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"retired" conductor
Good Morning gang!
32° and partly cloudy.

Ken, glad to see you pop in once in a while.

Joe, Sounds like like the move and related stuff with your MIL has been quite the misadventure! Great pics by the way.

Sherrel, I thought you were already at that stage! :rolleyes:;)

Decision day here. The S10 is getting long in the tooth, needs an exhaust system, the HVAC system only blows out the vents, clearcoat is peeling, so I've decided to replace my fun little truck with a late model Colorado. We've got 2 at work, a WT (work truck) V6 4x4 with 15 k on it, pretty plain, and an LT with 50k on it and all the bells and whistles. Both are GM certified, warranty to 100k and the LT is 3k less than the WT pricewise. The LT was traded by a regular customer for a Silverado, the WT was a lease turn in. I'm really leaning toward the LT. (What can I say, I'm a sucker for leather seats)
Plus the LT is already parked in the garage!;) SWMBO is on board with either. Decisions decisions.........


GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Morning all,

In a little early to get the accounting system updated before the rest of the city gets in. I do have to call utilities as they are in the system at 6:00 a.

Not much going on. I have an MRI scheduled for this evening on my neck\shoulder issue. I told the dr's office Mondays are bad, Friday afternoons are great and I can make any other time work. So they got me in at 6:30 p this evening. I'm usually thinking about bedtime at

Karl: The year of the 2nd gen makes a difference. I've heard not to great things over the 8 speed transmission. That said, the WT model although less miles is not as comfortable as the LT would be. I got lucky with my '09 WT first gen in that it had the LS (cloth, 60\40 with Lumbar support and carpeting) interior that makes it a bit more comfortable. The '09 was the first year that this was the standard interior. The vinyl seats and floor covering was the (no cost) option and had to be ordered. Good luck with either choice.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. 37° and absolutely clear skies. Continued wonderful weather again today and for the next ten days, temperatures in the upper 60's and mid 70's. Today is going to be a gardening day for me. I have broccoli and spinach plants to set out, a bit later than usual due to the recent rainy weeks. It's also time to put a new chain on the chain saw so I can spend a few days getting next winter's firewood supply in order. I guess that I'll also watch the stock market sink; I got out two days ago after losing about 6K.
All of these car pictures lately bring back memories of my youth when all cars didn't look the same.

Lots of sunny side-up eggs this morning Flo. No bacon today, it's Lent.

Thanks for the continuing comments and likes regarding the flatcar loads; Jerome, Garry, Bill, Johnny, Jim, Phil, Patrick, Chet, Guy, Curt, Joe, Ken, Justin. I'll pause today as I need to regroup.

Between the grocery/beer trek and outdoor activities yesterday, train shed time was limited. I made further progress on the rural lot scene, here is what things looked like yesterday.
02-28-20 001.JPG
Today will be (hopefully) devoted to cross-fencing and construction of a small scratchbuilt goat shelter.
02-28-20 002.JPG

I'm using leftover scraps from a couple of laser-cut kits. Goats don't like HO scale rain!

Johnny -
Willie - Do you run your flatcar loads without tiedowns? Don't they fall off??
No derailments. No fallen loads! Seriously, I use Scenic Accents Glue to hold many on.
Chet - Thanks. Nice die cast cars there.
Curt - I also don't like beans in my chili.
Sherrel - Finally. That tree is better as firewood than as a nuisance. Of course now the seeds that it dropped last year will sprout and you'll have more.
Joe - What an adventure! Good luck with your MIL.
Willie: I'm impressed with your open top loads. When I can I'll have to page back and steal some ideas.
That's OK with me. That's why I post them.

Today is National Tartar Sauce Day, goes well with fish on Friday for Lent. I make mine with mayo, chopped onion, dill relish, capers, a dash of red-wine vinegar, fresh ground pepper and a pinch of ground powdered mustard. Yummy!

Everybody have an awesome day and enjoy the extra day tomorrow!


