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When I went to high school , there was young man that was a year ahead of me. Some how he let it out what had happen to him at school. I am not going to go into the details but he realized what a mistake he'd made telling . After that I never saw him again, his brother showed up a few days latter distraught , I never did find out exactly what happened to him ( i heard various stories , none were good) . I was and still am glad that I was not in that organization.

While I am sure that a good many of the 95,000 are probably frivolous , I am sure that quite a few more never saw the light of day.
apparently like any other organization, be it religeous, political, accademeic, cultural , agriclultural , & what ever other .orgs there are, some always contain a some rotten seeds.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Evening. Maybe his will liven things up a bit, maybe! As you know, I have been concerned by the prediction of a very late freeze here tonight. Five weeks after our average last frost/freeze date.
Here are my tomato plants yesterday.

They are just over a foot tall.
And the row of green beans just to the right of them. Plus a later planting of tomatoes as well.

Never mind the weeds to the right in the fallow section this season.
This is what everything looks like this evening, all tucked away and covered for the night.

The broccoli plants just to the left in this picture and the first one will not be harmed by a slight freeze.
Here are what will be the first two to harvest. The heads will more than double in size in the next week.

They're about the size of a softball right now.
Hopefully all will be well tomorrow when I uncover them in the early afternoon.


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Chadbag: That Christmas Tree being in the cool outside environment with some water helped to keep it green. It was also likely that the tree was to have been cut shortly before your purchased the tree, unlike here in Wisconsin the trees are cut in early November. Is it a Fir, which will last the longest of all evergreens after being cut.
Utah is a dry climate so the trees tend to dry out quickly if not cared for. Especially the commercial, normal mass cut and sold trees trucked up from WA and other "wet" states. We've been buying our trees for a long time by a guy who cuts his own trees here in Utah -- trees that are grew up and are used to the dry air -- and they usually do much better and last longer than the typical commercial trees. But this is the first time I've had one that looks almost as good now in April as it did in December when we bought it. Even from this guy. They usually last in the house better than most but usually by the second week of January when we finally get around to taking it out it has started to shed needles and dry out. My trees usually end up in the green bin until Spring :) And we've had a lot of warm days (alternating with really cold days) this Spring.

This is a first for me.


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Welp... here in NE Indiana we just had third winter.

Better make it a mess of bacon this morning.

Looked out the front door at the swimming pool and found this...

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 6.45.12 AM.png

No... I think that's a glacier in Alaska... maybe...

Here's the scene out our front door. They just got the the pool filled...

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 6.44.56 AM.png

Hmmmm.... could be the same scene???

Hobby news: got dark tone wash on another 20 Soviet Komrades

Remodel news: Bath replacement is going to be $7K ... about what we expected. Need to do some work to bring it up to code since a home handyman 20+ years ago didn't follow code when he put the jacuzzi tub in.

And the supplier of the special substance this is made from (forget the name) is out of Texas. The remodel crew said they've been informed that the factory is now 3 weeks behind on orders due to a mix of supply issues, and dealing with Texas' power grid outage several weeks ago.

Jaz avalley

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Almost 2:30pm and 52F and seems to be sunny (from my basement office looking out the window well). It was 28F when I got up at 6:30am.

The following picture shows our Christmas tree, which has been sitting in our green waste bin since January. The needles are stillsoft, there are hardly any needles spread around the bin. It is amazing. The lid of the bin is partially open so maybe some water has gathered in the bin providing the tree with some water but otherwise it has just been sitting there since January waiting for green bin pick up to resume (we missed the tree pickup after Christmas since we keep it up until Epiphany).

View attachment 127215
Poor little thing has staying power sho ev it in a pot and water it, often sellers boil the roots so they cannot be re used

Jaz avalley

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I am running on hot air atm a run of bad luck with the wild life, and to cap it all yesterday gardening a bee/ wasp flew into my hair got seriously annoyed and stung me on the hand above the ear I tho ugh it was going to get in my ear and even as a seasoned beekeeper started running and shouting for help then my hands started itching this is not normal so I must have had a psycho event - we’ll head has a small bum; and sone me during the night whenever I accidentally dent,y turned onto it, I am limping having chased a number of ducks on a female and fell o ver trying to get her out from under the bunch before the buggers suffocated her - would not be the first duck to end up dead like that, so am no t feeling great am behind with chores, fed up so here I will go up in the loft later for the picture but do not have the energy, husband said should have worn my beekeeping. Outfit - tongue in cheek,

