1. G

    Recommended Method for Weathering Kato Viaduct

    Before I adhere the track to my new micro layout, I want to weather the two small viaducts I have as part of the track plan. Any recommendations on the best method to do this?
  2. 9228-8.jpg


    Proto/Athearn SD60M
  3. T

    weathering wooden bridges

    In my high school wood shop class I am building a wooden bridge for my ho layout. the trusses look like this : I want to weather it to age it a bit. what techniques can i use...
  4. pratt truss

    pratt truss

    central valley ho kit
  5. some bridge work

    some bridge work

    found a soft spot
  6. double header on the bridge

    double header on the bridge

    scratch built bridge
  7. eTraxx

    Bridge Basics

    Found an excellent guide to bridges of all kinds. Bridge Basics - from .. Bridges & Tunnels of Allegheny County & Pittsburgh, PA.
  8. HO scratchbuilt road bridge

    HO scratchbuilt road bridge

    The boys at the paper mill needed another way in for the pulp trucks so I "scratch-bashed" this road bridge from some old Atlas girders, Pikestuff guardrails, and scrap styrene. The abutments are leftovers from the rail bridge in the foreground. Not much to look at but it is something...
  9. Bridge


    The long of this bridge is 57 cm. (22.44 inches)
  10. Bridge


    The bridge will be used in a model railroad club as a connection between modules
  11. Bridge


    this bridge was built with a plastic box that is used in most offices to save paper.
  12. 150' Pratt Truss Bridge -  by Central Valley!

    150' Pratt Truss Bridge - by Central Valley!

    Highly detailed Pratt Truss Bridge by Central Valley!
  13. Headin' Down the Hill

    Headin' Down the Hill

    Southern Pacific SD40T-2 #8251 leads a train downhill near between Timber and Shaniko on the Mount Hood Model Engineers HO Scale layout.
  14. A&P 41 crossing the Rock Island Bridge

    A&P 41 crossing the Rock Island Bridge

    After a day at work, I decided to take the long way home across the Mississippi, by going over the Rock Island Bridge. Lucky for me, a WCTR transfer run, with A&P power at the front, was sitting on the bridge, waiting for clearance to go onto UP tracks to reach St. Paul. Photo location is...
  15. THE ROCK


    THE ROCK passes under the signal bridge at the South end of Chip Yard.
  16. SP #4446

    SP #4446

    SP #4446 the GS-4 loco. crossing the bridge by a frieght train on the other side.
  17. Bridge construction/ town

    Bridge construction/ town

    Everybody is enjoying themselves at the town stores. Traffic is running smoothly near the construction zone. Photo by Kevin Soucie.
  18. Stone Creek

    Stone Creek

    This is an old photo of Stone Creek and the I-girder bridge in the background. The bridge has been replaced because the radius was to small for 50 car trains. Stone Creek is still a part of my 24' X 30' NYC Janesville Branch Layout. NYC_George
  19. medieval bridge( HO)

    medieval bridge( HO)

    Bridge on the layout of Ottbergen-Bad Driburg, Germany( bridge still exists in real, about 10 miles from Ottbergen) built in HO scale
  20. Janesville East

    Janesville East

    An east bound freight crosses over a string of bridges into Janesville's S curve and on to the upper deck.