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Downside of more water is the trips to the bathroom.....Don't ask me how I know... 🤣

But you're better off being properly hydrated.
working at a fire camp , monitored with cameras(so no peeing off the deck), washroom 30 to 40 meters away in a different bldg, who wants to get up 1 or 2 times during the night for that trip. Not me, so I quit drinking any fluid after 2-3 pm, & didnt have to make the journey after beddy time. I'll hydrate with coffee in the am


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Good morning folks. My area of Wisconsin has a chance of snow from 2pm to 6am tomorrow but the weather guessers say it may swing south and miss us. I predict I can win the lottery either late Friday or 10:30pm on Saturday. I need to buy a ticket though.

Thanks to all who enjoyed the creek scene with the rolling stock yesterday.

Willie, what type of brushes are you using to paint the little people and while I am asking what paints? Thanks

Boris, I only drink 1 caffeine drink a day. 16.9 oz of diet Dr. Pepper or diet Cherry Pepsi. They are the only 2 drinks that are diet and taste the same to me as the regular DrPepper and Pepsi. Other then that I dont drink stuff with caffeine. Not a coffee drink, get the 64oz of suggested water and 1 glass of 1% milk at dinner or not. Boring but healthier for me.

Karl, nice build you have going

patrick, buckle in or hold on, those gusts, wow...

Layout work this afternoon.

Following are some overhead pictures of the creek scene I posted the last couple days. These pictures were used to adjust the scenery as I was creating the scene that is 16” wide and 71” long. All trees are homemade wire armatures except the Pine trees that you can’t see at these angles. The push pin is the last attempt to stop a train as this is my aisle entrance to the room. I have a lift out section that gets installed to cross the aisle and complete the layout circuit.






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My Oilers lost !
Yes they did but my Blackhawks got blown out. A long season coming for me. I watched parts of all the games last night on that shows all the pro games free. I was shocked at the great professionalism of the Canadian analysis people. So much better then the USA based analysis except for Eddie O who is truly great IMHO.

Toronto should walk away with that division. If not it’s terrible coaching as they have so much talent. He has to find a way to get that talent to mesh.

Hockey games are one of very few reasons for my IPadPro to be in the train room.

happy hockey season!

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After a one-day snow storm yesterday, we are back into the 26°F sunshine. Winter is half over and I haven't even seen winter yet. I've shoveled a few times only, with yesterday morning being the worst so far. Can't complain about the weather, so I'll darn well have to come up with something new to whine about this year.

The wife wants to go to the city today, on a humanitarian run to deliver 4 big crates of goods that will be shipped to the Philippines. She collects all that stuff all year and ships it out once per year. I'm the mule who has to load and unload the crates. Supplying relatives in the Philippines with necessary goods that they can't afford themselves is common practice with all the filippina community. Those boxes are filled with food, medicines, and household stuff, and believe me, they are heavy. They go across the pond in shipping containers.

I was laying track on my 3x4 town yard module yesterday. Probably wasn't necessary, but, I put a lot of weight on the tracks as I was gluing it down:
Progress_01-13-2021 (1).jpg

By days end, I had most of the track work laid for the town yard. Pushing that open hopper around with my finger suggested the track work was good. I was worried about my transitions onto the two storage tracks in the lower photo. The transition happens in the space of 4". They seem to be good, though. - One has to remember, this is my first time laying track.
Progress_01-13-2021 (2).jpg

Now I have to worry about soldering on all the electrical wire and replacing the missing ties.

Thanks for all the likes on past posts!
Anyway, time to make a move! I'm talking fast as the wife is poking at me to get on with it. Gotta go!
Hope to see you in the morning, if my backs not broke from lifting heavy crates.


Section Hand
Good Morning Everyone.......overcast and waiting for the snow to arrive later.

Now I'll sound like a parent...Riley is doing real good for a puppy. At nine weeks old, she obeys the come command, knows her name, working on sit and she stopped bite my fingers but likes Cathy's. Stays in a crate when we're gone away for three and after hours without a problem. She knows what the Potty Pads are for and using them. She worships Cathy and follows her all over the house. Last night in her crate at 8:00 PM and she slept until 6:30 AM this morning.

Hopefully this afternoon I'll go down to the train room for awhile.

The doctor visits are over for now and I passed most tests. A few long days but when you see other people in wheelchairs and missing parts you have to be thankful for a few pains.

