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Yesterday I recorded the Ravens game, watching until it was time for the Orioles final game of the 2019 season, another bitter sweet affair. We got the lead early, gave up the lead, came back to tie, only to lose in the 9th inning. Stevie Wilkerson made one of the greatest catches ever to keep the game close. He robbed Jackie Bradley Jr, of a 2 run homerun with a spectacular catch in the 7th.

In the 9th it was Wilkerson's nonchalant catch and lob throw back into the infield after catching a shallow pop fly, cost the birds the game. Mookie Betts alertly tagged up from third and scored the winning run.

It was an up and down day for Wilkerson, in addition to his spectacular catch and bone head throw he also made an error in the 3rd.
On the bright side :) the Orioles won 2 out of 3 in Fenway, just wait until next year!!!

Here comes the Playoffs, without my birds, but I will be watching every game I can!
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I've read the Red Sox will be reducing their payroll this offseason. They had the highest in MLB at nearly 264 million.


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Well, another weekend down the tube.
I'm still trying to find a CHEAP method of getting a clean, square cuts on the carbon arrow shaft pieces I use for pipe loads. The archery shops use $150.00 cut-off saws and an adjustable squaring jig.
I'll let you know if I get decent results.
Y'all have a marvelous Monday.
Have you tried a tubing cutter? You should be able to get one fairly cheap. I got mine off the tool truck, and it was only $65.


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It's 9:40 PM and we're getting the first heavy, sustained rain and some thunder, we've had in months. Whether it will last long is not considered likely, but it will be the 1st time the roof has had the dust washed off it in seemingly, forever. Another little boomer just then.


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Good morning everyone. 70 and mostly sunny out there.

zkr78, Chessie, Willie, Wheeler, Chad, Garry, CCoffran, Sherrel, Patrick, Louis, and anyone I may havemissed - thanks for the likes on my Friday photos.
TrucTrain55 - Love the NYC reefer
Chet - great photos of your layout
Willie - thanks for posting those photos from the museums

Did a lot of work in the wood shop over the weekend, getting ready for craft fairs and filling that New York gift shop order. But did get some time in the train room. Ran trains for a while, and also made some progress on the lumber company area. Here are the before and after photos for comparison - I got the turnout installed, relaid the existing spur's track, and spiked down the new spur's track. I also did a little ballasting but didn't take a photo of that yet.



That's it for now. Time for (more) coffee. Have a good day everyone.


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Good Morning All. 73° and partly cloudy to start the week here.
Grits and bacon for me this morning Flo.

Thanks for the likes and comments regarding the latest series of museum pictures; Garry, Lee, Chet, Jerome, Louis, Tom, Clint, Chad, Johnny.

Out in the train shed yesterday, I added trees and other landscaping around the Oakleaf Storage, Fresh Market and the Dairy Queen buildings.
09-30-19 011.JPG

09-30-19 013.JPG

Just to keep busy at the workbench, I pulled out an Accurail kit that I purchased in 2013, another ACF covered hopper.
09-30-19 001.JPG

All I did with it yesterday was to remove and trim the parts from the sprues.

Chet - Snow in September, not for me.
Lee - Really nice job on the reefers.
Terry -
I did something a few minutes ago that is very rare for me--I smoked a decoder
Did you have to use one of those vaping devices or were you able to roll it?
Greg - Yes there seems to be some new members coming into the Coffee Shop. I am glad that they found the way. Of course we're moving tomorrow, hope that all can find the new place. Continued thoughts and prayers for your improvement.

OK, a few more museum pictures from the Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum in Gulfport. These are from the various HO exhibits.
09-27-19 trip 001.JPG

09-27-19 trip 003.JPG

09-27-19 trip 004.JPG

09-27-19 trip 005.JPG

Everybody have a great day.


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Did you have to use one of those vaping devices or were you able to roll it?
I'll tell you what, there's a darn sight more realistic smoke volume comes out of one of those than any of the smoke units put into any of the HO models. I don't know if I mentioned it but I drove up the small rise to the main part of my old business district and there were 2 guys sitting in the closed doorway to one of the disused shops, puffing this stuff. Stopped right next to them. The car disappeared in the cloud they both blew out. The Nicotine content and a few other things would be the reason not to use it though.


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Thanks all of you for your likes and complements. Maybe I can get a few more done this weekend

Willie. Layout looks great and good to see there’s still some of us build kits

Raincoat2. Your layout looks likes it’s taking shape nice work.


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Morning all,

Sunny and 77 currently with the winds running from the south at 25-35 mph with gusts to 45. High today near 90. Supposed to have a front come through tomorrow bring rain and seasonal temps with highs in the upper 60's.

I didn't get much accomplished on my layout over the weekend. I got guilted by grandma about getting the grandson's layout finished, so I spent 3 hours under a 36" high table running all the wires for the switches on his layout. I have a working layout, but I need to show him how to work it. I have the wiring running over the the top of his switch shelf instead of under like it probably should be run. I'll fix it to under if he starts breaking wires. It was kind of fun moving his 2 engines around without having to manually move switches.

On a side note: are the electrical components for the Atlas switches available as stand alone?


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On a side note: are the electrical components for the Atlas switches available as stand alone?
Yes they are Patrick. Switch control boxes are free if you PM me your address and tell me how many you need. Then give me a couple of days to retrieve them. The actuator is available from most online hobby shops, including Atlas themselves; but they charge more.


