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Gomez Addams
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Good morning. And happy September. Tomorrow is the unofficial start of Fall.
I wonder if we can call it Fall, and the season starting September 22 Autumn?


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Clear and 71° this first day of September. Had a nice visit from my daughter and granddaughter yesterday; they brought along my other daughter and two grandsons. Husbands were back in Dallas playing golf. Spent the morning cleaning up a bit before they arrived, spent the afternoon cleaning up a bit after they left! Four year old granddaughters are really cute. My twelve year old grandson borrowed my whetstone to sharpen his whittling knife; he is going to enter a project in a contest at the State Fair of Texas later this month. Hope that he returns it soon as I sharpen my Exacto blades pretty regularly with it.

Hello Flo and Francine. I like the new place. I think that I will start the month with Eggs Benedict with an extra English Muffin on the side.

Thanks for the comments and likes yesterday regarding the progress that I have made on the two structures; Justin, Mikey, Chet, Sherrel, Phil, Chad, Tom.

My time in the train shed was a bit limited yesterday due to the family visit. I did get to run a few trains for my granddaughter, the boys were not interested. Later after everyone left, I did get all of the walls and cornices glued together for the DPM structure. Decided that this structure will house a casket manufacturer, materials in on the left, caskets out on the right.
08-29-19 004.JPG

There's going to be a loading dock along the four LH sections, after I get another package of parts from DPM at the LHS. I am one piece short and I don't feel like fabricating one from a wall section right now. Trip to the LHS is already planned for next Saturday.
The windows are over in the paint booth, Hopefully I will get time today to install them. This structure is on hold for now, until I determine the track layout and other building placement in this section of the layout. I have it visualized but I need to lay out track to determine it's workability. I still need to see how far out from the backdrop that I want to place this so that I can add side walls. The thought process proceeds. I actually don't foresee a lot of time in the train shed today, as I have to start mowing again after Mass.

Sherrel - That's too bad about the hoop-jumping to get medical care. That just means long waits here and then long waits there while illegals are cared for. Prayers and best wishes for Kate. Regarding Chet; just like in Texas, anything within 500 miles of him is "in the neighborhood"!
Chet - Thanks for the update on Greg. He hadn't made it to the AWOL list yet as he spends a lot of time at the cabin this time of year.
Greg - If you can see this, thoughts and prayers for your health. Get well soon.
Tom - Yep! This looks like the new place. Good to see you.

Everybody have a great day this new month. You all come by for the brisket tomorrow.
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Good morning. Beautiful morning- Can't believe there is such a monster is out there. Still holding off on final preps for the storm.
Coffee aroma overpowering the paint fumes. Like the new decor.
Best wishes for all


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Terry, I never tried any of Dollar General's coffee creamers, I think that is where they sell Clover Valley. I do buy and enjoy lots of other Clover Valley products. I love mant private label bargains!

Thanks for the heads up, I'll stick to Sav-a Lot's creamers, my wife and I enjoy the hazelnut, it's better than the name brands we have tried.
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