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Welp, still raining so I figured that I could take pix outa the vehicle window - how about a couple of today pix?
5/22 - Just East of East Kootenai Falls. Note that the lead power has a ditch light out. Remember to model that once in awhile!



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When I first got back into the HOBBY of model trains, I was really attracted to steam engines, particularly the longer larger ones. Of course I was also influenced by steam engine collectors such as John Glabb and Howard Zane who lived near the Wash DC area where I was living at the time. And so I ended up collecting B&O, C&O, etc.

Then suddenly Proto 2000 (Balt company) came out with their PA models in the Santa Fe paint schemes. That had me thinking back to childhood days when that paint scheme was so recognizable thruout the model train industry. So I began to get some SF locos,..some steam and diesels. I now have a fair amount to those SF engines,....and my new layout is a fantasy scheme of trains communicating between the west coast to the east coast
Transcontinental Theme

Funny how certain paint schemes affect us. More recently I have been consumed by those bright colors on the BNSF diesels, and now have a little stable of them.

I have noticed that many of your photos tend to include them.....thanks


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You've got a great eye for photo composition, Libby!
Thanks for that! Too bad that all of the pix pre 2004 were either chemical ( which need scanned ) or the Mavica which did not have much resolution. I still have a BIG camera bag full of 4x6 prints to do. Scanners now day are much better and faster. And thank God for digital. Might sound st00pid, but...ya know how much chemical film you can burn carrying 3 cameras? Now I just take my K70 and K100. I know that I probably have paid for them a couple times not sending film in.
Oh, on I65 just South of Kentucky. 91F and partly here, 47F in Libby


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It was hard giving up my 35mm equipment.
Ya, started with Pentax K1000 in '87 with various other 35mm of same brand. Last was the SFn1 which was my 1st autofocus. Believe that the n1 was my path to digital; besides the film and processing costs. You know how stuff sorta lines up and becomes a no-brainer...right? Did it to myself I guess.


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Geesh, have not posted here for awhile.

Eastbound headed toward West Libby:

Nother Eastbound almost to the station in The Fish:

Just onto the main at East Fisher River:

This one's location does not ring a bell. Not West Troy or Scenic; I say that because those two place have a tall hiway bridge somewhat like this one. Both of those have control points East of the bridge as this one is over the control point. Maybe I will find the location again and will then know!



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Ok, couple more.
West portal of Flathead Tunnel.

Just West of Hauser Junction and fueling facility.

East bound at Kootenai Falls. The people bridge takes you to the 'Swinging Bridge' at the base of the falls.

Under Hiway 36 in Libby. The track that has not been aligned yet is to be the lead for our new station. Well, have not heard anymore about that so I don't know if they are gonna move the original still or not. Track now is in good shape but does not connect back to the main yet.

Scan from chemical - pix cira 1990. Eastbound going into Cascade Tunnel at Scenic


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Couple more if I may:
West portal Cascade Tunnel. I suspect the first one is with the SFn1 and it focused on the smoke instead of the big orange thing. No time to regroup and get another - dang!

In fact, the above pix was just after they installed the 2nd fan ( East portal ). I happened to be up there for the first movement through. When the tunnel is clear of any smoke or trains you can see sunlight looking East from the West Portal ( up hill almost 8 miles away ). When a movement comes in the fan's are not running. After the whole train gets into the tunnel, they close the door on the East portal and turn the fans on. Headlight dis-appeared because of the smoke going by. Remember hearing the crew bitching on the scanner. They do have O2 masks onboard if needed. Probably more or less for stall-outs which should not happen West Bound as they are going down hill. Been awhile since I have been up there and I think that they turn on one fan as soon as power enters the tunnel to prevent the above. It is quite a wind storm at the West Portal!





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