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Good Morning from the West where we are expecting 71* today. It was a high of 69* yesterday - with mostly overcast all day, but ZERO raindrops? The high record for this date is 111* in 1999.

Willie, Chet, Johnny, Alan, "Z", Louis, "et all" - Thanks for all the PICS!

"Z" How do they keep the vandals and taggers away from those locomotives?


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Good morning

zkr78 ... Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos of Jupiter and 119. .... I was there on May 15th for the huge celebration. Large crowd attended. Also, in Ogden, it was crowded with the Big Boy there. .... I'm glad you could visit Promenatory.

Louis ... Nice postcard photo of C&O 490. I recall seeing it at the B&O Museum.

Willie .... Nice photos. I like old ship models.

Everybody ..... Have a good Sunday.


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Good, not good morning. 29 degrees and light snow. It's still September. Only got about an inch or so here, but other parts of the state got a lot more. So far we have lucked out and also have no tree damage. In the radar photo, we are lucky to be in an area void of snow. BZN on the right center of the photo is about where we are. The mountains can play a lot into how much precipitation you get depending on which direction it comes from. The third photo is looking west at the top of Bozeman Pass.
thumbnail_20190929_075318.jpg 1445z.gif Vid-000564002-00-02-2019-09-29-14-58.jpg

Z -
Nice photos. I have visited there a few times. Quite the place for a train buff. Garry was there not too long ago when the UP rolled out the 4014.

- Some more good photos from Vicksburg. Looks like they are working on the scenery on the HO scale exhibit.

Alan - That's an impressive photo from the club. Too bad the engineer had to stop in the grade crossing if he had to wait. Grin.gif

Thank to all who commented on the switching photos. Here is the rest of the photos.

Here comes the local freight that will pick up the spotted freight cars.



Here the local drops part of the train and backs into the passing siding to pick the spotted cars.



With the cars picked up, the local backs up, couples to the rest of the train and gets out of Dodge.





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Good afternoon. It's sunny and 95, with a feels like of 103. Wind out of the Southeast at 3.
I did something a few minutes ago that is very rare for me--I smoked a decoder.I'll give the decoder manufacturer a call tomorrow, as they have a one year no questions asked warranty.


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Afternoon watching the Bills self destruct against the Pats. Bills defense doing good just need the offense to stop giving the ball away.

As for trains what is with Intermountain,they don't seem to put out much compared to others.


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Good Morning Everyone....overcast and drizzle here in my part of the world. Great to be home and out of the Rehab and hospital! It will be awhile before I can get down to the layout room and be able to walk without a walker.

Catching up on the Forum that I missed in the last five weeks. I enjoy everyone's photo's and comments. Do I see some new members or returning members?

Need to make a hobby shop list and get a couple of Walter's background buildings.

That all for now.



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Update on those 2 MRL Athearn tank cars on ebay. Some level of sanity has returned. Prices now at $75 each, for the desperate or must haves. Either or both would be nice, but, no. The seller also has a boxcar from the RTR range, with large white, lion's head logo. Probably reasonably rare @ $35. Others I've seen and have some of, are bluebox with the early thin & thick double line logo. The occasional Genesis comes up. I have 2, but the sliding doors on them don't open and while much more detailed than the BB's, I feel a bit robbed in the fact the doors are molded in and not very sharply defined.


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Great to be home and out of the Rehab and hospital!
Greg: That was quite an ordeal you went through, fella. I'm happy to see you back posting here. Hope you are feeling much better. Take care.

what is with Intermountain,they don't seem to put out much compared to others.
Tom: Good question. Last I heard was that they were screwed over by their China contract factory. A similar occurrence almost did Atlas in several years ago.

Got these old Wood Reefers done yesterday. The New York Central is a Mantua and the Morrell Meat is a Train Miniatures
TT-55: Nice restorations. They both look real good.

29 degrees and light snow. It's still September.
Chet: September snow, is no fun. Like watching Cleveland trounce the Ravens 40-25...I know..."On any given Sunday"...but Cleveland?
I really enjoyed your switching sequence, and the Local Freight. Great photos, great layout.

Ran one of my steamers on a local switching job.
Alan: Great photo. That's a nice looking locomotive.

