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  1. johntealon30

    Weekly Photo Fun 2/10 -2/15

  2. johntealon30

    Weekly Photo Fun 2/4 - 2/9

    Yesterday a rather nice clean chessie loco which may have been spotted in various pictures, was transformed into a locally owned loco. As seems the custom and practice the new owners went for a minimum patch up, blotting out the old road name and adding their own. This loco will now be used to...
  3. johntealon30

    Merry Christmas 2010, Photo Contest

    Ive added mine !
  4. UP 747

    UP 747

    747 waits for the switch. Out of the box, Decoder , Surface mount LEDs fitted for ditch lights and a light weathering.
  5. johntealon30

    Weekly Photo Fun 11-12/11-18

    Thanks Don 747 has now received some weathering.. and to mark the occasion I shot some video, you really don't need a lot of space to fill time, this 5mins of car spotting involved just cutting one car out from the back of the string to replace one being picked up. HERE...
  6. johntealon30

    Weekly Photo Fun 11-12/11-18

    Fitted some surface mount LEDs they are not very big but bright.
  7. johntealon30

    Weekly Photo Fun 11-12/11-18

    Some light weathering , this shot was done using Helicon Focus photo stacking and is the combination of a picture focused on each car Jonn
  8. johntealon30

    WPF--- 02nov-12nov

    How last night started Having read Octobers Railroad Modeller there is and interesting article at the back about freight yards that have roadways between every other track, so I thought that would make a nice contrast to the team track on the "other side" of the shed. This next shot shows...
  9. johntealon30

    WPF--- 02nov-12nov

    A couple from the Uk contingent
  10. johntealon30

    WPF 22 Oct - 01 Nov 2010

    the other end of the layout
  11. johntealon30

    WPF 22 Oct - 01 Nov 2010

    Hello form England, I've not posted here for Oh so long !!! I bet many wont even remember me ? But having just started a US outline layout I thought I'd look you all up. A picture taken of some ballasting in progress tonight.. And a picture taken a couple of weeks ago to give an idea of how...
  12. johntealon30

    Independence (and Canada) Day Photo Fun

    Thanks Jeffrey
  13. johntealon30

    Independence (and Canada) Day Photo Fun

    Garden Fun at RJR Heres a video of todays adventures in the garden John
  14. johntealon30

    Weekly Photo Fun 6-26/7-02

    Been working on an interior for the yellow shunter tonight. And a video compilation of the weekends testing :) John

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