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Curse You, Red Baron!
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GARY - They better quickly install a plow on their acquisition?

CURT - Very nice looking store - Luv the roof!

LASM - Forgot, I think, to comment back on the SS Limited. I remember them from the 70's ... they put out some really neat stuff. Another of my mistakes along with Ulrich!

HUGHIE - That's "N" scale right? The building is looking real good - especially to be so small.


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Good evening .

Boris .... Like the PRR E8's .

Guy ..... So far, you are off of the hook apparently.

Hughie ..... You are doing a great jobs putting together the industry.

Curt ...... Your company store looks great.

Gary .... Thanks for sharing the story about the CN locomotive at the museum. I see you are in Nova Scotia. That is a beautiful location.

Toot ..... Holy crow ! 9320 miles ! 😃


"retired" conductor
Sorry, It's a GP9, not GP7.
I need the long and short railings. The stanchions from a wrong model are the same and I have the front and rear end railings on the model. I can adapt the headlight lens and horn from another kit. The horns are actually still showing in stock at Athearn.
Patrick, I checked my parts bin and found 75% of what you need. I found the rest of an Atlas set that has the right and left front side handrails and the left (fireman's) side long railing, but not the right (engineers side) ) . 2 sets actually, I gray, 1 black, both sets the same. They are yours for the asking.


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You would have been hard pressed to find a single clean unit in the coal fields. With that said I dont know if I have it in me to weather my fleet. But it is a good suggestion that I'll probably tackle down the road eventually.
Justin- Just a little inspiration. Chessie photo archives. There are some in B&O and C&O paint also.
Once you do one you'll have to do the rest.;)


Aka. Gary Russell
Good morning, Enjoying my coffee before heading out to work. The Maple Leafs won a big game last night.
SIRFOLDALOT - yes snowplows are often required up
GARRY CBQ - I did a lot of travel with my times in the Navy, and wouldn’t want to live any place else. Nova Scotia has everything I could ever want.


GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Morning all,

45° and windy, with gust currently to 45mph. Only expected to get stronger as the day progresses continuing through tomorrow. High wind warnings up for most of Kansas. Gusts expected to exceed 65mph. Enough wind that it blew my little truck around coming into work this morning.

Stuff at the office is slowing down as I get the kinks worked out of the new internet.

Patrick, I checked my parts bin and found 75% of what you need. I found the rest of an Atlas set that has the right and left front side handrails and the left (fireman's) side long railing, but not the right (engineers side) ) . 2 sets actually, I gray, 1 black, both sets the same. They are yours for the asking.
Message Sent and Many Thanks


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning Everyone. Clear and 38°, going back up to 61° again today before a severe NW wind hits just after noon. We're under a strong wind advisory today and tomorrow. It isn't going to be a cold front, temperatures will remain normal for January.
The weekly grocery/beer trek is set for this morning. Afterwards I plan to continue pruning trees around the estate. I have a few that I skipped over for a few years that are due for a trim. I also need to thin a few out around the pond.

A pair of over easy eggs and a large order of bacon today Flo. Skip the toast as I get my carbs back in line this morning.

Thanks as always for the likes and comments regarding the ongoing layout tour yesterday; Sherrel, Tom O, Karl, Joe, Gary, Tom, Phil, Patrick, Garry, Justin, Chad, James, Guy, Chet, Hughie, Jerome, Dave, Curt, Ken, Rick.

Too many household chores for me to spend a lot of time in the train shed yesterday. Just an hour or so. I went back to figure painting in an effort to clear some stuff off the workbench and cleaned up just a single structure.
Continuing on with the layout tour where I left off yesterday, we come to yet another Magnuson structure that I built. I simply cannot remember what it is called, but on my layout it is Acme Chemical Distributors.

Next to that is Loy Distributing, another beer distributor, this one is rail served.

Part of this is made from DPM wall components, and the steel warehouse is from an unknown manufacturer.

Tom O - Really nice creek crossing picture that you posted yesterday.
Joe - 2025 is a conservative estimate of layout completion. If I spent more time in the train shed, it may happen sooner. At present about 95% of trackage is in, 50% of that is ballasted. 35% of the scenery is completed as well as around 60% of the backdrop painting. 70% of the structures are in place but not all are completed, signs, figures etc. I sorely need vehicles and trees, and need to paint at least 200 more figures just to fill in what I have. And then there's more weathering on the rolling stock! At least I don't have to spend time shoveling sunshine out of my driveway!;)
Hughie - Seeing Pinkham's Pallet on that assembly jig really shows just how small that structure really is! So glad that I am in HO.
Curt - Really nice work on the Company Store. Yesterday was the first time that I noticed your You Tube link, nice video.

Everybody have a great day. Stay safe and social distance when possible.


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Good morning gang!

30° and partly sunny, heading to 47°. Another day, another 50 cents.

Flo, can I please have some sausage biscuits and gravy?

Another 3D print project. WM chop nose on an Atlas-Kato drive GP7, along side of yesterdays GP9. It was meant for a Proto drive, but I modified it to fit the Atlas-Kato chassis. Lots of details to add yet.


Beach Bum
What is considered TO MUCH ? Should you go by weight? Age? 2cups -4cups a day? Is that a CUP or a MUG? Or go by ounces ? How many ounces a day?
Phil: To some it's only others...? Seriously, my issue is that everything I drink has caffeine, Coffee...Tea...Hot my problem is the blood work always shows me as dehydrated. I need to add water to the mix, and remove caffeine. Decaf coffee and tea sucks. Yes, I can taste the difference, I drink coffee and tea without cream and sweetener or flavor. So the new routine, is 12 oz coffee...24 oz water...Until I float away :rolleyes:.

Now seriously, I do have to cut back to two cups / day, and drink more water. I'm working on it.


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Good morning fellers. I hope everyone is doing well. Today is my friday as the misses has to go to the DMV tomorrow. Didnt do any scenery work last night. Just ran my operations to detect any off the wall track issues. Only had one small pause for a split second then business as usual. I'm beginning to think these snap switches of mine are going down the drain. It's like beating a dead horse with my snap switches. I'm convinced they have sporadic mood swings. Some days they are good others they just go out of their way to make my blood boil. I still enjoyed my running time. My hoppers should be in today according to my tracking information. Still waiting on my varipulse to show up. Ofcourse I dont have any tracking for it. Aside from that I'm still waiting on another hopper to show up that's been sitting in Atlanta for a week now. I guess itll get here eventually. That's all I have for now. I'll stop later if I get a chance.

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