JMRI DecoderPro and DH165LO/SFX004 SoundBug


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I have recently installed a SFX004 (Soundbug) in a Digitrax DH165LO decoder. It works fine. BUT, I want to change some of the settings -volume levels etc. To do this I would like to use JMRI's Decoderpro. I use decoderpro for my Tsunami and the 165LO-without-soundbug. It works GREAT! The problem is that decoderpro can not "find" or "recognize" the SOUND portion of the 165LO/SFX004 combination. So, I can't program the sound levels. I have searched the Digitrax site but there is no discussion that I could find on there site that addresses this issue. Can anyone help?:confused:
I have their SFX064D sound only decoder and the only way I can ever change any sound values is by the programming track. Nothing else seems to work for this decoder although it’s suppose to.

I do know there 's a bug in software of this SFX064D decoder. A zero value will not turn off the horn as the instructions state. I was on the phone with them as I was trying mute the horn because it was the third unit in the consist. I told them a 0 doesn't work. Then I said I just entered 1 and that worked so your instructions are wrong. So if you're having that problem you'll now no what to do.
Figured it out

After much time and trying of things I figured it out. I took the SFX004 out of the loco and programmed it to have the same address s the loco's DH165LO dcoder. Then I programed CV 16 to 2 as outlined in the Decoderpro's help info. The DH165LO CV 16 I set at 1. I then put it all back together and and created a Roster Entry for both decoders. I then openned the Multidecoder option in Decoderpro and selected "1" and played with some CV settings. THen closed and the Multidecode to Clear settings. I then selected "2" for the SFX004 and oppened the programmer for the roster entry for the SFX004. It worked!! :)I can now program either decoder in the same loco in ops mode. So I can play with sound etc. PS If I buy other sound decoders I am going to go for the Tsunami. It is very easy to use and has many options including a 7 band equalizer.:cool: