Sorry I didn't remember your bank building. Just like my computer, my head has corrupted sectors in my memory storage.
There is another business I have been thinking about. AMISH WOOD SHOP, hand crafted cabinets, coffins and custom furniture.
I have not worked up a sign yet for my layout.
I really like the new building color scheme, makes the building look well loved.
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AH HA - Welcome to my world -- Let us see what's going to break, tear up, or not work today!
Supposed to climb back to 79 today for a high with mostly sunny and breezy.

Thanks, MICKY ...
liked the MRL narrative and photos!
Willie - can't remember - do you have a burned-out business on the layout?


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I'm O.K.- that post was for CURT. MOH got me a new $#!454*&% 'phone and I 'm having trouble using it. [Maybe thats why I run DC and not DCC.]
Can't teach an old geezer new tricks .

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