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Is it just too much of a coincidence to find this SD45 which looks strangely MRL'ish over in our sister (brother?) forum, RailroadForums .com carrying instead the reporting marks for WRL (Washington Royal Line) at Royal City WA, particularly that Washington Corp is the owner of MRL and the reason for the W logo on the side of MRL's fleet? That first appeared plainly on those locos about 1996 and known as the "Lion's head logo because of the inclusion of a stylised version at the top of one of the large white W's "legs" (arms?), now in the center of the post 2005 Red Dot (Meatball) logo.



There is a date of March 12th 2021 on both, but not whether when taken or posted to the forum.


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Morning all,

Happy April fool's day. Supposed to be snowy and cold here all day with a chance of sunburn and heat exhaustion. High's around 200° and lows of about -42°. 🤣

Well, I thought I'd missed any reaction to the 2nd covid shot, but went home with a migraine at about 8:00a yesterday. Once I got that slept off, I get hit with a second one in the early evening. I've never had 2 in same day, but I'm better this morning. Makes me think it was a reaction. Off tomorrow and the kids are supposed to come for Easter. So it will be a good weekend. Weather for the weekend is supposed to be sunny with highs now showing in the mid-upper 70's.

I'll have to go back and see what I missed yesterday at the old place.


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Good Morning Again. Happy April Fools Day. Clear skies and 43°. It was supposed to get colder than this (35°) so I wasted time yesterday covering up my sensitive plants in the garden to protect from possible frost. Now the NWS is predicting 37° for a low tonight. So I'll uncover this morning, and re-cover this evening. The temperature isn't the issue, it's the possibility of frost. There will be no wind or clouds tonight.
The weekly grocery/beer trek is this morning, wife's going so we'll also be going to the wine store and getting passport pictures taken. Probable vacation in Mexico this summer.

I see that Mel has the grill working now Flo, I'll take a couple of over easy eggs and a pile of sausage patties. No toast today, but a refill on the OJ.

Thanks for the likes regarding the archive pictures yesterday; Karl, Tom O, Chad, Justin, Hughie, Guy, Garry, Joe, Phil, Gary, Tom.

Another shortened day in the train shed yesterday, however I made a little more progress. I finished the inbound side of the grade crossing with additional sidewalks and guardrails.

Then I turned my attention to the parking lot on the corner next to the Chinese Restaurant.

Still have some detailing left to do like weeds, parking lot striping and pedestrians. I also had to do some minor trimming/filing on the grade crossing itself, to make transition smoother on the track. The four axle locos that I tested with the other day went through just fine, but when I tested a six axle one yesterday, it dragged just a bit. All is well now. And maybe it was just that one diesel, I didn't try any others yet.

Karl - Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that I understood that the layout pictured yesterday (and previously), no longer exists. I have seen some very excellent photos from you.
Troy - Well was it a full-sized truck or not? Don't leave us hanging.
Guy - Absolutely no offense taken regarding the lack of photos. Some days there just aren't any to take, and sometimes those that I do take are no good. Add to that, the computer issues recently and I have to completely re-organize my photo files.
Garry - I too wonder about states that have a mask mandate for outdoor activity. While it was in place in Texas, it was only for indoor activity. I also wondered why certain states closed golf courses. There seemed to be plenty of social distancing there!:rolleyes:

All of this recent scuttlebutt about the boat blocking the Suez Canal and how disastrous it was going to be to the world's economy is quite out of proportion to me. Those of us who are old enough to remember the Six-Day War between Egypt and Israel in 1967, might remember that the canal was closed for eight years back then! Egypt actually scuttled ships at each end to block the route.

If Louis was still posting here, he would mention that today is Opening Day for MLB. It's the first time since 1968 that every team is playing on the same day.
Today is also National Burrito Day. Burritos are especially popular here in the Southwest.
Everybody have a great day. Be safe.


