1. ctclibby

    CtcLibby Pix

    Going back on the road next week, probably 3/21/2022 ( Monday ) and will take pix with me and post when I can from my laptop. Internet speed and availability will probably come into play. There are 7500 pix of which *most* are good enough for public consumption. This one is the Essex yard...
  2. HybridHobby

    Revenge of The Cajon: New BNSF VS Union Pacific Video!

    Hey guys, sorry been another busy last few months and I was sick for a while which didn't let me get out to much. Back and better than ever, wanted to bring to you guys episode III in the Battle of Cajon Series. Hope you all enjoy, more to come soon! Thank you for all you love, support and...
  3. HybridHobby

    A Battle at Cajon Pass, Winter 2018

    Hello everyone, It's been awhile! I've been dealing with business and school affairs the last few weeks and now back to work bringing ya'll some awesome, scuffed railroad content! Hope you all enjoy the venture to Cajon over the last few weeks, more new content coming soon...
  4. HybridHobby

    BNSF Vs. UP: The Battle of Cajon

    Spent some time in Cajon a few weeks back. Non stop action as train after train rolled by. Hope you all enjoy.
  5. HybridHobby

    A different side of Fullerton Railfanning

    Here is a video showing different locations throughout Fullerton, CA. Hope you all enjoy. Footage was from the last two weeks. More to come!
  6. N Scale Soybean Field

    N Scale Soybean Field

    An mostly-completed scene on my previous N Scale layout.
  7. Pumpkin Feed Mill

    Pumpkin Feed Mill

    Kitbashed from two Walthers kits and hand painted.
  8. Town of Pumpkin

    Town of Pumpkin

    Pumpkin, on the Pumpkin, Breeze & Roaring Fork. Buildings are hand painted.
  9. Glacier Cement & Aggregates

    Glacier Cement & Aggregates

    Two Walthers kits used together.
  10. SunsetLimited

    Hello from Down Under

    Hello, I'm Mitch, and I'm from Brisbane on Australia's East Coast. I've been modelling N Scale since 2008, and I am now 23 with a reasonable collection of locomotives and rolling stock. Ideally I would have loved to model Queensland Railways, but a severe lack of available products in N Scale...
  11. K

    BNSF green and orange

    Anyone know a source for the bnsf green and orange. I can't seem to find anything at LHS Thanks
  12. Davidellias

    How common are these?

    Caught a pair of Jolly Green Giant hoppers on a CP Freight. How many of these cars still roam North America, It has been about 15 years since the merger.
  13. A

    H0 BNSF Dash 9 - Advice Needed

    I was wanting to build an H0 BNSF Dash 9 and have noticed that there are two possible contenders as a basis for this loco - Kato or Athearn. The only versions that I have come across from either manufacturer have two and a half cab side windows however most BNSF Dash 9s appear to have four cab...
  14. I

    Need Help: Athearn SD40-2 Parts Diagram

    My question is about the Athearn SD40-2 manufactured between new tooling style and the Blue Box days. I already have an SD40-2 so I know what I need but don't know the part number. I have already discovered that the shell from that style will not fit on the new tooling frame. I am trying to...
  15. bnsf 2050 and 2051

    bnsf 2050 and 2051

    custom painted atlas units
  16. bnsf #2051

    bnsf #2051

    custom painted atlas
  17. 1st completed project in a long time: BNSF 7695

    1st completed project in a long time: BNSF 7695

    Pretty excited to finally be finished with my first major project in many years. This is a friend's Tower 55 ES44DC that I repainted from NP "fantasty" colors to BNSF H3/Swoosh. We chose the experimental yellow-lettered 7695 since we figured T55 would be releasing the standard...
  18. S

    Coal powerplant help

    How does BNSF unload their coal? are they like Norfolk Southern and dump them upside down. Pictures would be helpful. I'm modeling a coal powerplant and need to model an unloading area. Please help. Since I'm modeling it pictures would be best or even video. I tried searching online but nothing...
  19. S

    BNSF Meet

    HO BNSF Meet video vid of my BNSF MTH HO SD70ACe meeting my NS dash 9 and AC4400CW half converted into an ES44AC running at the Cedar Creek Central Railroad Club in Jackson WI. My dad was running the two and I was running the SD70ACe:cool: Also, heres...
  20. BNSF Yard and SD60M  UP intruder-Model Railroad Brazil

    BNSF Yard and SD60M UP intruder-Model Railroad Brazil