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OBTC 1909

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Happy November everyone! 38 and cloudy, heading up to 53 and cloudy with slight chance of rain here.
Back to work today after a single day off. Got a lot accomplished in my hobby room yesterday. Now that it's cleaned up I hope to start doing some fun stuff in there again.
Not much to report, just wanted to check in and wish you all a great day!
OB Ken


Broke... just like early railroads.
Morning all,

I'll check the weekend's activities at the old place in a bit.
Currently 39° and partly clear this morning going for a high of 47°. Man how weather changes quickly....but it is November 1st.

Winds we had last week broke several sections of my privacy fence, so I patched them enough on Friday until I could fix them on Saturday. The one broken post took 3 hours to get out, mostly due to the fact there was at one time a second post 6" that broke and the parts of the cement were buried, so in effect had to remove 2 broken posts. Clay soil had absorbed enough water that it was hard to dig. I was worn out after and didn't get much else accomplished. Yesterday I was still beat, but managed to patch 2 sections (stringers broke, so I put another 2"X4" on top and attach the pickets without removing the broken stringer). Still have a couple of sections to go. Why anyone would use cedar posts and stringers on a cedar fence is beyond me. I also managed to get the sprinkler system shut down and winterized, so I'm good until spring. Funny I paid $60 the first year I had a sprinkler system to get it winterized, and when I found out how easy it was to do it, I bought a 26 gallon compressor on sale and it paid for itself over the next 5 years. Still have the compressor and still saving me money on winterizing. I also have air for tires as a plus.

Needless to say, no trains. I do expect that I'll have to mow a couple more times, as we had light frost on Saturday morning. Reminds me I have one more application of winterizer to put down...


Lost in Space...
Hello Happy Fellow modelers !
New day, new idea ! I added another oval of track on my layout. All my GP's run very well on it. So I'm happy !



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Well, howdy there, internet MRR cafe types

It's troy again...

I woke up to a house that smelled like apples

Willie nailed it. Apple butter season is upon us. I have been tasked with the important mission of sneaking up on, capturing, and returning home with a bunch of English Muffins to taste-test the apple butter on.

How it started:



How it looked this morning:


I was just ordered out of the kitchen by wife with a stick blender in hand. I asked if she wanted my safety goggles...

Better go find those muffins...


Gomez Addams
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Good morning.
Our local grocery store had Macintosh apples on sale for $1.59 a pound. I picked up a bag, to the tune of $7.50. I thought that was kind of a high price, but other apple varieties were up to $4.59 a pound.
The apples I got are very tasty, so we may just eat them without any other preparation.


Beach Bum
Good morning y'all. Coffee and a bowl of Shreddies. 48° and sunny. If it makes it to 60°, it will be the warmest day of the week.

Troy: Those apples look good.

We had zero trick or treaters yesterday. Last year, even with Covid restrictions we had some. I suppose much of it has to do with the neighborhood. Some of my neighbors make the drive North to mom's house on Staten Island or Brooklyn each and every Sunday.

Have a great day.


Broke... just like early railroads.
Dang it Troy.....Now it's your fault I'm craving apple butter on my muffin this morning....I'll bet it smells wonderful!

Terry: Paid $1.39 for both Gala and Red Delicious this weekend. The wind took the 4 small Arkansas Black apples I had on the tree. They were hard but tasty. The tree isn't very big yet but I have hopes...

Only trick or treaters we had at our house were the grandkids as we, due to getting up really early, were in bed by 7:30.


Curse You, Red Baron!
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Morning Gents from out here! Starting the day at 52F and looking for a 71F high in the next 8 hours. (our high point comes usually between 2-3 PM IN THE AFTERNOON. The guessers missed by one degree yesterday - 72F was the high point. Supposed to be mostly sunny again today. The homestead is starting to gain electrons again with the solar array from going negative during the heat of summer. It better get busy again to store up additional power for the electric heaters which we will try and use this winter to save on natural gas which I might add has gone thru the roof along with everything else. I am very thankful that we have pretty good mild winters here - a few times it will dip below the 32F freezing mark but generally climbs back towards the '60s during the daylight hours.

FLO - Welcome back! I'll join the guys with the biscuits and gravy with additional bacon and a diet DP to drink - I had a couple of cups of coffee before I arrived here.

Great ballgame last evening! Astros' finally brought their bats with them.
A couple of things I will comment on about baseball today is the fact that "everyone" swings for the fence .. they are always "fussing" with their batting gloves, gripping the bat as close to the end as possible, and not crowding the plate! I saw one batter last night that had his shoes as close to the plate side of the batter's box as he could get. I loved it - he made the pitcher walk him because he forced the pitcher to have to aim for the outside. Now, if we could just find a batter who will choke up on the bat and just get "hits" rather than aiming for the bleachers and striking out! As hard as the pitchers throw these days - you can get a hit by just sticking the bat out and you don't need to swing hard at all! I sometimes wish that I had pressed playing BB more than I did: I love the game and was good at it.

