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Good morning Everybody!

I finally got done looking through the entire auction Karl told me about. Lots and lots of tempting stuff, but I did not place any bids. Too many smart bidders on the high-end stuff I was interested in and the rest would just take up more space and time.

Karl, I must thank you because it was a fun trip down memory lane. I got to see and remember several toys I had in the 60s. I had not thought of them in many years. Marx's Fort Apache was one of my favorites!

Have a great day Everybody!


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Morning all,

Well another weekend of recovering from the busy week. No train stuff as I just didn't have the time to get into the basement. MOH got the grand kids for a sleepover so their mother can get some rest. So far on that front, we hope to know more after her appointment on Thursday.

Otherwise clear and 65* this morning with an expected high near 85*. Summer is here....


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Good morning gang!
MMMMmmmm, the smell of wet paint and bacon, what a combination!

Flo. I think I'll start with the blueberry pancakes, with a side of scrapple.

Louis, the usually do a live auction every 4-6 months of nothing but train stuff. This is the 1st totally online auction train auction they have done since the Covid thing, so we'll see how it goes. Frankly I like the live ones much better, when I can size up the competition better.



GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Louis There is an online auction with lots of Lionel and some HO and N near my house. Bid, win and take a nice ride in the country to pick up your winnings. It end tomorrow night.
I have a copy of lot 18 in this auction, although mine may be newer as I have a blue box instead of the red one. although I paid nearly 5X the auction price as of 6:55 this morning CDT. Mine was new over 25 years time flies.


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Good Morning All. Clear and 68° here in North Central Texas. Looking at 87° for a high today, weather geeks have reluctantly added a 50% chance of rain tomorrow afternoon. They are currently showing wind gusts of 0 mph!o_O Fine day yesterday except the mosquitoes have come out. I normally don't get bitten, but I got one on the elbow and my wife is a slow moving target for them.
I indulged in my second favorite summer pastime of mowing for a while yesterday. Tried to get my 13 year old grandson to try, but his feet wouldn't reach the tractor pedals. He really wasn't enthused to begin with. I did get the two of them to assist with a couple of other projects though. We moved about fifteen years of my wife's IRS training manuals and notebooks out to the dumpster, and finally loaded up the car with a whole lot of obsolete computer equipment to take to the recyclers today. It included our first home PC from 1991, a HP model with an unheard of (at the time) 600 MB hard drive.
I am going to try to get in to see the dentist this morning, as the temporary crown that they put on about a week and a half ago slipped off Friday night. I have been holding it in by using some thick toothpaste reapplied daily as a temporary adhesive. Seems to work as I have been eating without incident. It still slips off easily though. Who knows, they might even have the permanent one ready a week early and just install it instead of next week.

Let's try out Mel's new grill this morning Flo. Two over-easy eggs and lots of bacon with a toasted whole wheat English Muffin to go with it.

Thanks for the likes and comments regarding the progress on CUP yesterday; Guy, Jerome, Louis, Karl, Phil, Chet, Garry, Hughie, Chad, Justin, Curt, Ken, Patrick.

Out in the train shed yesterday, I made a lot more progress on ballasting track. I completed about 8' more of passing siding and 3' of main line.
06-01-20 005.JPG

06-01-20 006.JPG

Located and temporarily placed the first two structures that will go on the aisle side of the tracks.
The first is a corner cafe that I have had for over 25 years. I think that it is a Walther's kit but I honestly don't remember.
06-01-20 001.JPG

It's missing a spire on the cupola.
Did some ground cover and a parking area behind it.
06-01-20 007.JPG

Across the street is a Smalltown structure, Kevin's Toys.
06-01-20 002.JPG

Added a sidewalk along the aisle side that butts up to the unseen off-layout street.
06-01-20 003.JPG

I also started with the first step in constructing a grade crossing in this area.
06-01-20 004.JPG

That section of roadway between the tracks is a piece of tarpaper glued to a piece of .020" styrene. The pipe is just a straw painted concrete on both ends. Nothing fancy here yet, nothing fastened down yet.
I work backward sometimes, as I will have to move everything out of the way when I work on the area behind this, but this area's layout was already pretty much predetermined and I can show some quick progress.
Things will slow down today as I have a few other things to do.

Alan - I continue to enjoy your progress reports on the COSF project, both the ups and downs.
Curt - In my experience, many of the Walther's kits suffer from poor design. This is complicated by poor or incomplete instructions. But I still purchase them as they are the only real "pike-size" industries available to the model railroader.
Justin - As others have posted, all of the issues with the GP38 look to be fixable with some time and effort.

Everybody have a great day.


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Good morning, 55°, and nice this morning. Hope everyone is well.

Spent some time in the train room last night. mostly looking for stuff that was lost in plain site, covered by something else. That's what happens when you have more going than you can manage at the same time.

E-40 4973 at Morrisville 05_28_1976.jpg

PC 4973 at Morrisville Diesel Shop, waiting its next call. The primary usage was either the Morrisville - Waverly - Greenville turn or the Morrisville - South Amboy turnaround. These former NH passenger units were not equipped to MU, and really were not suited for freight work. They finished their days working as transfer engines or in helper service. They were retired by the end of 1976.


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Good Morning -- from out here!
Supposed to reach 85 today - partly cloudy with breezy is called for.
Just coffee for me this morning, FLO, I am not awake yet!

Louis - I am happy that you have started an album thresd for your history. I think it will be nice to have all the photos in one place. I wish I had started a file here for many of the layout photos that I have seen - rather than "searching" for them in the back shops!


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Monday again......dreaded monday for the working class. Going back to my GP38. I do intend to repair it. I already have the paint to touch it up. It's too good of a runner to get rid of. Then again it is an atlas locomotive so no surprise it runs really well. I actually gave it quite a few laps around the layout last night. So I can say I'm pleased with its performance and now all I have to do is fix it up. That's all I have for now. Hope everyone is doing well.
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