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    3D big boy

    Ive had some engines 3d printed using shapeways. they have quite a coarse texture and there can be lines on any vertical surfaces from the layers of plastic. It doesn't look too bad if you paint them matt black and want them to look like an engine that is covered in soot . I wouldn't...
  2. scroggin

    post your model RR tips........

    Well it sounds like you know what you're on about there. But definitely avoid putting rust on any steels.
  3. scroggin

    post your model RR tips........

    I would be cautious about applying real rust to a metal surface, rust causes rust, do you want you track to look rusty or do you want it to be rusty?
  4. scroggin

    The edge of the world (aka construction time) & "Safety Train"

    Here is a link to how I do it
  5. scroggin


    I came home today after an earthquake to find all my engines and most of the cars lying on their sides one engine had fallen to the ground. The only damage was a stake snapped off one of the log cars. Meanwhile in the real world Kiwi Rail has stopped all trains in the lower North Island of New...
  6. scroggin

    anybody got 2k i can borrow

    Sure mate, I'll lend you the money............would you be prepared to put your firstborn up as security? Also Interest rates can get a little steep on dodgy investments like this.
  7. scroggin

    wet water/ ballast method problem

    I had the same problems with the glue water mixture washing the ballast away the first time I did it. What I do now is use a paint brush to put pure white glue along the edges of the embankment then scatter the ballast over it and leave it to set, this gives a base of ballast on the sloped...
  8. scroggin

    Whatta I Got? Please Help Identify

    google knows everything
  9. scroggin

    Whatta I Got? Please Help Identify

    It could be a Egyptian state railways class 401 built by Neilson and Co of Glasgow
  10. scroggin

    Pretty sad way to treat a train

    I loved that Video Toots. Ray I think they remake and replace a lot of the critical parts. Ive seen a spitfire being restored, by the time they were finished 70% of it would have been new metal.
  11. scroggin

    Whatta I Got? Please Help Identify

    The large driving wheels with curved wheel spats makes me think that is a model of an early British built Engine my guess is pre-1900's . It has English Chain and buffer couplers and looks to be standard or broad gauge. That would rule out some of the colonies.
  12. scroggin


    I are restricting what engines you can run if you go much steeper than this. You will end up having to buy engines that can get round your track rather than buying what appeals to you. Very few if any model steam engines would pull 10 cars up a 5% grade even most diesels...
  13. scroggin

    help finding loads

    I would have said that if you want something that looks like coal ,use coal. Smash it up with a hammer put it thru a sieve to get scale size then sprinkle on your black painted Styrofoam plug and glue it with 50/50 white glue and water
  14. scroggin

    September 2013 Photo Contest

    I love the weathering job on this locomotive
  15. scroggin

    Keeping two tracks visually separate

    Another Idea is to use terrain to put one or the other of the tracks inside a tunnel- not the complete answer but it could be used for some of the area you want them separated and would allow the tracks to be very close.

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