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    Hobby Shop owner rub you the wrong way Read that what happend to us,and why he is a Piece of crap.
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    Hobby Shop owner rub you the wrong way

    Which shop you talking about? I own a house in Palm springs,and all i ever knew was the RC shop in palm desert. I would always just go see brian at the whistle stop.
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    Hobby Shop owner rub you the wrong way

    About a year ago, I made a big post about the train stop in san dimas cal. I will NEVER GO BACK THERE EVER AGAIN,NOR SHOULD YOU ALL. Guy is a real ass.
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    Signs in your Trainroom

    I dont have any photos,as im Between a house/BUIlding I dont know where i wanna live so im at the rents, ha ha. But as far as RR signs I have A few ATSF station signs "real" and a Few Trailer Signs. :)
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    Oh Boy! I've really done it now!

    This is true, I have MeXican Units on my ATSF trains,When we all know This never happend. Now as long as you dont run them with amtrak superliners you iwll be fine.
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    Kato Business Car Custom Stainless Finish

    wow! Thats a sweet looking car.
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    Sante Fe FP45

    that is sexi! :) That red is perfect!
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    Bud Of california?

    Ha ha! This must have been a LONG time ago.
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    Bud Of california?

    Thank you for the Lineage on the company,But Regarding the size of Trailers, I was asking When did BUD use there Trailers, Not The rest of the Transportation Industry,and you forgot the 45''.
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    Bud Of california?

    I wanted to know what there timeline, on there 40'' trailers? Thanks Ian,
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    Wrecked/damaged/repaired engines you've modeled (PHOTO HEAVY)

    I did it a few years ago,and took my creations to a train show,and was laughted at. was toLD "why would i buy a damaged locomotive,when i can get a nice one?"
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    TMCC from Conventional MTH SOO SD60M

    Anything is possible with time,and money. Ihave neither :D
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    Bud Of california?

    Anyone? Bueler?
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    Your Other Hobbies

    Music,and cars. I also have a few Bicycles.
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    Bud Of california?

    Can someone share some info about this company? All i could find is that they are now owned by Dole. My layout is Late 80's,I have one trailer,and wouldlike to use it.

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