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Now that Baseball is done for the year, I can focus on my true passion, NHL Hockey. I'll watch Toronto's opener Wednesday Night. The NJ Devils open against Winnipeg on Friday Night, I have to find a stream, as a downside to pulling the plug is no access to the local Cable Sports channels.

Have a good week.

If you’re looking to pick up TML games, streaming subscription is available thru NHL. TV. Unfortunately, it likely won’t help you with Devils games, due to similar blackout protocols that MLB.TV uses. If we had NHL tv package, our blackout team would be the Wild.


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Tom, I feel for you, while you were watching the Bills, I was watching the Ravens self-destruct. I'm looking on the bright side. The Ravens were not out-maned, they beat themselves. Those problems can be fixed.
Try having to deal your undefeated(well, not any longer) favorite team’s qb(including a strip-6 to seal the game) turn the ball over 4 times & defense gives up a half-century to a team that lost to the Bergen County Giants.
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Yes they are Patrick. Switch control boxes are free if you PM me your address and tell me how many you need. Then give me a couple of days to retrieve them. The actuator is available from most online hobby shops, including Atlas themselves; but they charge more.
I'll get back with you once I get my layout the way I want it. I have some electric switch motors that I know some worked when I packed them up years ago. I peeled them off another large layout I got at an estate sale.


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Afternoon All,

Did some chores today, tomorrow I have to take the wife's car to the shop for a new tire (hole in sidewall) and then Wednesday we're driving to Patrick AFB (about 90 minutes away) to go to the exchange and commissary.

Chet- Great layout pics.

Z- Happy Anniversary to you and your wife. Great photos from promontory point.

Willie- I really liked the boat pictures along with the museum and layout.

EspeeFan- Nice looking layout.

TrucTrain- Nice looking reefers.

Johnny- Nice job on the modified siding.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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I headed out this morning to get my package from Scaletrains that UPS delivered to the post office, driver couldn't find us even though they have made nearly 200 deliveries to us in the last two years. :p
09-30-19 017.001.JPG

On the layout during test laps.
09-30-19 014.JPG

Close up of #600.
09-30-19 015.JPG

Heads-on of #642.
09-30-19 023.JPG

Oooops! Found this on the workbench after the test run when I was posing it for pictures!
09-30-19 024.JPG

Thankfully it was on the workbench otherwise I may not have found it on the layout for weeks; when I might have discovered it missing!

09-30-19 025.JPG

A small dab of Gorilla Super glue fixed that; I added a dab on all of the other bottom steps while I was at it.

On my previous purchase with them, they enclosed a complimentary 1:1 ballpoint pen as a token of appreciation. This is what they sent this time, pictured alongside of the previously sent pen!
09-30-19 019.JPG

Too bad that I don't eat candy!:(
Time to audition engineers to man this consist. See you later.


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Good afternoon. We did manage to dodge a bullet with the snowfall. We only got a few inches, but the area around Glacier park did get hammered. Glad that they kept it up there.

I have been busy out in the shop getting some last minute details taken care of on 8 cars which are headed to the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Lost Wages this weekend. There will be a bidder preview on Thursday so the truck will be here tomorrow morning to load things up. I'll probably leave some time tomorrow also. I stand a better chance of not only selling, but getting a better price than listing them on sites like ebay Motors and other web sites. Will try to check in over the weekend. Will most likely head back o Saturday as that is the day that the high dollar cars go up for auction. I am scheduled for Thursday and Friday auctions.

Johnny - Nice photo again. Another opportunity to spot freight cars.

Ray - I did see an email fro ebay showing the the seller for that MRL tanker dropped his price. He'll probably have to drop it a bit more before someone gets serious about buying it. If you want to make smoke look like smoke, try to duplicate the smake coming out of that D&H Alco Louis posted the other day.

Willie - Enjoyed your photos as usual. Those Santa Fe GE units are impressive.

Going to get out of here and start packing a bag.



Have you tried a tubing cutter? You should be able to get one fairly cheap. I got mine off the tool truck, and it was only $65.
Yes, I tried the tubing cutter on two pieces of tubing. The first was a HO 38 foot piece I cut off at 20 HO feet. This carbon tube is very hard, like cutting steel tube, It took 3 .5 minutes to cut. The second piece was 12 HO foot long and I cut off 2 feet. After 5 minutes, I had cut 3/4 of the way through the tubing, but the short end was crushing in and getting ragged. I stopped at that point.
I did find a workable solution, but I want to take a couple pictures to show what I did. Hopefully, tonight after going to train club.


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Good Afternoon Everyone and it's sunny here in Wisconsin and very warm for this time of year at 85 degrees.

Thanks everyone for kind thoughts and comments on my returning to good health. It's just a short set back and I'll be like new in no time.

Willie: Excellent Santa Fe locomotives. I should order a locomotive or two from Scale Trains. The detail is unbelievable...brass like quality. I'll check their website tomorrow for Milwaukee or SOor even CNW. Willie, how much was that Scale Trains' ball point pen???

Are those operating ditch lights on the Santa Fe unit?

Chet: Good luck at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Vegas. (My spell check is acting up, but didn't care about Barrett-Jackson as a new word.)

The Brewers made the Wild Card even with their two top players injured after a 13 inning lost to the Rockies.

No train news to report.

Will check some websites for detail parts.

I did mentally planned my yard expansion while in the hospital. One thing did strike my mind was that I like old barrels laying along the right away and in ditches, but I forget to weather them. Old barrels are beat up and rusty.

I'm starting a list of things to do when I can get down to the layout room and return to model railroading.





I use old toilet paper rolls to use as car holders while weathering my rolling stock. -Greg
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