How common are these?


Caught a pair of Jolly Green Giant hoppers on a CP Freight.



How many of these cars still roam North America, It has been about 15 years since the merger.
If they aren't over 40 years old there should be plenty left merger or not. No RR is going to spend alot of money just to have them in a merger paint scheme. They still show in SoCal.
I'd guess thousands. The 471xxx series cars were new in the early 1990s so they have lots of life yet.
There are lots of cars that have been renumbered and repainted into BNSF markings, but also a great many that are still in BN or ATSF paint and markings.

In that second picture, coupled to the left of the BN hopper is a BNSF hopper built by FMC that is of a pre-merger vintage, so that is one example of a remarked and repainted car, probably also ex-BN.
Dude, where are you located cuz no joke I am in Pennsylvania and I saw the EXACT same train on the main near my house today stopped on a bridge. I wanted to get a pic but it was gone when I went back. Same SF hopper next to the BN car, same everything. I am nearly 99% positive that it was the same train cuz I went "holy crap, I saw a picture of that train the other day!!!"
I passed a coal train the other day, and at least 1/3 of the cars were fact they outnumbered the BNSF merger scheme cars and were about equal in number to the BNSF swoosh cars. I still see a fair number of BN covered hoppers. There are 2 SD40's running around here with only the BNSF logo patched onto the cabs, and the other morning I was sitting at the crossing and a pair of white faced SD60's or 70's (it was dark, so it was a brief glimpse) that weren't patched at all flashed thru behind a HeritageSD70Ace. There's also a lot of BN woodchipcars around here.