Had a busy day yesterday with the visit to a club member's layout and some plumbing problems. Another new club member came by and we all reviewed tools and basic supplies needed for scratch building simple structures. After deciding on a small freight station to build as his first project, we put together a list of wood to order for the project. Suggested he add a scale rule and a chopper to his tool soon, and several other items as he can find them on sale.
We had a short operating session after lunch on his 12' x 24' "C" shaped highly detailed layout. It has a double main track with several industry sidings and branches. My job was to move two ore cars to an iron and steel plant half way across the layout. The plant has 3 short branches with cars and the ore cars I need to pick up are at the end of two branches. New section of the layout to me and LOTS of switches to find and throw. It was a fun 45 minutes of action.
Plumbing was a leaking toilet that required finding a loose bolt and tightening the rubber washer. The tile floor is sure rough on old knees!

OLD SOUTHERN SAYING- Those who say they can take or leave it, probably never had it.

Willie- The trailer scene is looking good. I especially like the paint job n the pickup.
I guess the trailer has a rabbit ears antenna on their TV?
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Good morning everyone. 32 out there, heading for 52 today. And the weekend in the low to mid 60's!!! Woo Hoo!!

Willie, Chessie, Garry, Iron Belt Ken, Boris, Robots, McLeod, Patrick, Karl, Flip, Wheeler, Jim, and anyone I may have missed - thanks for the likes and comments on my post yesterday.
Iron Belt Ken - I get that same effect of yellow lines running across the top of my screen and when they stop nothing happens - - that's been going on for about the last two weeks, and makes posting, adding photos, and even clicking the "Like" button really frustrating.
Willie - Yeah, I figured you glued the loads down. Just looks unfinished without the tiedowns, but those can be added later. I'll be stopping by our LHS to see if they have any flatcars, including bulkheads, that I could use. Otherwise, we have a train show coming up in March and I'll most likely find some there. As others have said, thanks for posting your flatcars and loads - it's an inspiration to me to try something similar.

Okay - here's another photo from the archive vault: Looking north through town with a diesel freight train heading north while the Heavy Mikado passenger train waits at the station.

Have a good day everyone.


Beach Bum
Good morning, y'all. Happy Friday! 32° and sunny and breezy today.

Thanks for the comments on the photos, and the "event". It seems everything about my mother in law, becomes more difficult than it should be.

We have to go back to the AL place one more time today, for the walk trough, and to turn in the keys. Then we visit the MIL. Then shop for groceries.

Johnny and Willie: great Photos, as usual.

Garry: I hear you on being fleced by a care giver. We were able to stop the MIL's neighbor from liquidating her assets, while she was hospitalized. he did ger a few bucks, but essentially it was chump change.

I actually made it down to the train room last night, and ran some trains.

#174 passing Ivy City, DC 04-21-1969.jpg

Train # 174, the Patriot to Boston passing Ivy City EH, departing Washington in 1969. To the left, of the train, is the lead to Union Market.
Note that the motor is somewhat clean, because of regular trips through the Washer at Sunnyside, IN Jamaica, Queens,NYC. The front of the motor, doesn't get washed, and is quite gritty,

max diyer

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Howdy everyone!

Thanks for all the likes on my stuff! :)

Joe - great photos, I look forward to seeing them

Toot - really like the Charger!

Willie - great loads! I was picking up a load in a small town in central California. The load wasn't
ready for a couple of hours, so I asked if there was some place to eat. There was only one and was
a small Mexican restaurant. I ordered a bowl of chili and a burrito. The chili didn't have beans. I have
never seen bean-less chili before. I called the waitress over and jokingly asked if they were out of
beans. She laughed and said authentic chili doesn't have beans - that Americans put beans in their chili.
The burrito came and it was 10" long and 3" in diameter - wow! The food was good and I couldn't
finish the burrito. When I was walking towards the door, she was cleaning the table and asked if I
wanted to take the rest of the burrito. We both laughed and I left.

Garry - thanks for the layout comment.

Johnny - I really like your layout. That photo is exceptional!