I used nato models to paint theseH smoke guns, total fiction of course but amused me at the time


very grateful it was only one, I have had them in my suit before but this one was totally peed off I have brown hair maybe it thought me a bear, but at least not a swarm as modelled on the layout....I acted a complete girly much to the other halves a musement the fact he came running when I started screaming meant I had not excuse to cuff him lol


Living in Dreamland; not the Dream
Good Morning.
Even though it's only 6:00am, it's already fairly warm with the thermostat reading 35°F. 'They' say it's going to be a beautiful, sunny day reaching into the high 60's. - That's ok, but, then it's supposed to snow tomorrow. I don't much like mother nature teasing me, and I mean to have a serious discussion with her in the form of prayer.

Willie - You're garden looks wonderful. - I'm not sure I could stand having a two crop garden, though. Suppose I would rather be doing something else, other than working away in a garden for too long. It's probably a good thing I have a snow garden for half the year.

Jaz - I once drove a motorcycle through a line of honey bees heading out from the hives to some distant flower patch. It was like hitting a wall of bees. I know what it's like to get stung to the head by an angry bee. - Hope the sting you talk of wasn't too bad; put some wet mud on it. That seems to help.

This morning, I'm posting photos of a box car I'm having trouble understanding. Can't tell if this is the desired color of the car, or if it is just prime painted. Those white squares on the right confuse me; seems like they might be for some signage, but, I just don't know. Does anyone know what's going on with this car?
AOK 409233_04-15-2021 (1).jpg

AOK 409233_04-15-2021.jpg

That's all I have for today! Waiting for the town workers to show up and change out my water meter.

Thanks for the likes on past posts. Everyone have a stellar day!


GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Heard a song on the radio (Forever Autumn) I hadn't heard in nearly 40 years. So I'm listening again to the 1978 version of Jeff Wayne's Musical version of War of the Worlds. I had a copy in the day, but all my albums were lost 20 some years ago in a flood. As I'm listening, I remember the music.

Then in honor of the now late Jim Steinman, it will be "Bat Out of Hell" from Meatloaf.

Geeze, I'm getting old.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Clear and 35°, it didn't make it down to the freezing mark as predicted. I do see a light frost in development on some surfaces, so the 2 1/2 hours that I spent covering the garden was needed, and the peace of mind that it gave me was worth it. I won't get out there to uncover it until this afternoon because my wife and I have a dual doctor appointment this morning 45 miles away at 10:15. It's just the regular quarterly "wellness" appointment. Looking for highs in the 80's starting Sunday.

Fasting this morning Flo, for the blood draw in a little while.

Thanks for the likes and comments for yesterday's post; Karl, Guy, Joe, Sherrel, Garry, Patrick, Chet, Hughie, Tom O, Jaz, Ken, Chad, Justin, Jerry.

I didn't get to spend a lot of time in the train shed yesterday, but made progress on the Mick's Food Mart cardstock structure. Since the last update, I got a styrene base added and painted. I also added supports under the roof overhang as well as a couple of posts.


Still going at it on the cleaning project, although I did nothing on it in the last two days.
Here's where I left off with the tour. To the left (south) of the saloon and salon last pictured is another cardstock low-relief structure named Skelly General Engineers.

Moving further south is a blank spot that I have no idea yet what I am going to do with.

Then in the corner is some theoretical modeling.

While the church is a keeper, the other structures are just space fillers for now.
On the other side of the tracks is a Model Power kit from the last century as well as the infamous Tommy's Tree House just recently completed.

I am thinking that this will be the next scene that I tackle after I finish the business row over in Rycon Township.

Guy - My co-op water company actually looks at usage for the previous year before sending an estimate. And in the case of a true leak, offers a 30% off "leak reduction" that takes some of the shock out of paying the bill. They also offer extended payment schedules. But it is a co-op so technically I am an owner.
Organic gardening is my second hobby. I love the produce and welcome the exercise. Not too sure that I understand the "two crop" phrase though. I have many other crops growing but most of them are frost hardy.
Terry - Sad to read about the latest predicaments. I feel your pain regarding the upcoming dental bills. My estimate in 2013 was $45K, of which my insurance at the time paid just $6K over four years. But I am now the owner of eight implants and nine crowns. Problem is that I still pay the same price for cleaning as someone with a full set of originals.
Continued prayers for your wife.
Troy - The walk-in shower for us has turned out to be a great investment. Not only do we both fit at the same time (to save water of course;)), but stepping over the side of the tub was getting old. I had a professional do it as well because I didn't want to learn how to do tile work, and the re-plumb required crawling around under the house.
Ken - Sure hope that you're feeling better soon.
Greg - Good luck with the training and PT.

