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Texas Hobo

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Good morning. Another month shot in the butt. A couple of eggs scrambles, home fries, sausage patties and rye toast please.

We did make it up to 90 degrees yesterday. We usually cool down at night into the 50's or low 60's but our little doxie sure doesn't like it. I think she has found a cool place here laying on the cool tile floor with a breeze coming in from the front door. Having a fur coat doesn't help.

View attachment 115773 One of her favorite positions.

Willie - Enjoy the dog sitting. Your beer should be safe. Like that little office building. I also have a number of small buildings like that scattered around the layout. They do add a lot of interest. You must have had a senior moment when you put the trailer flats together. Glad that you got that water heater figured out. A lot cheaper than a service call.

Sherrel - Quite the drive in drug store photo. The driver must have had his train of thought derailed. Glad to hear that your wife will be coming home. Hoping for a rapid recovery.

Alan - I agree with you on the Evergreen clear sheets. Always have a few on hand. Makes excellent window glazing.

Curt - You sure are making a lot of steady progress. Keep the photos coming.

Joe - That's an excellent photo of those GG-1's. View attachment 115777 I am not liking the idea of possible dismantling my layout but I have run out of room to add any more structures and it is operating exactly the way it was designed to work. We haven't carved anything in a rock yet about moving. We like the home just the way it is, but just can't stand all of the people who have moved into the area in recent years. They come here with pockets full of money, drive the housing prices up and then want everything that they had from where ever they move from here. Their attitude really sucks. Also with my eyesight deteriorating over the past few years I am finding it so much harder to work on detailed items like I used to.

The wife is in town doing the weekly shopping and I have the laundry detail to take care of. Have to try to find the box for the Rapido RDC so I can take it to the club tonight.

I am not a city person by any means but really liked this shop.

View attachment 115781

Man, that sure looks like Queens Blvd

Texas Hobo

Well-Known Member
Good afternoon all. Well the day started off with thunder and rain. Sun popped up for a little bit but overcast again. It's hard to believe it's August, we've been contending with this virus thing since February and not seeing an end soon. Some great photos guys.


PRR Modeler

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Good Afternoon,

Spent the morning working around the house to get ready for the storm. I didn't put everything up like I usually do for a big one. Actually I'm kind of surprised at the lack of hype that usually exists with a hurricane. I guess Covid has used up the supply of doom and gloom.

Spent several hours reworking what I did yesterday that gives I believe a better use of space and allows 2 long approach leads to the TT. I'll mull over it again.

Thank you for the likes yesterday.

Chet- That would really blow to have to tear down your layout. Beautiful city scene.

Joe- Thanks for the thoughts on the module I'm working on. They are always welcome. I'm pretty sure I'm going to skip the ash facilities.

Chad- That could hurt for a bit.

Willie- Nice looking office, like you I tend to use the clear sheets. Nice looking TOFC cars.

TomO- Nice scene.

Louis- Nice pictures.

I hope everyone has a good night.


Gomez Addams
Staff member
It has to be some kind of record.
I changed my phone number this afternoon, and had to go to the store for my cell carrier to get a new sim card for the new number. The store is four blocks away.
We installed the new sim card, I put the phone in my pocket, got in my truck, and headed back the four blocks home. On the way home, my phone rang. Like a moron, I answered it.

"Hello! Our records indicate you have not contacted us to activate your vehicle's extended warranty!"
Five freakin minutes I've had this number!


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Evening fellers. I hope everyone is well. Went to my lhs today for some supplies. Needed some paint and glue. Even managed an impulse purchase! A chessie F100. A little more expensive than I like but too good to pass up. Working on a structure tonight. The reason why I bought paint. Hopefully i can make some gains on it.


Product Tester ACME INC.
Staff member
Nice looking truck, Justin!

You gonna post your "new number" on FB for us, Terry?

Spousal Unit
is broke down at the hospital - maybe tomorrow she "might" get released.
She requested that I not come to see her - and that no one (family or other) txt or call.
She is having a rough time expelling and dealing with the CO2 that she was pumped up with for the surgery. They brought her a recliner to sleep in as she was miserable in the bed - I can relate to that!

WOW - CHAD, You dodged a bullet with that transaction - whew!


Product Tester ACME INC.
Staff member
Morning Railfans! We are getting a break in the temperature department ... from 106 to 96 yesterday and an advertised 94 today with sunny and breezy. We could use a few drops of water - approaching two months since last recorded water droplets.

Another tossing and turning night - can't seem to get my bladder to co-operate at night. Have not heard from the Spousal Unit since about 3 pm yesterday - I did send her a txt during the evening, but have not had a response.

I don't have anything planned for today except taking out the trash barrels again full of clippings for pickup tomorrow morning. Seems as if everything is sort of in limbo until I find out how the spouse ids doing - and if she will be released today.
Have a nice day everyone - it is supposed to be a day of rest!


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Good morning .

Sherrel ..... Prayers for your wife. Hopefully, she will recover quickly.

Tomorrow afternoon, I have surgery for the second eye. I'm very pleased with results of surgery last Monday for my first eye, and I am looking forward to the same for the second eye.

Hopefully, I can be here later today. I'll be absent tomorrow and Tuesday.

Everybody .... Have a great day.


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Good Morning, Everyone!
Another wonderful summer day to give thanks, contemplate life, and possibly do a bit of modelling! In the early stages, it looks like the only thing that will bugger the day up, is the late afternoon heat. It's a comfortable 61 right now, headed up into the 80ish mark for the day.
I feel sorry for those of you who are in the 100F temperatures. Seems it would be unbearable. I actually have no memory of ever suffering a day of those temperatures; ever. I'm not certain that I could survive it.

Curt - No photo of your brilliant bench-work yesterday! I noticed.
Sherrel - Hope the wife gets out of the hospital in a very good way today. Hope she's all fixed up and ready to rock. I have a prayer going for that. Never met either one of you, but, I have a very serious feeling that you are both good people. - I really liked the vintage trolley photo of yesterday. Liked what could be seen of the ambulance in the pic.
Hughie - Liked the pun concerning Sherrels trolley photo! Well done!
Justin - I'm like that too; see a nice scale-model truck and put down the money. That's a very nice F-100.

I tried to do some modelling yesterday; until it got too hot and the sweat from my brow fogged up the optivisors.
First, I primed all the parts of the Atlas building; mainly because I always prime stuff in the belief it helps final coat adhere:
BlueTop_08-01-2020 (2).JPG

Then I put on a selection of primary colors. Since it will be called the 'BlueTop Market', it had to have some blues in there. Window frames are light blue, with the awning pieces medium blue; both Tamiya:

The brick is Humbrol 'Tan' enamel. Today, I'm going to try and pick out bricks with various Humbrol browns to try and give it a more natural look. Saw a video on that at one time, somewhere. I'm going to try it.

Garry - I just read you're post. Good luck with the eye surgery!! Hope everything goes like it should.

Have a great day everyone! Stay hydrated and seek shade if you need to!
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