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max diyer

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Hi everyone

Thanks to everyone who liked and commented on my stuff!

Johnny - you asked the size of my layout. It is two 4x8s with one sheet turned to make an "L" with a 14" gap between them. It's 13'6" x 8'3" and I can walk the whole way around it.
Willie - great flat loads! They are my favorite kind of rail car loads.
Chet - sounds like you had a great time, except for Yellowstone to the house.

Lot's of great photos and conversation - everyone!
I've been working on the overpass and the highways on my layout and are almost done except for guard rail and line painting. I've been making guard rail and other details while the glue and paint have been drying. And of course, running trains and switching! :cool:

Have a good one



Beach Bum
Joe- I did not know about them being called "drills". Nice 1:1 photo.
Curt: Surprised me too. On the Chesapeake Division, and the PT Division, they were called "Shifters", universally. When I went to Morrisville in 1979, I learned that they called them "Drills". In later years, the term "Drill" was common on former PRR / PC territory. "Shifter" was never used.

ADB_SCANS_N&W Slides Summer 1962__002_Eng 507_Tr 4.jpg

N&W Train #4 at Roanoke, VA 1962


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IIRC the Rambler was called the "REBEL - had a 290 hp engine .
Looking through Google Images, it would seem the Rebel name started with that early Rambler. The previous Ambassador was similar to the '49-'51 Mercury of Ford. The name went right through into the American Motors models. They were sold in NZ by one of the British, Rootes Group dealerships. At the time I was managing a health food shop nearby and would walk up the road past it to ogle, before catching the Bus home. Remember being very impressed by this '67 AMC Rambler. Thought it had the cleanest lines I had ever seen.

Then came the AMX in late 60's. The rear treatment was very much like the 70's Aussie Valiant Charger. Probably the inspiration.

And to finish off, another of those little Metropolitans, showing off it's extreme steering lock.


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The larger tank on the torpedo boat geeps was not for fuel, but a water tank for a steam generator. Since there was no reason to keep a steam generator on a freight engine, they probably removed it, and installed a standard tank in its place, allowing the air reservoirs to be relocated to a standard location.
Much more logical than my musings.


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Nearly forgot the comparison pic to the AMX

'72 VH model E55 chassis 770 SE (luxury pack) 340 c.i. smallblock, 904 transmission. Rumored (never officially admitted) to be the car to beat the Holdens and Fords over "the Mountain" in the Bathurst 1000, Aussies "Great Race". Never got the 4 speed Borg Warner gearbox developed for it either.


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Morning all,

Time enough for one of those Big Ol' breakfast burritos this morning and coffee, Thanks Flo.
Currently 30* and clear with a possibility of rain later and a high of 51*. Local forecasters are now saying high of 65* on Saturday and 70* on Sunday. Snow possible

Well, some research I've done thus far tell me the Bachmann 4-8-4 loco is notorious for having issues related to not having any weight on the front or rear trucks and then derailing. When I have more time I'll attempt to add weight or a heavier spring to emulate more weight later. At least I know it isn't me. I even found a discussion here about it. More to think about at a later time.


Mumble, grumble and bumble!
As secretary of the Wrecking Crew Model Railroad Club, I have finally finished the minutes of Monday night's Board of Director's meeting.
I don't listen well while I try to take some kind of notes. Sent out the draft minutes and have one person who always catches my errors and checks my spelling. He makes me look good when I send out electronic minutes to the membership.
Anyhow, got the minutes sent out and now I need to gather up some items to take to another member's home for an operating session today.
Yippee for me!
Everyone have a good day!


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Good Morning All. 28° and clear, with no wind this morning. It will return later today but from the south which will warm things up around here. Pleasant weather in store for the next ten days with highs in the mid to upper 70's this weekend. Grocery/beer trek later this morning as usual for Thursday.

Sausage, egg and cheese biscuits over here this morning Flo.

Thanks for the likes and comments regarding yesterday's post; Johnny, Chet, Guy, Jerome, Patrick, Sherrel, Bill, Chad, Karl, Ken, Joe, Curt, Garry, Phil, Mikey, Justin, Jim.

Meanwhile out in the train shed, progress was rather slow. Almost completed fastening the chain link fence to the posts, added a bit of ground cover and attempted to get the paint job on the trailer looking the way that I want. Nothing significant enough to warrant progress pictures yet.
I have a few more flatcar loads to show today.
Here is another Walther's 54' GSC flat with parts from two Chooch loads.
02-27-20 001.JPG

Following that is an Athearn 50' with a lumber load from Jaeger Models.
02-27-20 002.JPG

Last but not least is another of those Roundhouse 60' flats with some more parts from several Chooch sets.
02-27-20 003.JPG

I like to mix and match the various Chooch products. I have a few more flats around the layout, but I will have to find them and determine whether I have already posted them.

