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    N scale Shinkansen Depot - how ?

    wow, thanks, this explains a lot
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    N scale Shinkansen Depot - how ?

    Hi, I would like to build a huge permanent transparent shinkansen depot, to hold like for 20 - 30 trains on display, all covered from dust as much as possible, as I am sick of taking out and putting my trains back into their bookcases. I do not know how to do it electrically, I mean that the...
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    Traindo about to take off, again

    Hi, I just got 3 double level glass/metal tables to do an HO layout on the lower level and an N scale on the upper. I used to have a huge HO layout on plywood all over my living room but it was eaten by woodworms and it literally crashed down as I stood on it, so I took it apart and am starting...
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    New old Tyco stuff, what oil ?

    thank you, guys, I have a Kia Sportage with automatic transmission.
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    New old Tyco stuff, what oil ?

    I just bought some really old Tyco locomotives,they are new but squeak too much, I think it needs some oil lubricating. What oil should I use when there is no LHS around,to buy special train oil and how and where exactly to apply it. I've never lubricated anything yet. thank you.
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    Metal wheels

    I want to replace some old plastic wheels. Are these really, really good ? Or would you suggest any other, cheap and by bulk ? 100 pack InterMountain 33" Semi-Scale HO Metal Wheel sets 40052
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    Need more power

    Hi, I definitely need more power to the track as the layout is pretty big, the problem is that I use Bachmann Dynamis, you know that plug and play thing. So how can I do it ? What exactly do I need to add feeders, where, how ? Thank you for any tips.
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    Use of flex track, please help !

    I just got some flex track and am fighting to fit not a tight curve but one rail, the loose, always sticks out. Is that normal ? Do I have to cut it off to fit the other connecting rail ? This is my first time I'm "working", more like fighting with Atlas flex track. Can somebody tell me what to...
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    Code 80 bridges with Code 55 track

    Hi, how can I connect code 80 bridges with code 55 tracks ? I noticed there are no code 55 bridges. What can I do and how ? Please !
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    Kato Unitrack and Atlas track

    aha, removing the unijoiners sounds good, is it really so easy to remove them ? I will see. Thanks to all of you railroaders.
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    Kato Unitrack and Atlas track

    Can I use Kato Unitrack and Atlas flex track ? How ? Any special rail joiners ? Thanks
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    MRC 260, overload ? why ?

    aha, let´s say I will manage to solder, but how do I wire those feeders to my MRC 260 2 DC screws and my Bachmann Dynamis ? no, there is no LHS around here, I´m down here in Nicaragua, Central America. I don´t know what to get, like some connector bus or something, tell me, show me, please, what...
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    Terminal joiners

    yes, I will see if I can draw it
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    A Short ?

    no reversing loops, that I know of, at least, sir, and I do not have a track plan yet though I assembled it, over 300 feet, lol, I will have to get down to do it, the way I see it, because the messy layout just doesnt work.
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    Terminal joiners

    can I use multiple standard terminal joiners as feeders, how can I connect them ?

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