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Willie, some of the layout still exists. At one point I had 32 linear feet of the clubs modular layout which has been as large as 60x100. When I dropped out some sections went in my basement, others were disassemble and the parts put in storage. 16 feet of straight modules and 1 corner module still exists. The plan is to build a new layout, if I can ever get caught up . An entire hack of clear 1x4s is in the basement, along with boxes of screws, spools of wire, 3 cases of cork roadbed, a box of flextrack and enough DCC throttles to keep 8 operators busy. just gotta find the time to build.
Glad you like the pics!


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Morning fellers. I hope everyone is doing well. Going to be quite chilly here for the next two days. I'm waiting on more track pieces to make it to me in the snail mail. My C&O Historical Society order is taking some time as well. I knew that was going to happen when I placed the order. I like to order special items from them. In turn it takes awhile to recieve my orders. I did get my warm white leds yesterday. That will be a project I hope to tackle without any issues. Might wait until my luck improves first. That's about all I have for now. Hope everyone has a good day.


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It's going to be a beautiful, sun-tan weather day; hitting into the mid-50's. Likely the warmest day of the year around here, so far.
Might just take the opportunity to go down to the tracks and take some photos.

Yesterday, I was driving the wife to the store, when I noticed a train was coming down the tracks. So, in true 'Dukes of Hazzard' fashion, I raced the truck into a parking lot just as the train was about to pass by. Desperately tried to get the camera set up while running on foot. In the end, I wasn't really successful in getting good photos, but, I did get some quick pics.
I was on the wrong side of the tracks looking into the sun, and the train was moving a bit too fast. I could only do one photo of one of the two engines before it zoomed by. Here are the photos:
CN 2586_C44-9W_03-31-2021.jpg

GATX 7981_03-31-2021.jpg

HOKX 111736_03-31-2021.jpg

Here's the end of the train. One can see the new style caboose hanging on the back:

As I'm sitting here enjoying morning coffee, I can hear train whistles sounding downtown. Somethings moving down there, and I can feel my excitement rising in my body. Might just head it down there soon. 'Damn the CN police!', I say! - This is the stuff that keeps me alive and in great shape.

Willie - I still say that's a 1970 Mustang, even though Karl insists it's a '69'. If it has a single pair of headlights up front, it's a '70'; if it has dual headlights, it's a '69'. I still miss my '70', even after 50 years; what a beautiful car that was.

Toot - Wonderful photos this morning. Thank you!

There you have it; first post of the month in the new shop, and it isn't even an April Fools post. Time to get a move on!
Have a good one!


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Good April 1st to you all. I never under stood why this day was made to be a fools day. I have seen some really good ones over the years but like jokes, there weren’t that many.

Wisconsin is a cool 28f degrees feeling like 11. We should hit low 40’s this afternoon, 50 tomorrow and 70’s over the weekend. Crazy weather!

Willie, I also don’t understand the nashing of teeth over the SuezCanal. I remember that war and the shut down of the canal. They claim 15% of the worlds’ commerce floats through there. That does mean 85% of shipping goes elsewhere. Yes, it is oil but we have our own let’s use the damn stuff till the winds and sun takeover. Other then getting out to Maui and joining up with my wife and family there I am not going to leave the USA in 2021. The plan was to hit up Canada and possibly Cuba this year but nope not going happen.

toot, love the pictures

guy, you have a finer eye for the pictures then I do, I think they are great

phizer jab #2 today, at 11am and I am anxious for it

Enjoy your day


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Wondering if I should tell my wife I'm switching to O Scale (from N) and going to convert the entire basement to a double deck layout...
Oh, I wouldn't do that. Go ahead and get all your N scale down and continue construction without telling her. Then surprise her with it when she comes to find you cause you've been missing meals. Women love that kinda stuff.....


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Howdy ....

Willie: ....... Thanks for starting the April Coffee Shop.

Competition for China ? ........ I just saw in Facebook, a small company called Motown Models will be selling HO models of Grand Trunk Western GP9R's. The models will be made in Detroit, MI. GTW rebuilt GP9's in its Battle Creek locomotive shop. The engines have new cabs and low short hoods. Photos of models appear to show good quality.

Everybody: .... Have a good day. ... Don'y fall for any April 1st trickery.
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