"Name that Town" Contest

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How about variations on local names?

Thomas - Thomasville, Thomas Valley
Ensley - Ensley Valley
Sloss - Slossville,

I name towns after MR buddies. You could use some ARG names.

Jenkinsville, Jenkins Junction, Looneyville:eek: where did that come from?
Barger town, Bargerville
Davies, Daviesville

Of course you could name it ..........................



PS Are you coming to my operating session tomorrow night?


How about "FerrousVille" "Ferrumville" (Iron in Latin) or "chalybs" (steel in Latin)
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OK I'm in on this...... Frog Hollow....Petticoat Hollow.....Homestead Hollow

Too redneck ???? Shauna ! Is that a picture of you !!!???!!!


I would avoid such cliche' as Iron city, iron bluff etc. Make no connection to iron and steel. Let it be your focus point.


Hmmm, good point Larry. Living near Birmingham, many areas there have such names and this is fur away up'n dem thar hills. Such as a line from N. Alabama to Tenn., N. Carolina.
Yeah, I think something more local and relative to the history, geography, or people of the area. Maybe something in the line of Piney Bluff (there is a tree covered hill that slopes down from the mountains to the town. Kind of puny name though), Hawkinsville, Hawksville, Slocum Bend (main track curves into mountain), something Bend, uh........ Houghschnaegel!:D

I know we can do this. Just have to hit the right creative button.;) :D .


Clayton bend, Clayton Bluff , Claytonville The town was named after the founder, Samuel Clayton who discovered a rich deposit of.......?

Rock Forrest Valley
Parkensville Bluff
Rockside Bend
Forrest Ranch
Bluffington Heights


Hi CAREY! I had it named Newton for "new town". Yuk! No imagination there.

Well, there isn't any natural resources in the immediate town area since moonshine is more of a product:rolleyes: . The location was chosen by the steel company because of it being an old track junction settlement with tracks to the coal fields at Providence and connection to rails going to the Iron ore mines in Yonderville. Besides, the local boys will do anything for a few bucks a day as long as than can carry their hawkbill knives.


Do you have this valley or town read? maybe you can post a picture of it, with something in sight there could be more fertile imagination and more realistic names could come up.


That is probably a good idea. The town is under construction, but everyone can still get a good idea of the local and etc. I will do that tomorrow. Right now I am long overdue for the bed.

Thanks to all...See you then.;) :)


Master Mechanic
Ok...How 'bout this? Since there are several tunnels that have to be accessed right at the town, name it after the little mill town in South Alabama, that is the site of the southernmost RR tunnel in the US, Tunnel Springs? This was formaly on the L&N out of Flomaton to Selma. Was taken over by a short line to feed South Alabama lumber into Beatrice, when the L&N abandoned their line to Selma.

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