No plans for the train room until I get down there. Lots of things to do.





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Phil: To some it's only others...? Seriously, my issue is that everything I drink has caffeine, Coffee...Tea...Hot my problem is the blood work always shows me as dehydrated. I need to add water to the mix, and remove caffeine. Decaf coffee and tea sucks. Yes, I can taste the difference, I drink coffee and tea without cream and sweetener or flavor. So the new routine, is 12 oz coffee...24 oz water...Until I float away :rolleyes:.

Now seriously, I do have to cut back to two cups / day, and drink more water. I'm working on it.
Yeah, me too. Doc. says I'm allowed 8 oz. a day. DECAFE! I drink my coffee black-no sugar. Hell I drink CAFE CUBANO NO SUGAR. And I can taste the difference 'tween decafe and reg. Even tried mixing the two together-don't taste right. Also drink tea the same way.Hot or iced.

Hope all or are well. Hang in there.


Beach Bum
Good morning, y'all. 30° at sunrise, going to near 50° today. If it stays sunny, I may get to use the rattle can outside. Spent most of the day trying to reorganize the basement storage area, (where we keep our hoard of food and paper products). The new shelf unit barely fit, the top shelf became a storage platform to the side. Overhead clearance is tight. Still it's like putting 10 lbs of **** into a 5 lb bag. The alternative, of course is gambling that irrational scarcities of necessary products will not reoccur. meanwhile as I go through stuff, it's amazing what "treasures" I have found.

Kitty cat, is not responding well as yet. $1010, later...their conclusion, she is totally constipated...their solution increase the laxative...hard to do when she refuses to eat, and the laxative is mixed with the food...No answer for that....Meanwhile, what ever they did to her, has made her more paranoid.
We are 1. awaiting the results of the x-ray and blood work...and researching other veterinary practices, while hoping she soon eats her Mirolax laced wet food. :mad::confused::confused:.

If I spent more time in the train shed, it may happen sooner. At present about 95% of trackage is in, 50% of that is ballasted. 35% of the scenery is completed as well as around 60% of the backdrop painting.
Willie: When I look back at some of the dates of pictures taken of the current layout, I have been moving quite slowly, and will be lucky to complete the focus module this year...Problem is clutter, and lack of energy. Meanwhile chores, that should have been done before Thanksgiving still await my attention. As of today, 85% of the backdrop is complete, all of the ballast and ground cover, but only one of the structures. Also remaining are warning signs and crossing protection. Another key element...connecting the feed wires to the buss is 100% incomplete. Any day now.
The completion ratio of the rest of the layout is roughly 15% to 25%. Looking at 2031, if I live that long...:rolleyes:

Flo, can I please have some sausage biscuits and gravy?
Karl: Don't forget the big gulp sized coffee. :D

Another 3D print project. WM chop nose on an Atlas-Kato drive GP7, along side of yesterdays GP9. It was meant for a Proto drive, but I modified it to fit the Atlas-Kato chassis. Lots of details to add yet.
Karl: Wow! They look promising... Certainly worth the effort. Going to look and run super.

Just a little inspiration
Tom: And not just for Justin ;) Looks great.

Must've followed a Crow that took a wrong turn at Albuquerque)
Ray: That will do it every time...amazing story.

Chet: Nice to see you posting ... Your layout represents the era, when I became interested in the Railroad Industry. Nothing like Alcos in their prime.

Curt: Static Grass: As I get better at it and learn what not to do, Like your structure...looks good.

Thanks to everyone for their likes, and comments.

PRR 5860 at SAEH Date unk.jpg
E8 #5860, (old number), at South and photographer unknown. Note the wealth of detail captured in the photo.

CNJ #2413 with train at Matawan, NJ 1968.jpg

CNJ Westbound at Matawan, in 1968. Photographer unknown. Power is Fairbanks Morse Trainmaster. Matawan, was the Junction with the CNJ Freehold Branch, and the CNJ Atlantic Highlands Branch.


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Howdy ....... Let's see who is here today. ...

Hello to Gary, Terry, Patrick, Tom O, moermusic, Guy, Greg, Boris, WIllie, Karl, Patrck, Sherrel, and Justin . Great to see each of you.