Chet - thanks for the layout comment. Those are great car models! Great looking layout scenes!

Curt - Thanks. The radius on the outside track is 22" and the inside is 19½"

Sherrel - Those wood cutting and splitting days are pretty much over for me too. I have five
trees down in my woods and needed firewood this winter for the basement wood burner, but
dreaded it, so it didn't get done. Maybe this year :rolleyes:;)

Mikey - Good club member's layout story! Sounds like it was fun!

Everyone have a nice day!

Unfortunately, too many bridges, like the bottom one is turned into a walking trail or torn down

Iowa Interstate RR


Curse You, Red Baron!
Staff member
Morning - Have me some sore muscles this morning!
Flo - I would like a Spanish Omelet, bacon, sourdough toast, and a glass of OJ this morning - along with the usual coffee, please. The weather here is 83 high today (same as yesterday) - 72 tomorrow, and 60 with possible rain on Sunday.

Not going to hang here but just a few this morning -- thinking about renting that wood splitter. I would get to keep it over the weekend with only a one-day rental charge. Looking at the woodpile it would be nicer if all the 5" plus pieces were broken up for the fireplace. I think I will do it.

Really enjoyed all the pic and banter this morning - I always read everything even though I may not comment on each post, however, JIM - Your layout coming along nicely!

Unable to post due to orange/yellow bar across the top and no post!


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Good evening y'all. Right now, it's 32°, clear and windy.

Our time has been consumed by our involvement with the MIL. It was determined that she no longer met the standard for Assisted Living, so we had to find placement for her in a long term care facility. Working mostly on recommendations of the MIL's Primary Physician, we checked out and selected a place that agreed to take her. Meanwhile, she remained in the Sub -acute / Rehab Facility. Medicare cut her off as of the 29th, and she was scheduled to move to the new facility Friday morning. Then the fun began. She became dehydrated, and was refusing to eat or drink liquids, so they initiated IV treatment to re-hydrate her, and requested we appeal Medicare's decision, as the facility could not discharge her as long as she was receiving IV treatment. Surprisingly, Medicare reversed themselves and approved additional treatment, so she remains where she is at, for now. Meanwhile, she is now in isolation because of a re-occurring urinary infection.

We still had to give up the Studio Apartment at the assisted living facility. We rented a 10'x10' storage unit at a nearby storage facility, and hired a reputable local mover, (one we used before), the deal was they would move everything from the apartment to the storage unit, including some packing, for a reasonable price. The estimator came by on Wednesday, and we scheduled for Today at 10AM. Everything was working fine, until the lead guy on the crew asked to use the bathroom. While he was inside taking a dump, he was also shooting up! We heard him hit the wall and fall, and heard him moaning, but were unable to unlock the door. While his co-workers tried to contact him, we contacted the facility's medical people, who in turn contacted 9-1-1, and then responded with their crash cart. They were able to revive him by injecting hm with Narcan, then transporting him to the hospital.
The moving company's owner, came to the location. he was obviously embarrassed, and offered an apology. He also gave us the move, for free.
The other two fellows on the crew, a Father and Son worked their butts off and received generous gratuities. We were ok with the moving company's efforts to rectify a touchy situation. This stuff happens, and opioid and heroin addiction is epidemic. it's not the first time I have encountered situations of this nature, dating back to my days as a firefighter.
To say the least, in the end, everything worked out OK. The MIl, is not doing well at all, Not sure the outcome is going to be favorable, but what can you do?

I really have not had a lot of time to read over the posts, even when I check in each day. I do try and like everything as I page through, but I'm missing some good photos and discussions. Willie: I'm impressed with your open top loads. When I can I'll have to page back and steal some ideas.

Gotta go, catch y'all later. Meanwhile, several photos of D.C. railroading.
View attachment 44597
Conrail Local WHWA01 drilling Shifting the GSA Capitol Power Plant, E Street, SE in the District, in 1993.