Johnny - Some of the flatcar loads that I have posted still need some additional detailing like tie-downs and deck timbers. Some of my cars could also use some additional weathering of the decks. Some day!:(

Today is National Chili Day, appropriate for February 27. Here's a little trivia. Competition chili cook-off rules in Texas forbid beans in chili.
Everybody have a great day.


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Good morning, everybody .

Jim ....... It is good to see your progress with building the layout.

WIllie .... Your flat car loads continue being impressive. Don't eat too much chili today. LOL

Boris ..... I like your photo of the N&W GP9.

Johnny .... Your photo yesterday of the bridge is a good one.

I'm mostly done with my Super Chief project for now. There are some minor screw-ups to fix, and eventually, I would like to add interior lights.


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Good morning everyone. 30 out there, but weekend temps expected to be in the 60's!! I'll have a breakfast skillet, a chocolate croissant, and a big cup of coffee, Flo, thanks.

Willie, Jim, Chessie, Flip, Garry, IronBelt Ken, Karl, Robots, Sherrel, Patrick, Wheeler, Chet, Curt, and anyone I may have missed - thanks for the likes and comments on my post yesterday.
Jim - thanks for the clarification on the size of your layout. The photos help, too.
Willie - Do you run your flatcar loads without tiedowns? Don't they fall off??

Here's a photo from archives. (Sorry for so many archive photos. It's mainly because I'm not doing any structure builds now - pretty much out of room for any more buildings. I'll take some newer photos soon.) This one is of two trains at the south end of the layout: the lake recreational area is in the background, three farms in the middle of the photo, and you can see the very south edge of the town of Pine Valley in the back to the right.


Have a good day everyone.


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Good morning. It was 26 degrees at 0345 when out furry little friend decided that it was time for her to eat.

Ray - That AMC Rogue you posted the photo of was a hot little number. Could be quite the sleeper. I sold an AMX that was almost identical to the photo you posted.

My dream of a '53 Studebaker will be no more than a dream. On the was to Las Vegas I stopped by Kindig It Design in Salt Lake City and went over what I wanted to do and went over numbers and I could but a decent house for what it would cost. I can easily see why it would cost what they wanted because of the work I had to do on my '59 Impala. It also took me over two years to build the Impala and I did have quite a bit of free help. I have always been a Srudebaker fan and do have my '62 Gran Trismo Hawk that I drive in the summer. My plans just required way too much custom workstart with a custom chassis. Custom chassis are available of the tri-five Chevys, some muscle cars, but not a '53 Studebaker. I had also called a few other custom shops across the country and got about the same results. I do have a few Studebakers in my die cast collection.

thumbnail_20200227_065508.jpg thumbnail_20200227_064928.jpgthumbnail_20200227_064747.jpg thumbnail_20200227_064804.jpg

That red one above is what I would really like.

Johnny - Another good photo. You seem to be holding out on us.

Willie - You have really out done yourself on those flat car loads. Nice work. I got one of those travel trailer a while back and have it visiting relatives in these photos.

thumbnail_20200227_092422.jpg thumbnail_20200227_092348.jpg

- Nice photos. The town is really starting to come together.

Joe - Interesting info on the "shifters". Like the photo.

Going to head to the Hot Springs for a while and get some swimming exercise in and then meet my friend again for lunch.


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Afternoon All,

Did some chores today then ran a errand for a couple of hours. Tomorrow I'm meeting some guys from the Subvets for breakfast then the monthly grocery odyssey:confused:. I tested the 2-8-8-2 today and it runs and sounds great.:)

Jim- Nice layout shots. What's the track radius in the first picture.

Joe- Live and learn. Nice N&W shot.

Willie- More nice loads. I'm the only one in the family that doesn't like beans in chili.

Garry- Don't buy the Walthers discount lighting kits. A friend really struggled to get them to work in his passenger cars and he is also a excellent modeler like you.

Johnny- Nice layout shot.

Chet- Great model cars and layout shots.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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One less headache in my life!
The bean tree is down!
Most of the wood I can burn maybe next year - not sure what I will do with the larger ones. Not enough to rent a power splitter -- and I am not physically able to sledge and wedge even though I do have them.

bean 06.jpg


Beach Bum
Good evening y'all. Right now, it's 32°, clear and windy.

