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    Williams Challenger maintainence

    Selector, thanks for the reply. Do you know how to take the beast apart? I took a quick look and its not like the rivarossi articulated I am use to. It is a true articulated with a single motor. Also, 2 of the traction tires are missing and I suspect the others are dry rot (probably goes for the...
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    Williams Challenger maintainence

    I am an HO guy, but before I was born, my Dad bought a Williams Crown line challenger #3958 in UP grey. As far as either of us know, it is single owner and had never been run except probably a test before it left the factory. I plan to join the local Mobile, AL club which has a O-gauge portable...
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    help me choose hand-laid track templates

    I might finally get to start on the layout I have been planning for 3 years now (maybe). Either way, I want to start building my own switches partly for cost and partly because I want them to look more real than the switches from atlas on my first layout. I was looking at the ones from...
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    HO Bachmann Heavy Mountain pcb removal

    I bought a Bachmann heavy mountain off of ebay a few months ago, and I've been detailing it. It has a factory Tsunami decoder in it. For some reason, the motor would stop spinning but the decoder would still make noise. I've seen some people mention that the Bachmann PCB's can be a problem, so I...
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    Urthane wheels

    I may have answered my won question. I came across this site today which discusses how to make molds and cast resin engineering parts at home (gears are an example), so it looks like driver centers are very possible. He creates the mold on a CNC, but mentions...
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    Urthane wheels

    I'm working on a frisco mountain in brass in HO. I have the tender built in CAD, and will hopefully start building sometime in the next week. While I'm nowhere close to building these, I have a question about drive wheels. So far, I haven't been able to find the correct wheels since the Bowser...
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    Brass Gauges for HO

    So I finally have a little time to start a project I've been gathering the information on for years (including getting some help here). I've been wanting to start on my first scratch built engine in brass. Having never done this before, I'm still missing one key piece of information. What stock...
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    UP PA-1's

    I just picked up an A-B-B-A set of Atheren UP PA-1's to go with my streamliner set I've had for years (1930's set from Rivarossi). I've been trying to find some in-service pictures of these locomotives for the past few days with no luck. Does anyone know what these engines should have looked...
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    Repower AHM steam

    I have the motor conversion almost finished. I will post an updated tutorial when I manage to find a camera so I can get good pictures of what needs to be done. In the mean time, I am also planning on getting the Y6 to look like an N&W y6. This means I need some detail parts such as an air...
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    Need Wiring Diagram for NJ Int'l Crossbucks

    I don't have a diagram, nad have never used anything from this company, but it should be simple enought to figure out whats inside with a multi-meter. If you don't have one, you should get one. They are cheap and can be found anywhere (walmart, home improvement stores, radio shack, etc)...
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    Adding power pickups/wires

    Thanks for the links. I should have mentioned I am planning on retrofitting some IHC and Rivarossi HO locomotives. I really like those retro fits on the Bachmann 4-4-0 (knind of makes me want to do the same to my two). Any idea what kind of material those Kadee springs are made of? Copper of...
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    Adding power pickups/wires

    There are several of my engines, including the 2-8-8-2 that I am about to remotor, that could use some more power pickups. I'm constantly fighting jerky engines, and dropouts on DCC. I would like to add some more power pickups to these engines to help with this problem. What materials are...
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    Repower AHM steam

    I emailed NWSL, and received a reply from Dave. They are now recomending the 2039D-9 motor. I'm going to order one here in the near future. I'll post some pictures when I get to the dirty work in a few weeks.
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    Repower AHM steam

    I've looked through their tutorial a few times. I don't think they sell the motor used in the repower anymore. The P/N doesn't seem to match their inventory anymore, and I have seen some references to newer motors not fitting quite right. I'm hoping someone has done this reciently that can say...
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    Repower AHM steam

    I have an older AHM Y6B, Cab Forward, and Bigboy. All three have the old can motors in the cab. The first two will run, but don't pull well and must be run at speed to run well. I would like to repower them. I've seen several tutorials on it, but the motors those use are either out of...

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