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In France it is already January 1st. Thanks for the new thread bnsf971 ! So it's the new place to be. Tell everyone !



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I don't have time for Happy New Year. I have too much to get done. The piece of 10" duct I cut the other day that I was going to add a reducer to just fell out of the roof vent. It wasn't even attached to anything. I know it was put in there 45 years ago but at least the guys who installed it should have put a few screws in there. It was a bad job using the wrong parts. That is just going to be a roof vent now. I have to add a bathroom exhaust vent and that has to be tomorrow because a golf friend of mine is coming down to help me with the framing Tuesday. So, I have get up early tomorrow morning get over to Lowes's buy the below item and get it installed before the he and the rain comes. My Lok Sound decoders came yesterday but I don't the time to install them.



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Happy New Year from wonderful Wisconsin. Having a better year then 2022 maybe a low bar but we need to have a better year.

No resolutions for me to break. I am just going to try to be better then the day before. Some days I succeed, some days I fail but I move on…

Wishy washy me has decided not to attend the morning session of the ops today. I had already decided and informed the host the other day I would not attend his sessions today. Yesterday he texted he had some morning openings and I thought maybe but I am not going.

While this has nothing to do with not attending the op session, I would like to complete the review today of our financial situation. This morning I will be looking into what are my options are within the 401k investment trust or pulling them completely and going on our own. Willie had mentioned last week or so that he moved his 401k to IRA’s. While we look at 2022 as a significant loss, luckily it didn’t affect me. It’s still much more money then I put in there. Paper loses don’t hurt. It is why Elon the Huckster can laugh at losing $200 billion in USD in 6 months. He never really had it, it was on paper.

The son called yesterday asking if any of us or our Christmas visitors are sick. He is testing a few times as Covid negative. Because he is negative he claims he has his worst cold in at least 5 years. He was planning to sleep through New Years Eve.

My Endocrinologist and her hubby stopped by in our slight blizzard last night. It was nasty between 5 and 7PM last night. Prediction by the weather guessers as I wrote yesterday was dry here till next Saturday. We went from almost no snow to what looks like 2” of white stuff over ice. The prediction didn’t even last 12 hours! How can they be that wrong? The friends stopped for a couple hours and she brought me a non alcoholic version of a bubbly her sister offers in her restaurants. It was good and I will get the name. The doctor and hubby fly to San Francisco today. He will continue on to Bombay, she will join the girls on Maui.

I had the football games on yesterday basically as background. The top 2 Big Ten teams in the football playoffs sure embarrassed themselves. Vaulted defenses sure sucked, but the games that go back and forth are usually interesting to watch.

I think the New Years Eve fireworks because of the weather were pretty much muted. I predict that after the Packer game today the fireworks go off. Win or lose.

Binged on you tube shelf layout construction videos from maybe 10:30 to just after 1 when I hit the pillows. Enjoy your day


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Good Morning All. Happy New Years Day. Wispy clouds and 55° going into the upper 70's later today; 90% chance of rain tomorrow. Still have a rather nice weather forecast for the next ten days. A little cooler Wednesday and Thursday, but barely above freezing.
Totally slept through any neighbors fireworks last night, if they had any. Normally the fellow to the west and the retired policeman to the north both put on quite a display. Sleeping through is one advantage to taking out my hearing aids when going to sleep.

Thanks for the likes and comment regarding the tenement apartment yesterday.

I worked outside all day yesterday and I did not go to the train shed until late. Not a lot of time for any real project work, so I dusted and cleaned another handful of those black tank cars. They only show the dust if you touch them! I also looked over the instructions for the Fermentation Tank Detail Kit that will soon be part of the Ethanol refinery scene. Still working on the tanks themselves; they're a bit big and I may have to slice a couple in half. They fit now, but I'm wanting to have a bit more room in front of them. The footprint is 14" from back to front.
A few memorable scenes from the past.
11-28-19 003.001.JPG

11-28-19 004.001.JPG

01-26-19 013.JPG

Todd - Yep! Those missing light brackets will show up in a day or two. Great pictures.

As others have posted, the bar is low for 2023. I have no real resolutions for this new year except to make more progress on the layout. That's pretty open...
Everybody have a great day and again Happy New Year.


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Good morning and Merry New Year!

Little Frenchie gets picked up later today. Our Border Collie has been great with her all week and has tolerated her shenanigans quite well. The cat, not so much. However, this morning when SWMBO opened our bedroom door all 3 of them were peacefully waiting for breakfast. A new year’s miracle!

Flo, can I get a Taylor ham and fried egg sandwich on a Kaiser roll with my coffee?

Gotta stack some wood and take down the outside decorations today.



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Happy New Year Everyone.

Espeefan, Thanks for the link to the airbrush reviews, watched several last night and was heading for a Badger 155 or 360, till I saw the one where he checks out a no-name cheapie airbrush, thought, I wonder if mine has that same problem with the nozzle, and it did, so I've fixed that and it now works pretty much as you'd expect, still not great, but I wont be doing a lot of fine work, so for what I want it's fine, I may still get a new compressor tho', I've a cheapie and it's maximum is about 12psi, think I could use a little more Oomph! for my airbrush.
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Good morning and Happy New Year to all,

We are having a mild first day of the year, not as nice as what as Willie is reporting but +30F is a nice winter temp,

We went cross country skiing yesterday on our trails, good conditions as old tracks did not blow over so much like a groomed trail. I have new ski poles, the old ones were purchased in 1993, they still worked a little but stuff was braking off...stuff lasts a long time around here.

Swal - hope the fix goes easy this morning

Mara - I live about 1/2 mile away from the old town site of Groningen, MN. Was established just off the Northern Pacific right of way where a spur track heads towards the old sandstone quarry at the abandoned Banning town site. There are some buildings left, my layout models the setup from an old photograph. The town probablly came into existence around 1873, not sure when they unincorporated, small world!

I did some painting on my new little building:

cornerstone painting r.JPG

will be doing grout also some color variations but have the base coats down at least...

Then found these critters broke in and messing around with the layout...

bears invade layout.JPG

Getting ready for church then friends coming over for brunch, expecting a group of 8 for after church is about all we can handle,

Have a great day, Dave LASM
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