Our time has been consumed by our involvement with the MIL. It was determined that she no longer met the standard for Assisted Living, so we had to find placement for her in a long term care facility. Working mostly on recommendations of the MIL's Primary Physician, we checked out and selected a place that agreed to take her. Meanwhile, she remained in the Sub -acute / Rehab Facility. Medicare cut her off as of the 29th, and she was scheduled to move to the new facility Friday morning. Then the fun began. She became dehydrated, and was refusing to eat or drink liquids, so they initiated IV treatment to re-hydrate her, and requested we appeal Medicare's decision, as the facility could not discharge her as long as she was receiving IV treatment. Surprisingly, Medicare reversed themselves and approved additional treatment, so she remains where she is at, for now. Meanwhile, she is now in isolation because of a re-occurring urinary infection.

We still had to give up the Studio Apartment at the assisted living facility. We rented a 10'x10' storage unit at a nearby storage facility, and hired a reputable local mover, (one we used before), the deal was they would move everything from the apartment to the storage unit, including some packing, for a reasonable price. The estimator came by on Wednesday, and we scheduled for Today at 10AM. Everything was working fine, until the lead guy on the crew asked to use the bathroom. While he was inside taking a dump, he was also shooting up! We heard him hit the wall and fall, and heard him moaning, but were unable to unlock the door. While his co-workers tried to contact him, we contacted the facility's medical people, who in turn contacted 9-1-1, and then responded with their crash cart. They were able to revive him by injecting hm with Narcan, then transporting him to the hospital.
The moving company's owner, came to the location. he was obviously embarrassed, and offered an apology. He also gave us the move, for free.
The other two fellows on the crew, a Father and Son worked their butts off and received generous gratuities. We were ok with the moving company's efforts to rectify a touchy situation. This stuff happens, and opioid and heroin addiction is epidemic. it's not the first time I have encountered situations of this nature, dating back to my days as a firefighter.
To say the least, in the end, everything worked out OK. The MIl, is not doing well at all, Not sure the outcome is going to be favorable, but what can you do?

I really have not had a lot of time to read over the posts, even when I check in each day. I do try and like everything as I page through, but I'm missing some good photos and discussions. Willie: I'm impressed with your open top loads. When I can I'll have to page back and steal some ideas.

Gotta go, catch y'all later. Meanwhile, several photos of D.C. railroading.
WHWA01 - Capitol Power Plant in DC 1993.jpg

Conrail Local WHWA01 drilling Shifting the GSA Capitol Power Plant, E Street, SE in the District, in 1993.

#154  departing DC 04-29-1969.jpg

Train 154, the Embassy, departing DC, in April 1969. That's the old Washington Arena in the background behind the Signal Bridge.


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Hi Shop Dwellers, just letting you know I'm still breathing. Been dedicating all of my precious and scarce free time to finishing the static grass re-work project that I posted about in its own thread.

I've tried a few times to post replies here from my computer at work, but I always get those yellow lines flashing across the top of my screen and it just hangs. I suspect it's my employer's security software micro-analyzing what I'm trying to send out, to make sure there's no proprietary or sensitive tech information in there.

Ya'll take it easy...


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Good evening.

Johnny ... I like your photo. Older pictures are always good to see.

Boris .... Sorry to hear about your dealing with your MIL’s situation. I have had similar experiences. Most recent was my MIL in Nashville who had serious health issues for over a year before she passed away in December. Not done yet because of numerous problems with her estate. ... About five years ago my sisters and I dealt with care for our elderly mother in Alabama. It was rough going for more than two years before she passed. Unfortunately , a caretaker talked her out of lots of money which we could not recover. After she passed, there were many problems with her estate too. .... Prayers for you and your family. ... Nice photos. the PC GG1 actually looks clean.

Ken ... I also get those yellow lines when this site stalls. It’s annoying .

Curt ... Thanks for your thoughts about lighting for passenger cars.


I am currently working on a Bachman smooth side observation car . I want it to be a “close enough” model of a Burlington observation car that was painted silver after it was withdrawn from serving on the NP North Coast Limited.
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JOE - I am very sorry that you and your wife are going through this rough patch. You both have has quite an ordeal and sounds as if more may be coming later on? Dealing with aging parents seems to be the "in" thing for our generation - I sincerely pray that I just keel over before I reach that stage.

I have very much enjoyed the photos that you have ben posting!
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