"Name that Town" Contest

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I need a good original name for a town, clever/witty is ok but nothing on the joking side. The selected winner will win a lot of nothing and a hardy thanks. Feel free to ask questions and have some fun.
(Oh yeah, the name Irondale is void. I don't want any Birmingham area names. Sorry Carey:p :D )

The Discription.
1. Located: in the Southern Appalachians in a valley surrounded by mountains.
2. Present time era: 1950's
3. Population: ~15,000 humans, 687 dogs&cats, 6 raccoons, 4 bears, and a partridge in an apple tree.
4. Formally, a honkytonk location that became a steel company town in 1917.
5. Major industry: iron and steel making. (Some light industry)
6. Workers are from surrounding hills, hollows, gulleys, some with unmentionable family tree. A few college city boys in management.

All suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I have a mental block on trying to select one myself. Thanks all.


Just a guy
Windy Holler

Possum Run

Knox Ridge

Killdeer Junction

Palermo Creek

City Point (There is a real City Point, Maine that is a tiny little rural hole-in-the-wall.)
Rearden- After the steel company in Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"

lol, "Houghschnaegel" falls in the same catagory with "Lake Woebegone"

Huron- After the Iron ore region

Zimbizdal- Just because it's fun to say!


Well, let's take a look at some we have:

Shauna...maybe Sha-na-na...hmmm...sounds familiar, :D !
Hatfield/McCoy...Nawh...they are in the hills in another industry!
Zimbizdal...has a nice ring to it:eek:
Houghschnaegel/Ferdanfloc...my tongue gets in a knot trying to say it.:eek:
Ashtown... Well, I have an Ashland...guess Ashtown could in Ash Land.
Skunk hollow...it smells like it before Saturday night.
Iron Springs/Furnace Creek...Sorry, no water, but good names.
Cahaba Furnace...good name...but too close to home.
Knox Ridge...good one, or maybe Knox Bluff, Knox...
I'll be back when my heads screwed on straight...little bit long.:D :D

Keep them coming in. Just thinking...the steeltown is beneath some bluffs/cliffs/forest. Maybe something in the line of ...Bluff,...Cliff,...Rock, Iron... Something that would blend in the surroundings with the iron/steel. Whatcha thunk?:)

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