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Getting some time in the train room today. Trying to get some projects done. Attempted to salvage some kadee couplers. Man are those springs a pain! One is lost to the floor so that ended that project. I have my gas station to finish up that I had completely forgotten about! I may send updates on that one as I finish it up.


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Happy Labor Day all,

Steaks done by 12:30 and eaten by 12:45. Got a bunch of hard work caught up and I am draining the pool.
On the train side, I had some to test the latest auction engines. The older Proto 2000 work fine, the latest blue box fell apart when I opened the shell. The engine mounts are toast. If I read correctly the newer mounts with the screws will work fine. The local Hobbytown will have some later in the week. I really didn't want to buy overpriced obsolete parts on eBay again.

I'll have to catch up on the rest of the forum tomorrow. Hopefully the remainder of the week will be slow.


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Howdy . I hope everyone had a good Labor Day . ... Tomorrow is my birthday and Thursday is our anniversary .

On our trip we visited family in southern Ohio. Yesterday we drove to Michigan and are with family. We went boating on Lake St. Clair today.

Nice to see all the photos here.

Willie ... more nice modeling by you.

Karl... I read you want a house with an unfinished basement. I know what that is for.

Justin ... Your layout looks good.

Chet ... nice photos of Virginia City , etc.


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Good evening. It's 76 and mostly dark.
I mowed the lawn today, postponed from yesterday so the lawn won't be quite as tall if Dorian dumps a lot of rain on us later in the week. I also did quite lot of work on the layout, getting an entire loop installed, cleaned, and powered, with a single train looping around the room. Current plans are to leave that layout basic, with minimal scenery, turnouts, and structures. I'm doing that mainly because I have the track, and the base for the layout is there. The 3x6 will be fully detailed and portable. I think the Pro Cab Wireless will be a bit overkill for it, but it would be pretty stupid to replace it with something else, when it works fine.


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Good morning Everybody!

It's 71 under clear skies in southeast Baltimore.

I pray for those people who have been devastated by Dorian and for all those who are still in it's path.

We had a great Labor Day, sounds like most of you did as well. I hope Everyone had a great day.


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My grandsons return to school today, I'm going to miss my little man. It's a blessing to be able to spend so much time with my youngest grandson, but I wish I had more time with my oldest grandson. My oldest daughter and her husband are always so busy. When they do get a day off, like yesterday they like to stay home. The only time I can count on them spending at least part of the day with us is Thanksgiving, Christmas and the 4th of July. I understand life is busy, but I still miss them. Text messages, phone calls and occasional visits are not enough for me.

My youngest daughter may be 31 now, but she is still a "daddy's girl". I was outside doing pool maintenance, getting the grill ready and other things when she arrived yesterday. She sat down on the patio and expected me to sit with her. Missing my oldest daughter I was not going to pass up the opportunity to spend time with my little girl. Finally she asked me "when are the steaks going to be ready?" I told her "when I get off my ass and get everything done. If you want to make things go faster, get off your ass and help me!" :) She replied "I was waiting for you to tell me what to do!" She is a little lady like her mother, but when she is hungry, she is hungry!

That reminds me of the 4th of July. When my youngest daughter arrived she went straight into the house to put a blueberry/strawberry cake she made into the refrigerator. My wife asked her to help in the kitchen. My daughter's reply "Mom, I did not come here to work". My daughter than came outside where I was getting the grills, canopies, tables, chairs, backyard games and water slides ready. Without saying a word or any hesitation she helped me, that's my little girl!

Back to school has me thinking of my Halloween train for my front porch layout/display. Now all I need to do is to find all the Lionel electronic controls, power supplies and Halloween stuff I have bought since last year.


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Holiday celebrations and parties, makes me think of this song!
"Lets have a knock down drag out rock and roll party in the streets
Get all the boys together and have them tell everybody they meet"
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Baltimore Chapter, National Railway Historical Society

8/2019 - Fresh restoration by the Everett Railroad.
PRR 571060 X29 class boxcar.

The Everett RR crew did the body and mechanical repair; Curry Rail Services handled the blast and paint; lettering was done by Railcar and Military Equipment Painting. It's used for passenger car equipment storage and will be available for photo charters.

Here's a link to a photo of the car before the restoration began:…/733842…/in/album-72157630051273702/


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Baltimore Sun photos


Then - Southbound Pennsylvania Railroad steam engines pull coal cars over the Susquehanna river on a winter day in 1951 (A. Aubrey Bodine / Baltimore Sun)


Now - Northbound Amtrak Acela crossing the Susquehanna river (Jerry Jackson / Baltimore Sun)

History (of the Susquehanna river crossing/bridge) from Wikipedia

The vicinity of the bridge has been used as a river crossing for more than 300 years. In 1695, the colonial General Assembly granted the first licenses to operate a ferry between Perryville and what is now Havre de Grace. In 1837, railroad lines south from Wilmington, Delaware, and north from Baltimore arrived at the riverbanks. For 29 years, including the duration of the American Civil War, a train ferry carried passengers (on foot) and freight cars between the two towns. In 1854, a larger ferryboat began to transport entire passenger cars across the river.[1]:37–40,111

In 1866, after 12 years of intermittent construction, the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Railroad (PW&B) completed a wooden single-track railroad bridge. Iron reinforcements were added between 1874 and 1880. In 1881, when the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) formally took control of the PW&B, it cut rival Baltimore & Ohio Railroad's access to the PW&B. The B&O was forced to construct a parallel route between Baltimore and Philadelphia, including a new bridge about 1 mile (1.6 km) upstream.

In 1904-06, the PRR replaced the PW&B crossing with a new bridge just a few yards upstream.[1]:40–43,117–118 Opened on May 29, 1906,[3] it includes a center swing span to increase vertical clearance for water traffic from the nominal 52 feet (15.8 m).[2] In 1934, the PRR began installing catenary on the span to help extend 11,000-volt electrification south from Wilmington to Washington, D.C. Regular electrified passenger service across the bridge began on February 10, 1935.[1]:44–45

Ownership of the bridge passed to Amtrak in 1976 when it acquired much of the Northeast Corridor infrastructure.[5]


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Good morning everyone. 70 and clear.

Patrick, Sherrel, Willie, Flip, Louis, Cambria, Chessie, Garry, and anyone I may have missed - thank you for the likes, comments, and suggestions based on my posts from last Friday (farm, etc.)
Garry - A very Happy Birthday to you!
Louis - that photo of Little Italy looks like it could have been in a movie. Very eerie looking.

Had a nice long restful weekend. Spent time in the woodworking shop and in the train room and at the modeling bench, and made progress everywhere!!

Here are a couple of photos. The first is of a track crew near the tunnel. They're waiting for a train to pass before getting back near the track!! This scene has been in place for half a year or so, but there's a lot of work yet to make the background and the tunnel more realistic.

track crew near tunnel.jpg

And here's the promised photo of progress on the Old Barn structure I'm working on. I had misplaced one of the sprues that had lots of small detail parts. Finally found it Sunday evening but that put me behind in painting and gluing. So I'm not as far along as I would like. Still, it's nice to see some progress.


That's it for now. Have a good day everyone.


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Good Morning All. Clear skies and 74° this morning. While today's high is only forecast to be 94°, it looks like we'll be flirting with 99° for a few days later. No rain in the ten day forecast, but the weatherman was caught off-guard twice last month! I'm over here Flo, make it two eggs sunny side up with a good handful of that applewood bacon. I see that Francine is occupied this morning looking at the pictures that Louis brought along. At least he ain't talking baseball...ooops! I shouldn't have said that!:oops:

Thanks for all of the likes and comments yesterday; Chet, Dave, Justin, Chad, Sherrel, Tom, Patrick, Phil, Garry, Louis, Johnny.

About all that I got done in the train shed yesterday was to finish applying the mortar wash. Chet will be happy to see this!
09-03-19 001.001.JPG

While waiting for it to dry, I picked up the throttle for a bit before I had to go attend to the brisket. I'm on hold until I go the the LHS for one additional piece (package) of loading dock modular pieces anyway.

Beady -
The more I see of the 90s, the less I want to last that long.
Don't give up yet, everyone is different. One of my buddy's dad is 100 years old. While he voluntarily gave up his driver's license four years ago, he still drives the tractor every day moving large hay bales from the hay yard to his 120 head of cattle. He lives alone and fixes all of his own meals. His other son takes him grocery shopping every week, along with other errands.
Chet - Neat pictures from Nevada City and Virginia City.
Garry -

Besides Garry's birthday, today is National Bowling League Day, a day for Chet.

Everybody have a great day.
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Morning all,

So far it's kind of quiet. I'm ignoring some of the little stuff that needs attention, but not until the rest of the crew gets in at 8:30.
No sense running to the issues when I can answer and deal with more pressing problems.

It was hot and humid yesterday and supposed to be today as well. I got the pool drained, but not dismantled. I'm for tossing it as I fixed enough holes this past spring to sink the Titanic. Wife thinks we can't afford another, but it was only used 3 times this summer. Not enough in my opinion to bother putting back up. I'll dry it and store it, but I don't think it will survive as the vinyl is drying out and getting brittle. It is 4 years old and will be 5 next summer. A new liner only (as the rest of the pool in intact) costs more than a bigger pool, (we have a 14" round by 42" deep). The older 3 grandkids are tall enough to stand above the high water mark and do know how to swim.


Willie- Missed your question yesterday as it took a while to dig out the gas grill and clean it up
Sweet potato salad sounds good to me. Does she boil the sweet potatoes or roast them?
She cuts up the sweet potatoes into small pieces and boils them about 5 minutes longer than when she cooks white potatoes.
She adds the others ingredients and mixes it all up. The slightly overcooked potatoes mix like mashed potatoes and chunks. I enjoy the slightly different taste and texture. Goes well with BBQ and scorched hot dogs.

What do you use as your mortar wash on the brick buildings? I like the way it blends with your darker colored aging.
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