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Whiskey Merchant
Good morning. A chilly start to the day at 45 degrees early this morning. Actually got a fire going to take the chill off. The high is expected to be only in the mid 50's but warming back up into the 80's in a few days. Been busy again with chores. we et my daughter and the two youngest grand sons for lunch Saturday after the wife got back from town with the groceries. I got the boys a caat with an anchor on it because they like my Navy ball caps.
thumbnail_IMG_0754.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0755.jpg Riker and Rogan. Outdoor dining with none of the waiters wearing masks Thumb up.gif

We had out league meeting for the bowling this fall to elect officers and inform the people about the bullshit we have to put up with at the bowling lanes. Our dipshit liberal governor put a mask mandate in for the state and the lanes have to enforce the mandate in order to stay open. We did lose a couple of teams because non bowlers are not allowed into the lanes and the bowlers with children had to drop out as they would need baby sitters. The mandate ends in October so we are hoping it won't be extended and they can then join in. I don't wear one anyway.

Alan - Excellent work on the dome car.

Lee - Like those O scale photos.

Karl - Great WalMart video. I used to get regular Walmartian photos but the guy sending them to me unfortunately passed away. Glad that you got the locomotive figured out. Happy to see you are ready to start a layout.

Willie - Glad that we don't have to put up with multiple languages up here. I was very good with languages and with having 4 years of French in school, I picked up Italian and Spanish (European) easily. When we lived in Florida, I found Cuban different from the Spanish I knew although it is written the same. Puerto Rican and Mexican are also different not only from the European Spanish, but also Cuban and Puerto Rican. I live in the United States and speak English.

Louis - Love the GG-1 photos. I never used the On-Star on my Buick. Threw the antenna in the trunk under the spare tire.

IBKen - That is one sweet B&O locomotive.

Ray - Nice shot of the SD-35. Also enjoyed the video on the war birds. We had a B-26 at the airport the past weekend and took the two grandsons to see it. We have quite a few war birds at our airport. I worked there a number of years back to get to know the pilots and to get recertified as my pilots license was no good as I hadn't flown in years. I did get recertified and got a ride in Chuck Hall's P-51.
It was a job trying to get into the jump seat where the radio equipment was during the war. The tower usually liked to have Chuck make a low pass down the runway before he landed. Nothing like the sound of a P-51.

Chad - That is on interesting building in that photo.

Patrick - That tower is coming along nicely. I have a number of Silver Streak kits. Years back they were probably some of the best kits on the markets.
IMAG0266.jpg thumbnail_20171016_182518.jpg Still have a couple not built in the box.

Have some thing to do plus it's almost lunch time.



Section Hand
Good Afternoon Everyone...rainy here in this part of Wisconsin. Black clouds followed us home from the cabin.

We had a good time this past weekend at the cabin since it was my wife's Birthday and we went to a country bar and grill for an outside music party where the band that played for my Birthday was there playing. It's a great band and the leader and group owner is 72 and loves playing. They play from May to October on Saturdays and Sundays. The leader played with several national groups like REO, Santana to name a few and his former band was an opening act for Santana. Great night for a party and the beer was flowing. Nice to see everyone getting along, but then everyone in the group of perhaps 200 knows everyone else. Last night we had a fire in our fire pit at the cabin.

We drove home at 11:00 PM the 15 miles to our cabin and saw only 8 cars in the entire way home! I had a few drinks before the music started and then switched to soda...I avoid drinking and driving and will limit my alcohol intake when driving...say nothing about the deer along and crossing the roadway.

Willie and Montanan: I never been to a Walmart in my life. Maybe a Sam's a couple of times. Chet, I remember the Walmartian photos your friend send via email.

Willie: In high school and college I worked with a group of guys who were from Mexico and were seasonal workers and only two of them spoke any English. But they taught me what I thought was Spanish, a bit later in college learned that they spoke Apache/Spanish. Their language was a far cry from Spanish they taught in college.

Montanan: Nice paint job on the locomotives. A display of real talent. I like that color scheme on the locos. We have some black bears around the cabin and I've seen them but signings are rare. Rumor has it that a 600 pound black bear male is living in the woods just down the road from the cabin and he uses a deer trail on our land as his personal roadway.

troyphoto: "You should see the shoddy work on the bevel cuts. Maths was never my strong suit..." A bad bevel cut never hurt anyone. Nice work regardless.

TCOL: You are correct about football fans visiting Lambeau Field and enjoying the Packer Hall of Fame. A hard to imagine history and legacy of a football team since 1922. The Packer football teams each year make their practices focus on the younger fans and many local kids let the players ride their bikes from the locker room to the practice field. (I heard that even Bears fans like the Packer Experience.) I know of people who tailgate in Lambeau's parking lot during game days even without having tickets for the actual game.

