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Fleeing from Al
Howdy, everyone. I'm a refugee from that model railroad magazine forum that shall go unnamed. :) This looks like a well run and moderated forum where we get to actually talk about trains...what a novel idea! I see some familiar names here so I don't feel like a complete stranger.

I lived in California for 35 years, hence my username of UP2CSX, although the UP will always be my first love. I ended up here after my first wife of 38 years died of leukemia 3 years ago and I sold the house and went on the road on my motorhome. Never thought I'd be building another layout but I met the second love of my life and here I am, in a house with a BASEMENT. How could I not build a layout? My lovely wife made the mistake of buying me a train set for my birthday in February and I think she kind of regrets it now. :confused: I model in HO and have a dogbone style layout 16 feet long with 4'x4' square corners at the end. It looks pretty bad compared to a lot of the work I've seen here and the other site but it's coming along. I've got about 80% of the scenery done and am about to start on backdrops. Next comes the big switch to DCC.:eek: That should be interesting for an old DC guy like me who hasn't built a layout in about 25 years.

I was a full-time LASO deputy for five years when I was young. I found out I could be a cop or married but not both. Went back to college and got a degree in hospital administration. I was transferred to northern California and was in charge of new construction projects for my company's hospitals. I found out I liked that a lot more than running hospitals. I also signed up as a reserve deputy - just can't get some things out of your blood, I guess. After a few years supervising construction, I went back to school to get my project management certificate and started my own firm. I was very lucky and made a good living at it until I retired in 2004. We were both sailors and planned to retire on a sailboat in the Caribbean but God had other plans so here I am.

I look forward to meeting those of you I don't know. I'll post a few pictures of my layout so you can all have a good chuckle. :D


Fleeing from Al
Hi Chip,
Thanks for the welcome and nice to see you here. LASO (I always forget that non-cops don't understand this) stands for Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office. It's now technically the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department but all of us old timers still call it LASO.

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Wow, I just realized you're in Prattville. You'll meet several of the other local MR crowd here. :cool: As for the switch to DCC, I'd recommend Digitrax as that's what most of us locals run. It's nice to have compatible equipment with everyone else when visiting or troubleshooting. Shoot me a PM and I'll hook you up with a friend that's a local Digitrax dealer. He'll treat you right!
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Fleeing from Al
Thanks, Grande man. The D&RGW is my second favorite railroad. :) I've got a Bachmann DCC system right now. I know, it's really limited, but I thought it was a good way to get my feet wet for the grand total of $40. I'm sure I'll switch to Digitrax once I actually understand what I'm doing since I've heard a lot of good things about that system. Nice to see some other Alabamians around. I thought me and cjrcrescent were about it on that other site. It sure would be nice to have a local hobby shop but, I guess being ten minutes from the state capital, that's too much to expect. :rolleyes:


All new now!
UP2CSX, welcome to the forum. I must admit, I havn't posted much here. It does seem to be a little more easy going though. I think I just got used to the quick replies 'across the street'. I joined here when Mr. Mayo reared his ugly head a month ago. I may need to frequent this forum more often. Hope you enjoy the forum.


Diesel Detail Freak
Welcome to the civilized side of the net. I think you'll feel right at home, there's quite a few people who wandered on over, plus you're gonna bump into a number of people outta Alabama. Seems like they have quite the group too.


Diesel Detail Freak
Coffee... What about the night (afternoon for you Ken) waitress thats the reason I come in so late...


Master Mechanic
Hello Jim...

and the coffee is average.


Better hope Flo, or Sabrina don't hear that, boy!:eek: They'll have yur hide!!:D

Yeah Jim, WELCOME, This is the civilized side of the street. Lots of us Bama boys here.:rolleyes:

We have ME, B'ham, Rexhea, Tuscaloosa; WC&WBrasshat, Odenville; L&N Castle, B"ham; Grandeman, Smoke Rise; his son, LGM (Little Grandeman); Throughbreed, Phoenix City; Stan, (forgot his screen name), Anniston;
and a few others I have forgotten. And I better not forget Csx road Slug, who by family is an honorary Alabamian. He lives in Baltimore MD, but has family in Pell City! (I hope you ain't offended Kenl, I know you can't control your emotions with such an Honor!):p


Fleeing from Al
Great, Carey, it will be nice to see and talk others from the Heart of Dixie. :) Since I'm a transplant, I don't really count, I suppose, but having to look at NS trains is enough to make at least an honorary Alabamian. :D


Fleeing from Al
I thought that's what it might mean.

I know someone that works out of Downey. Robert Doeve. Know him?
I worked for the department from 1969 until 1974. I worked out of Norwalk and the San Gabriel Valley. I've never met your friend but there were about 2,000 of us so the chances of any two individuals crossing paths wasn't too high. :)


Fleeing from Al
Hi Jim, read your swan song this afternoon. Silliness abounds!

Hi Joe, nice to see you. Silliness indeed. Imagine a city being self-policing. It's no different at any forum. There have to be some cops around or the place gets taken over by thugs. I'll take a little restriction from moderators compared to the free-for-all that's going on over there. This seems like a great place so far.


Hiya Jim! Very nice to meet you.
Carey told me today that you may be coming on board. Hopefully, many of us "Alabama Rail Gang" (ARG) will have a get together soon and you will be able to join us for a day of fun.;) :)


Well-Known Member
Welcome to a great forum.

Hi Jim,
As you have already begun to see this is a really great forum with lots of interesting folks with some very nice modeling.

I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy yourself here. :)

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