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    Weaver Kits

    started this weaver kit a couple of days ago and so it does not come with wheels. any suggestions on what wheelsets and coupler system would fit this kit? and does it require weights?
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    Any other TT scale modelers out there?

    cant help you there, but i went to a show last weekend here in Atlanta and saw a young guy with a TT layout on display...first i have heard of it.
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    very basic question..maybe not a basic answer..

    Thanks Bruette. I’ll check some of those out…photos of the engine are attached. Considering the 80w transformer would work, would I be able to haul up to 40 cars off that one power source AND off that one engine? I have six 3’ sections for O scale fasttrack so far. I plan on getting...
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    very basic question..maybe not a basic answer..

    no model number or branding. the only thing on the unit is "Williams electric trains". it has three small switches on the bottom (fwd, reverse & auto). it is 3 rail. I will be using fasttrack btw. MOST of the cars I will be running are built after 1970 and are a combination of Weaver, MTH...
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    very basic question..maybe not a basic answer..

    Howdy, warning: I know nothing about O scale operations. Later this year I will need to set up a rather long oval to run about 30 or 40 cars. I purchased an engine today at a show. It has dual motor and pretty heavy. The guy I bought it from had a test track and tested it out. from what I...
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    Graffiti decals?

    if your going to take a stab at the graffiti, be sure you get paint markers. regular ink markers will not give you the opacity you would need to replicate graffiti on plastic.
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    40 Steel Reefer - Weathering

    pretty amazing that car is still around.
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    Air Brush Paint to Thinner Ratios - Weathering

    for fades, i use 30% paint, 70% glass cleaner (or thereabout). for actuall weathering (rust background, grime accents etc.) i use about 50/50 acrylic and glass cleaner. I always use glass cleaner though. For some reason i never have much luck mixing alcohol and paint, and well, the glass...
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    Favorite train songs

    Last Train, Allen Toussaint.
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    Graffiti and car numbers

    that’s a quite natural reaction. part of the reason graffiti is shunned by people that don’t do it is because its purpose is not understood. very generally, the aerosol graffiti seen on American rolling stock speaks to other graffiti writers/artists around the continent. it says - look at my...
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    Home made graffiti decals

    WOW, you redid the "STEEL" cars. ive seen a few cars from that set running around. one of the Es and the T. i host a annual art show that displays graffiti on model trains done by actuall graffiti artists. i typically stay away from the "G" word in model rr forums as the direction of the...
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    Graffiti and car numbers

    it is a little bit of both. before graffiti writers realized their work would get painted over if the reporting marks were covered yes, they painted everything. initially, graffiti writers would re-write the serial numbers back with the same aerosol they painted their pieces with. they...
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    Guns Stolen From Boxcar in Atlanta

    this happened in the yard where i normally do a lot of railfanning. needless to say ill be steering clear for a while. however, there seem to be a few holes in the story so far. 1. Tilford is a bulk freight...
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    How to fix this

    im curious to know wth could chew through a real wheel like that?
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    DUPX 12405 scratched 8 axle tanker

    WOW!! i thought the first two photos in your photostream WERE the prototype. that is awesome work. i just HAD to find the prototype:

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