My wife traveled to Canton, Ohio for the Brett Favre induction into the Hall of Fame and she was disappointed with the National NFL Hall of Fame.
My wife sat with Mark Murphy, President of the Packers at Canton at a function and he was a like a friend after two and half hours of chatting and talking about everything, but football.

The National Train Museum in Green Bay is also worth the miles to visit. I was a bit disappointed with the train ride, but the museum is great.

You aviation enthusiasts should visit the EAA in Oshkosh, Wisconsin when they hold their annual Flying In. I seen a B-2 Stealth Bomber land during one of the EAA flying in's. A unbelievable aircraft!!!!! 🛩

Tomorrow is a train day after a night of rest. My luck at a certain slot machine continues and I have my two Rapido locomotives now paid for and extra $$$ for some goodies for the layout. I think about and my layout trains when I'm at the cabin relaxing and I came home with a couple of great ideas.

Model Railroader arrived today.

That's all folks.....



USS Pipe Loads.jpg
An older photo of a older BB flat car and a pipe load on a siding.-Greg

PRR Modeler

Well-Known Member
Afternoon All,

Today started with some chores then I put in cardboard strips, mounted 3 of the 4 rock faces and finally plastered above the rock faces. If I would of been smart I would of cut down the back boards to a shorter height, but hindsight is 20/20. Tomorrow I will probably paint the plaster brown.

Ken- Excellent modeling.

Lee- I like me some Chicken & Dumplings. Nice decaling job.

Alan- Will the 2-10-2 be hauling any of your passenger trains?

Louis- I love that shirt.

Patrick- I was planning on asking about your wife today, but you beat me to it. I'm glad no problems were found. A couple of month's ago my wife did a chemical stress test trying to find out what was causing her acute respiratory issues. She said it was worse than the treadmill version.

TomO- Nice 1:1 photo.

Willie- Great news about your wife's progress.

Chet- Nice photos. I have that hat! I really like the boxcar modified caboose you have.

Greg- Great layout shot.




I hope everyone has a good night.


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Good afternoon. Back from the doctor's office from my annual check up.
Another forum I belong to has some, "unusual", people that participate. One of them is terrified of dumping their RV holding tanks becaue they might catch Corona from the fumes around the dumping hole. I'll stop there before this becomes a rant.
They had on the news today that they will be testing the sewage from a couple of colleges in the area for covid-12. They say the A systematic people will pass it going to the bathroom. That job couldn't pay enough.


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For those following: I got the running gear back together. No lopes, binds, or other issues. A little history on this model: it was gifted to me by a gentleman I assisted when he liquidated his collection. This one, a Santa Fe 2-10-4, and a D&RGW L-131. All PFM, all in pieces. You'll note the unpainted chassis in the background. It speeds things up if you have an assembled example! At this point I'm debating about sound. It's not that big of a deal to me anymore, mostly because I don't like structural alterations, or drilling holes even if they're unobtrusive and properly done. On the other hand this model has already had them done. The previous owner was going to install PFM sound. I'm still thinking it over. Next step is a motor mount bracket, and some touch up paint.

Thorington's 2-10-2.JPG


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Patrick. I hope everything goes well. Building in HO any more hurts my eyes no matter what and my hands with all this arthritis in them can’t hold the small pieces I may have to give it up and live with what I’ve got now on the layout.

Chet Thanks for the complement I like those old Silver Streak cars of yours

Curt. There’s still some left I had some this evening with biscuits and homemade strawberry jam. Thanks for the complement on the decal job. Your bench work is looking nice

Louis. Nice pics of the PC

I’ll leave you with a pic from my O layout I’m afraid O scale will replace HO very soon
Take care


Beach Bum
This knee is doing better than the other one did at the same time. Of course we learned from the first surgery.
Willie: It won't be long before she sets the cane aside and walks on her own. She is doing really well.
As for the layout and structures, you are making nice progress.

Curt: Looks good.

I had one Silver Streak kit, which sat untouched for thirty years. I may still have it in my collection of incomplete and untouched kits.

Locally, the number of Covid Cases in our town keeps rising by 5 to 14 per day, while the surrounding towns are showing decreases or no activity. No one knows for sure, but from casual observation at Shop Rite, people are more careless than they were before.
Since both the wife and I are considered "high risk", we are going to avoid ShopRite for the same reason we avoid Walmart, even though the other competitors are more expensive. Movie Theaters and Fitness centers open on 9/4, and indoor dining begins on 9/11, per the Governor.
High School district has opted for 100% Remote Learning, but will operate a full athletic program as if things were normal......Not sure what the K-8 District is doing.

Georgia Central power in Savanah, GA.jpg

River Street Rambler Sou 1733 Savannah GA 07-03-1977.jpg
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