One thing I want to do concerning the forum is to start saving more of the great photos that you guys post to a separate file with chapters devoted to each person that I save from.
Well - that's most of my musings for today except.
GUY - Too bad about your Alaska construction and Visa problem! That is what I am disliking more and more about government ... too many rules that only satisfy those who make th

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Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Clear, hazy and 49° to start November. High today is supposed to be 76°, rain tomorrow and a high of only 58°. Won't get back into the 70's until next Monday, still predicting close to freezing Thursday night.
As usual, no trick or treaters again last night. I am reminded of my younger days when I held a Halloween party and always had a contest for the smallest costume. Only females could enter. Prize was usually a bottle of wine. Wish that there were digital cameras back then!;)
Nothing new on my wife's condition. Still looking forward to the 12-3 date for the new replacement knee to be installed. Today being Monday, we look for Staci to show up and draw blood.
I put in a full day of outdoor tasks yesterday, as I assisted and directed my contractor buddy with all of the roof and ladder jobs. I drug away all of the oak tree branches as he climbed the ladder and into the tree, and cut them down. It looks like I'll get two weeks or more of firewood from them to use about a year from now. I'll be cutting some of them up later today, and resume later in the week depending on the rain. We got them all down without crashing any into the house. He also installed the new chimney cap and together we cleaned the chimney of all the built-up creosote from last winter.

He also fixed some loose trim that required using the ladder as well, something that I could have done but since he was here, what the heck.

Thanks to all who commented on or liked the bookstore photos yesterday; Christian, Rick, Jerry, Lee, Sherrel, Ob Ken, IB Ken, Troy, Hughie, Guy, Joe, Curt, Justin, Karl, Chad, Jaz, Patrick. Making those books was an interesting project, slicing up and painting bits and pieces of scrap styrene. Table was also made from scratch.

Since biscuits and gravy seem to be all the rage this morning, put me down for some with a tall stack of sausage patties. I see that Karl has already spilled gravy on the new Thanksgiving tablecloths!

I did spend some time in the train shed yesterday. Some more odds and ends were done on Ramone's. Added vehicles including one with a jeep with a Union 76 ball inspired by Jerry.

The antenna is a bit oversized, but that is the thinnest wire that I have.



I installed that fence that you can see part of in the last picture.

I still need too go back and tamp it down a bit today after the glue has had time to dry.
Then I explored the figure box for somebody to populate the area.

These are some of the various figures that I have painted. I found some for this scene, not enough, but I forgot to snap a picture yesterday.

Tom O - Enjoy your stay in the Pacific. Hope that you get over the jet lag soon, as you're missing out on a good portion of the day.
Christian -
Willie - Many moons ago you posted a few overview of your big layout. I downloaded them but unfortunately I lost all the photos. Could you post these photos again ? Thanks.
I'll have to locate them. I found them in the June Coffee Shop, here are the two pages.
Post #369
Post #384
Links go to the pages. Scroll to the posts.

All Saint's Day today for those of us who are Catholics and many other Christian religions. On the secular side of things, today is also National Calzone Day. I'll have to get one to go this evening from my favorite Italian place. I usually get the "Meat-Lovers" variety with sausage, hamburger, pepperoni and Canadian Bacon.

Everybody have a great day. Stay safe.


Living in Dreamland; not the Dream
Good Morning!
The first Halloween that I can remember, in a very long time, that didn't have some snow on the ground. The suggestion is, there won't be snow for at least another week. - At 11F, it is a bit cool, though. Jack Frosty is leaving his mess outside today.

I'm glad to see the first day of November is so busy here in the shop. We need more pictures brought in, though.
I don't expect that apple stroodle will last very long.

Christian - Put an X crossing in that layout, and a couple 2x4 pieces to act as buildings, and you have the layout I had as a youngster.

Willie - I like the 'figures box' idea. Believe I'll use that, as I have figures in baggies that I can't even find anymore.

I'll be going hunting tomorrow. That means up at 6 and in the forest before daylight. If I'm successful, I like to get it done early, so I have all day to pack the meat out. - I never pull the trigger if it's getting near dark.
Even though I'm feeling real lazy today, I think I'll spend the next few days hunting. Around here, I don't have to go far to find good hunting, and I don't have to camp out.
So, I might not be coming into the shop for a little while. Depends on how it goes.

Today's photos are just a couple of SD75's being used as switchers. They're pushing a single covered hopper over to the local silica plant.
I got these photos as I walked into the staging area; so they were very quick photos as the engines were just leaving.
CN 5638 5646_10-28-2021 (1).jpg
CN 5638 5646_10-28-2021 (2).jpg

So, I won't be in for awhile. I'll be somewhere far away in the background of the following photo. You won't be able to see me, though. I'll be dressed up to look like a tree:

Have a great day!
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