GARRY CBQ - I did a lot of travel with my times in the Navy, and wouldn’t want to live any place else. Nova Scotia has everything I could ever want.
We always wanted to take another trip to Nova Scotia. I can tell you about our only trip there which became eventful. We arrived in Halifax by plane on September 9, 2001. Two days later, we watched TV in horror as the 9/11 attacks occurred. On that day about 50 trans-Atlantic flights were diverted to Halifax. We decided our trip home would not be by plane even if flights were allowed again. For several days, we continued to stay at the same hotel. We had a rented car, and used it to see some of NS. It is so beautiful there. Every Canadian we met was very kind to us. It was good to see some US flags being displayed by some of the Canadians. We also met international travelers stranded in Halifax, and it was very good to see Canadians doing their best to accommodate thousands of unexpected visitors.

Eventually, we needed to return home in western Kentucky. Our car was in a parking lot at the Nashville, TN airport where we had departed on 9/9. We inquired about driving a rented car all of the way to Nashville. Too expensive. It would have cost over $3000. Some people were chartering busses to get back to the US, and we considered joining with them. Instead, we got tickets to take Via Rail's Ocean to Montreal. From there we road Via Rail to Toronto. Next, we road Amtrak's International (That train has since been discontinued.) to Flint, MI. There, we rented a car one-way to Nashville so we could return home. ...... (That is the short version of our story. ) .... We really like Nova Scotia, and we would like going back to there. If we ever get stranded again, NS is the ideal place for that. Love the Canadians !

Karl ... Your GEEP project using 3D printing looks very interesting.

Justin .... I like your coal mine scene.

Willie .... The Acme Chemical building looks great.

Joe .... I like the PRR E7 and the CNJ train master. By the way, did PRR change its E7 number boards which are unique to PRR from the original ones ?


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Good morning, 33 and light snow falling in St. Paul,

Boris - we had a cat who developed problems with constipation as he got older. The best remedy was the miralax which we mixed with chicken and gravy gerber baby food.

He also got some potassium supplement which came like toothpaste and smelled like maple syrup. I gave him that 1/8 tsp each day.

After we got him on this regimen he lived a few more years very happy and energetic, but had a stroke just before he would be 20. It did make it easier in that there was no medical treatment that would have helped, however still miss him.

Hughie - I think your scene at the pallet co is turning out well.

Willie - on that bottom photo (that you posted today) I am going for a similar affect with trying to get the scene melt into the backdrop, I noticed the affect where the backdrop has been completed in yours there, nice.

Tom - very nice scenes

Greg - sounds like you have a nice dog in Riley

Today I have a few pictures of that truck I am working on. There still is more work to do with details and mounting the tank, but this is how it is shaping up:

Truck a.jpg

Truck   b.jpg

Truck c.jpg

I think it is a cool truck. I have another one with a stake bed but same body type. Different wheels too. That will be the next project,

more later, Dave LASM


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did PRR change its E7 number boards which are unique to PRR from the original ones ?
Garry: The E7s and the Baldwin Sharks had different number boards. this was an E-8 with factory boards.

The best remedy was the miralax which we mixed with chicken and gravy gerber baby food.
Thanks Dave...that's worth trying, if this continues.

St. Nick Breaker_schematic.gif

Found this while looking for something else. It's the schematic for the St. Nicholas Coal Breaker, in Mahanoy City, PA. It shows the path the coal takes from the Mine, through the various tipples, as well as the path of the clum (waste). Egg, Stove, Nut, Pea, and Rice are different grades of Anthracite delivered to retail customers.

PRR Modeler

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Afternoon All,

No modeling today. I was there for Mom's video appointment. Although I was expecting it, she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It takes the wind out of your sail to hear that. She will probably start treatment on Monday once the insurance signs off on it. She has never smoked a day in her life.

Thank you to everyone for the likes yesterday.

Gary- Interesting photos. I have kind of been to NS. Back in the early 80's the sub I was on pulled into Halifax Harbor for a personnel transfer for a crew member with a immediate family death.

Sherrel- Thank you.

Hughie- Great looking build, even more so in N scale.

Garry- Thank you.

Tom- Nice weathering job.

Willie- Thank You. Nice buildings. I really like the first one.

Karl- Are the shells in 2 parts? It looks odd to see the one partially painted and decaled.

Justin- Nice layout shot.

Dave LASM- Awesome job on the trucks.

Joe- Thank you. Awesome shot of the E8. I normally drink 2 cups of coffee a day. Regular in the morning and a decaf mid afternoon. Everything else is usually water.

I hope everyone has a good night.

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