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It was to go into a GP18 that I got cheap, the motor had died, but I think I got the wrong motor, these flywheels are too wide, so I'll see if I can remove these and use the ones from the dead motor, or order a new motor.
Where will you be using that new motor Smudge ?
Murphy's law, or sod's law, has descended on me again, the sodding "dead" motor isn't, runs great, (do not ask me how, or why, spent 3 days trying to get it to run, had no joy with it) Now all I have to do is find out how to get the couplings to rotate with the flywheel, and not with the worm gear.:mad:


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I got a box of new goodies, actually a couple but only post one. Odds and ends for the new layout, Rix cafe looks like a good copy of the Cornerstone for the Wyoming layout. The snowplow will be adapted for NP 328, hope to use the headlamp in one of my ebay purchases, and will be upgrading the cupolas in the potato warehouse:

View attachment 147650

Postage only 8.05, prolly cost more than that to drive to the hobby store.


Dave- I love Pikestuff! I have a bunch of metal blue building kits that I have yet to put together but I also have a lot other kits that I have done in the past. These are great reasonable kits for the $$$.


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So here are the additional covered hoppers I got and mentioned in the coffee shop. They arrived today! I hope I can find the 2-bay hopper series!

These are fantastic! All Union Pacific "We will deliver" logo with all different road numbers! 12 cars.....



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I have been working on a obtaining a few rolling stock for a short line that will inter change with my JR UPRR layout.

The Atlanta and St. Andrews Bay Railroad (reporting mark ASAB), also known as the Bay Line, was a Class I railroad which operated in Alabama and Florida. The company was founded in 1906 and opened its mainline between Dothan, Alabama and Panama City, Florida in 1908. Later reclassified as a short-line railroad, its assets were acquired by the Bay Line Railroad in 1994.

Although UP never interchanged with ASAB but on my layout they do! ;) 😜 I just happen to like the fact they had quite a few Alcos!
I especially like the RS-1s they had! So in the future I will obtain (2) locomotives one RS-1 and 1 either GP 38-2 or GP 40 in the ASAB scheme that will interchange on my JR UPRR.

So in the mean time I am just gathering a few ASAB rolling stock. So recently I got these from Evil bay. On my other thread on my MRR layout you will notice some other ASAB cars I already have as well.

Anyways Mail Call!View attachment 113409View attachment 113410View attachment 113411View attachment 113412View attachment 113413
Love those “old” Athearn and Roundhouse cars! I have a shload of them.


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Picked these up on my way home tonight, that's the end of my spending spree, for now at least, having 6 weeks holiday, (except for 28 days which I spread out during the year, there's no work, no pay in my job.) I still have a few small parts to arrive, and a new motor, (the one I already bought wont fit on the SD45 with the backward motor) There are a few correct motors for the '45 on various sites, but I worked out it was cheaper to buy a new one, go figure?

My Atlas Chord Truss Bridge, which will be tucked away for future use.

Atlas Truss Bridge.jpg

The Intermountain ES44, thanks to everyone who persuaded me to get this, (you know who you are) You were right, really great looking and sounding Locomotive.


Intermountain CP.jpg

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