View attachment 44598
Train 154, the Embassy, departing DC, in April 1969. That's the old Washington Arena in the background behind the Signal Bridge.
Boris, my sympathies with your MIL. Having been there, though, the term "favorable outcome" can have a rather fluid definition. From your description of her problems you might want to prepare yourselves.

All of you: Boris reminded me that I am constantly guilty of failing to "Like" folk's posts. I somehow never developed that habit even though I am always in awe of what all you guys are capable of. My apologies to you all, and please take my admiration as read.

Meanwhile, the big story in our lives, currently, is our upcoming cruise. We leave two weeks from today, and set sail on the 16th. Advance word is that one of the ship's auxiliary generators is down, affecting her speed, so that one of our six ports of call will be canceled. This has been going on since December and they've been rotating the cancelled ports; my calculation is that we'll be missing out on their "private island," a stretch of beach that Princess leases in the Bahamas. I don't mind at all since the only thing these beaches have that isn't on-board the ships is sand. Besides, they give $75 per person in compensatory on-board credit that I can drink up.


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Karl .. good luck with your truck decision. I have never had any problems with my Chevy truck.

Boris .. Continued best wishes and prayers for your MIL’s situation.

Willie ... You are making good progress with your scene.


I completed my “close enough “ CB&Q observation car. It somewhat resembles one that had been assigned to the NP North Coast Limited . After being withdrawn from that service it was painted silver. Thereafter , it substituted for Burlington observations on other trains when those cars were in the shops. It was also used on special trains .

PRR Modeler

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Afternoon All,

Went out to breakfast with a group of fellow subvets then the monthly grocery run at Wally World. After getting home I tried vacuuming the pool but I couldn't get any suction for some reason so after about 30 minutes I gave up for the day. Tomorrow I need to blow off the front yard of oak leaves then try to figure out what's wrong with the vacuum. Always something. Talked to Phil for a bit today and he's doing well.

Jim- Nice bridge shots.

Sherrel- As we say in the Navy "Bravo Zulu".

Joe- Sorry to hear about your continuing MIL issues. Nice 1:1 photos.

Karl- I have a 2007 Chevy Colorado LT and the only issue I've had is having to replace the fuel line (plastic) because of a crack in it.

Patrick- Good luck with the MRI.

Willie- Nice layout shot.

Johnny- Nice layout shot.

Garry- Nice looking rail car.

I hope everyone has a good night.


Section Hand
Good Afternoon Everyone....sunny here in Wisconsin.

I had a couple of good days in the layout room installing my logo decals on coal, ore and Taconite cars. Along with the decals I painted the wheels, couplers and installed loading in several of the coal hoppers. I'm missing four SOO Line ore cars that are somewhere and I want to decal them and add them to the fleet.

Returned the water tank to its original location after installing the signage and then saw that a background building has a overhang that's loose so there's another repair. But, I want to make some changes to the building anyway like additional signage and exterior lighting. When I remove this building from the layout for repairs I can add some more paper backgrounds of an industrial scene.

Ended the modeling day by running trains. I had a short freight parked on the mainline so I pulled the train forward and then backed onto the siding to allow the mainline to be open. It's fun to do any type of switching.

Until today.....




"retired" conductor
Hiya gang!

Here's the new addition! 4wd for railfanning, Heated leather seats for those cold stake outs trackside, Bose stereo that can almost drown out an EMD, and a folding solid tonneau cover for storing the inevitable train purchases that need to be secluded until the coast is clear!;) Funny, its the same color as the wife's Equinox.

Sunday we are going to go to a former neighbor of the wife's. He was a prolific model railroader of some local renown with several layouts and dioramas in the house. He's now in home hospice and he has willed all his trains to his 2 kids. His son sadly wants nothing to do with them, and the daughter has no idea what to do with them after he passes. I was "volunteered" to come over and give her ideas on what to do, or how to get the most out of the collection. Look for a report Sunday or Monday. I have to be careful. Last time I went to look at a collection, I came home with it and spent the next few month liquidating it. (Yes, I did keep a few pieces too)

L8ter gators!
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