Sunday sports did not yield many surprises, the Baltimore Orioles closed out their season with another loss...The Amazing Mets pulled out a win over Atlanta to finish their season. The Giants were all over the "Deadskins". :rolleyes:

Now that Baseball is done for the year, I can focus on my true passion, NHL Hockey. I'll watch Toronto's opener Wednesday Night. The NJ Devils open against Winnipeg on Friday Night, I have to find a stream, as a downside to pulling the plug is no access to the local Cable Sports channels.

Have a good week.



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Good evening ....

Willie ... Thanks for continuing to share your museum pictures.

Alan ..... Nice club layout photo !

TrucTrain55 ..... I like the reefers.

Chet ... your layout photos are outstanding. I like the Alco FA1. ... ..

While you had snow , we were boating on our lake.

View attachment 39952
Garry: What's really great about being on the lake, is that you're feeling well enough to be out there. Enjoy it while it's still mild enough.



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Boris ...... Thanks for commenting ..... I did miss out on boating for health reasons for a while..... Warm weather continuing now allows more boat time again.

Greg .... Great t see you are here. I hope your health continues to improve.


Well, another weekend down the tube.
I'm still trying to find a CHEAP method of getting a clean, square cuts on the carbon arrow shaft pieces I use for pipe loads. The archery shops use $150.00 cut-off saws and an adjustable squaring jig.
I'll let you know if I get decent results.
Y'all have a marvelous Monday.


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39F tonight at 9:37PM. Was 37F awhile ago. Had been a bit warmer but a cold front came through. Brought a little rain yesterday and today.

I got a bit more wiring done with new feeders and stuff to make the track lay flat.


Yesterday had to drive the kids down to Provo for the Swimposium (swimming symposium) where they had some Olympians and others doing sessions (and showing their medals and signing autographs -- Rowdy Gaines was one of them -- the voice of swimming on TV). My son got chosen to be part of a group that did an in-water breakout session. (My daughter was too young for that option). I did not stay and drove home and then went back in the afternoon to collect them, and then drove up to the north part of SLC for a concert by Baby Metal with some Swedish heavy metal group called Avatar as warmup. The concert was fun, but the Baby Metal set was only 65 min. I would have liked to see 90 min. And the Kami Band, their normal backing band from Japan was not with them -- they had US hired backing band. Very good, but not the same, as the Kami Band was one reason I wanted to see this :)


After we left the venue, which was a small "event center" with stage and open floor (no seating), with the bar and small grill in the back and a small balcony, a large intermodal train passed right by us. The venue was just west of the main tracks that go through SLC and a few blocks north (and a couple west) of the old Union Pacific station. I did not get the camera out in time to really get a good shot but there were 3 large UP diesels pulling a billion container cars and a few of the flat cars that hold complete trailers from over the road trucking. It was like 5 minutes of train passing by.


When I had to drive back to Provo to get the kids from the Swimposium I had to get gas in the car. I reset my trip odometer in the car when I did so and I checked it when we got home for the night and I had gone almost 120 miles not including the 80 or so miles round trip in the morning to take them to Provo. Lots of driving.
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Good afternoon. It's sunny and 95, with a feels like of 103. Wind out of the Southeast at 3.
I did something a few minutes ago that is very rare for me--I smoked a decoder.I'll give the decoder manufacturer a call tomorrow, as they have a one year no questions asked warranty.
Terry, it's been hot here as well! They say it's going to cool off today and tomorrow, but the forecast is to return to the 90s by mid-week. Thanks for sharing the mishap with the decoder. It's comforting to know these things can happen, even to the best of us.


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Willie, I saved those photos of the civil war diarama for my oldest grandson. He loves military miniatures, army men he calls them. He creates scenes on the floor. The last he told me about was the battle of Kursk. For now he is fixated on WWII, but maybe seeing this civil war display will broaden his horizons. I'm happy to hear about his fun, as he learns about history. Not to mention I may have a future modeler in the family.
Thanks again for sharing all the photos!


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Tom, I feel for you, while you were watching the Bills, I was watching the Ravens self-destruct. I'm looking on the bright side. The Ravens were not out-maned, they beat themselves. Those problems can be fixed.
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