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Heard a song on the radio (Forever Autumn) I hadn't heard in nearly 40 years. So I'm listening again to the 1978 version of Jeff Wayne's Musical version of War of the Worlds. I had a copy in the day, but all my albums were lost 20 some years ago in a flood. As I'm listening, I remember the music.

Then in honor of the now late Jim Steinman, it will be "Bat Out of Hell" from Meatloaf.

Geeze, I'm getting old.
Patrick. Bat out of hell came out when I was 16, I wore out my next door neighbors 8 track copy, and several albums and cassettes of my own over the years . It still ranks up there on my top 10 album list. I never tire of it. As a Meatloaf fan, when it came to refinish my Stratocaster clone, the album covers of all 3 Bat out of Hell albums were copied, shrunk, applied to decal film then sealed under several coats of clear on the face of the guitar.
I hadn't hear of Jim's passing til now. We are slowly losing the greats of out youth, only to be replaced with "Yo, baby baby" Sad.

Just had to change my avatar in memory of Jim.


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Good morning from Paradise.

Flo, surprise me, please anything but fish. Hamburger and fries, oh yeah, absolutely. It’s beef right?

I am done with gardening helper duties today. All sail cloth is in place and will now deploy with just a pull on the ropes. The supports for the white muezzin like stuff for the lettuce and spinach is staked out. Tomorrow I will deploy per an instructional manual, carefully read twice already, the rollers the muezzin will be on. There is no plan B. I also have maybe 30% of the water spritzers in. Any help with that tomorrow may get it to 100%. All rain water here is collected into a big tank which is above the garden, so gravity will feed the water to the plants, I hope. The plan B, is complicated.

The daughter called and said heavy snowflakes are sticking in Wisconsin, here it will be in the 80’s. I didn’t post the last picture of the grain build before we left. The 4 wet/dry bins were glued to the supports. Enjoy your day.


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Good Evening all! A really nice day here in Houston. Low humidity, a cool breeze made for a great day outdoors.
A cheeseburger and Coke would really hit the spot.
No train running today, but I did view the Broadway Limited on-line Virtual Train Show.
Again, what makes this forum so good, the variety of topics. The Boy Scouts. I was a Scout and then an Explorer. I made it to Star Scout. I was a lifeguard at a Scout camp in NJ for the summer on 1963. I did pull 2 young scouts from the pool. Many of my friends were Scouts as well. One evening 2 of us were on the boardwalk at Rockaway Beach. A woman started screaming about her babies drowning. 2 girls, 12 and 13 were out beyond where they could touch bottom. Both my friend and I had Lifesaving merit badges, we both entered the surf. We swam out, turned the girls around, swam back in. Some of the skills learned during Scouts carried over into my military enlistment. I'm sure there were some bad events, some bad people in Scouting though I believe I would question 95,000. Our Scout Master, an old cranky ex-Marine, run our troop like a Marine troop.



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A bit of weather news from the Queensland coast. We, here in the S.E. regions have been enjoying some sunny weather for a couple of weeks (overcast today so far this Thursday morning). Up in the far Northern tropics, a bout of extreme wet weather is occurring. Some places have received falls of 300+mm (1ft) and others, a Meter (3.3 ft) in a couple of days or so. The Barron River is in full flood up in the tablelands with the Barron Falls to the north of Cairns giving one of it's spectacular displays.


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Good evening.

Many interesting topics and discussions since I last posted. No snow here, but it dropped to 49 from 69 after the front blasted through. Supposed to drop into the lower 30s tonight. Most of my garden isn't planted yet and only the lettuce has broken ground so far. Last frost date around here is May 8, so ...

On the health front, I secured an appointment for the CT Scan, it's a week from tomorrow. This is going to be interesting with my replacement knee. (I guess). No point making an appointment with a Pulmonary guy until I get the results.

Terry: Hope your mouth feels better soon. Ice Cream is better than crushed ice. praying for both of you.

I Installed the lights over the work bench, this afternoon. Wow! I can see without shadows. Removing the old desk lamp, also created another square foot + of work space. next project, resurrecting an old Proto 53' gondola kit with all new metal grabs and stirrups. I also did some operating, running a drill and a transfer run, which took over an hour and a half to complete.

Pups atMorrisville, April 1999 9402, 9404, 9415..jpg

John Almedia Photo of three ex Reading SW1001s at Morrisville, in April 1999. The pups were very versatile.

Jaz avalley

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I h
NO Problems in my BSA troop - Great time with the patrons and fathers - I still have my manual.
Morning all - supposed to only get to 68 today with mostly cloudy.
FLO - PATY - a couple egg, sausage, and cheese muffins this morning.

Both of the ladies had doctors appointments yesterday for checking the - going to say - headgear!
They both look like mummies - DR said they will be beautiful. I thought they were pretty good looking to start with. The Spousal Unit has now lost 50% of what she was up too! DAMN, what a difference; she has so much more energy and hardly stops moving throughout the day.

Yesterday afternoon I helped the "board members" assemble six picnic tables to place along a walking pathway on the backside of the subdivision.
Later on today I will retrieve the RV and bring it here so that I can have it at the mechanic's tomorrow morning. Most likely - That cable bundle will have to be replaced and still have to find where the leftover wiring is supposed to be connected?

That's it from here for the moment - I am sure happy with my dentures after seeing how much dental work costs these days. Only three things that I cannot eat: Have to shell an ear of corn, cut an apple into slices, and be very careful eating "nuts"., or anything hard.
How about a couple modeling pic!
View attachment 127277

View attachment 127278
ad to stare at this really hard, you said modelling but I was pretty convinced this was real, totally love it......

Jaz avalley

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The years I have spent acquiring some small amount of modeling skills have finally been redirected to other areas.
My 97 yo mil has several yard ornaments and her favorite had faded and peeling paint.
Here is how I applied some of the skills formerly used painting models.
Totally agree the skills we use can move up and down the scale,modelling an ark

yes a bit slap happy with left over iffy materials but does the job and makes the birds happy, but the concept came from the model not the other way around,
so model imitating real;e real life imitating model

edit = gotta love a musky :D
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