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    Good days in the lives of model railroaders

    A is if i wake up alive and can go to my layout room after work for awhile without being disturbed I just became a great grandpa about midnight last night eight baby girl
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    Layout Videos

    once again great job on videos have really enjoyed all of them
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    Dragon river steel's new addition.

    steel mill great job looks fantastic would like to see your layout some time. i live in lugoff s.c. and work in summerville and north charleston i own a cable contracting co. and rxr track inspection bus.;)
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    One For The MOW Fans

    great pics. . is it still around
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    BREAKING NEWS: Rock Island, NYCS to merge?

    r.i. n.y.c. merger very cool and reallistic:cool:
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    WEEKEND PHOTO FUN 19 - 20 - 21 Sept

    truck bash that really looks great think i willtry it very nice job:)
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    My new industry

    new aggr. plant once again great job. I can almost hear the sounds and see the dust. Can hardly wait to see more.:) <OKIECRIP>
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    bachmann doddlebug

    doodlebug thanks jim
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    bachmann doddlebug

    i am looking for a bach. dc. rockisland doddel bug any sugg. where to look? <OKIECRIP>:confused:
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    Weekend Photo Fun July 3-6, 2008

    factory direct trains has any one ordered from factory direct trains? i ordered from them for the first time yesterday. are the alright? OKIECRIP>:confused:
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    Hello. New at 70

    great to have you this is a great group glad you joined <OKIECRIP> ROCK ISLAND lives through modeling:)
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    Check out this Awesome video i found on youtube.

    hirailer thats pretty neat but i agree it needs to run slower have driven a lot of high railers in trac inspecting days you would not stay on track very long. <OKIECRIP
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    Layout Videos

    this great stuff watched them several times just watched #13 keep it up. <OKIECRIP>
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    Your fav. MRR. ever!

    fav. mrr. george s. franklin s. manchester:)
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    A few random shots from Northport, Al

    photos those are some really great shots good detail and real clear woul like to see more . :)

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