Boy Scouts were good for me. It taught me my love of the great outdoors and we didn't have any incidents like those much publicized ones on the news. We had three different troops at our church/school and all were looked upon highly. I think that the 95,000 that the Washington Compost story refers to a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon going after people long ago passed on, just because lawyers see an easy buck that cannot be refuted. I am sure that there are many legitimate claims there as well but as someone else posted, there are bad apples in all walks of life.

Everybody have a wonderful day. Stay safe.


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Howdy ....

Yesterday's business news said Canadian National has decided to try buying Kansas City Southern, and made a competing offer saying it was better than Canadian Pacific's offer. .... So, it looks like a bidding war. I have shares of KCS stock which sharply increased in value yesterday. I also own shares of CN and CP, and both decreased yesterday.

Willie ... You have a big vegetable garden. ... I like the food market on your layout.

Troy ..... That is a lot of snow.

Everybody ..... Have a nice day.

Mountain Man

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Cold today with remnants of yesterday's snowfall. Roads are OK, though, so out and about.

Hard to outdoor garden here because of the deer. They even come up the stairs onto the front deck to eat some of the flowers. Saw a herd of over fifty on our way up to Westcliffe a couple of days ago, the stragglers standing on the road and staring at us in that way that they have - ""?

Otherwise, life is quiet in our little corner of the world.


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Back again.

The conversation about Boy Scouts reminds me of our story. In my youth I was a Boy Scout like many of you were. We learned many things including first aid. You never know when you may need what you learned.

About five years ago, my wife and I were having dinner with friends. Suddenly, she began hunching over her plate and grabbed my arm. ..... She was choking ! ...... I asked if she could breath, and she shook her head indicating "no!'..... I started by tapping on her back. She shook her head indicating "no" again. ...... Suddenly I recalled my learning the Heimlich Routine in Boy Scouts decades ago. My wife was passing out. I abruptly stood up and moved to be behind her. I put my arms around her, and began squeezing. I took about 4 or 5 very tight squeezes before the bite of meat came out. By then, I nearly passed out myself. She quickly recovered after being able to breathe again.

I am thankful to Boys Scouts for teaching me what to do. Now ssmetimes, I call her my "Main Squeeze".


Curse You, Red Baron!
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NO Problems in my BSA troop - Great time with the patrons and fathers - I still have my manual.
Morning all - supposed to only get to 68 today with mostly cloudy.
FLO - PATY - a couple egg, sausage, and cheese muffins this morning.

Both of the ladies had doctors appointments yesterday for checking the - going to say - headgear!
They both look like mummies - DR said they will be beautiful. I thought they were pretty good looking to start with. The Spousal Unit has now lost 50% of what she was up too! DAMN, what a difference; she has so much more energy and hardly stops moving throughout the day.

Yesterday afternoon I helped the "board members" assemble six picnic tables to place along a walking pathway on the backside of the subdivision.
Later on today I will retrieve the RV and bring it here so that I can have it at the mechanic's tomorrow morning. Most likely - That cable bundle will have to be replaced and still have to find where the leftover wiring is supposed to be connected?

That's it from here for the moment - I am sure happy with my dentures after seeing how much dental work costs these days. Only three things that I cannot eat: Have to shell an ear of corn, cut an apple into slices, and be very careful eating "nuts"., or anything hard.
How about a couple modeling pic!



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Good morning. A cool start to the day at 17 degrees but we are supposed to start warning up over the next few days getting up to near 50 this afternoon.

On the train wreck photo I posted yesterday, nothing was damaged except the operators pride. He did have one worse one when he had a 52 car grain unit train running down the 30 some foot two and a half percent grade when a plastic couple failed on the first car. He thought he had replaced all the couplers with Kadees. He missed one. The run away train was getting close to terminal velocity when it hit the curve at the bottom of the grade. Nothing damaged there either but it took him over an hour to get things squared away. I went into another room and did some switching in a yard.

Greg - Like the photos. The signals make a lot of difference.

Willie - The layout photos are excellent as usual and the garden is really coming along. Up here it would be at least another month before anyone starts planting anything.

Troy - I know how you're feeling.

- Sure like your photos.

Guess I'll post some more old club photos.


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