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hey you guys, i was just bored and thought i would start a thread that people will post pics or track plans of there model railroads. Well i hope everyone enjoys them, i will post my pics once my layout is finished.



LOL:D Ken!

:eek: BNSF, You caught me with me pants down, as I haven't updated my plans in awhile. All my steel mill reworks are in XtrkCad and I haven't entered this into 3dPlanit yet. Let me see what I can do to remedy this tomorrow and then post the latest.;)
ok sounds good. i hope i can get more idead from this, im looking for stuff besides the cement plant to put on my layout, lol


I don't know if looking at the plans will help you with industry types, as the space you have will dictate what types and how much you can have. Since you already have a cement plant in mind, then think about everything that is tied to the manufacturing of cement: raw materials (mines), finished product (customers:local cement companies, concrete pole man'f., etc.). But, we can give her a go and see what happens.;) :)
ok well im modeling a pretty big cemment plant, i model modern day bnsf, so i dont no what else i cud do with modern day trains, in the sense of cement


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This thread looks like it could be a great one. I like the idea! I can't wait to see all of the great layouts that show up here!

Mine's not so great. It's a LONG way from done.

My plan was almost a year in the making and it's slowly beginning to take shape now.

The RR is in N scale and it's based in 1920-30's coastal and intercoastal Maine. It's a fictional road called the Autumns Ridge Railway & Navigation Company. It's based on the real life Belfast & Moosehead Lake RR (for more info see here: ).

It's a double decked plan with staging under the bottom deck. The staging and the lower sceniced level share the same benchwork. The upper deck has it's own benchwork. Towns are staggered so one town is not on top of another. This makes it so that people can switch any town with tripping over somebody else.

Train control is a Digitrax Super Chief radio equipped setup with a DT400R and a UT4R for throttles. I'll probably get more as funds allow.

The door to the room is in the upper right. The upper left contains a 20 and 22 inch radius double track helix. The helix rises to a bit higher then the top level so that the run down to the port on the far end of the upper level is a downhill run. The lower level contains an interchange with a class 1 RR that serves as the connection to the outside world. The outside world is represented by the staging tracks that contain all of the class 1 trains. The only time an ARR&Nav Co. train is out of sight is when it's in the helix.

But enough of me talking. Here's the staging area. I have modified it slightly for more holding area, and I may add more yet. Plans/My Plan/Blank3004-1R1Keeper-1.jpg

This part of the plan shows the lower sceniced level along with the interchange. Plans/My Plan/Blank3004-2Keeper-1.jpg

This is the upper deck. It has the port scene with a car ferry and scales, and the largest town on the layout, the small seaport of Autumns Ridge. Plans/My Plan/Blank3004-3Keeper.jpg

So far, the benchwork is in, lighting is in, carpet is in, the backdrop is taking shape, and the staging area along with the interchange is being worked on now. That area is getting along nicely, so soon I can start working my way over to the helix.

Here are a few progress pics: Ridge/7-22-070.jpg Ridge/7-22-071.jpg Ridge/7-22-074.jpg Ridge/7-22-075.jpg Ridge/7-22-076.jpg

I have this low quality video of the first run also: Ridge/?action=view&current=262699db.flv Those parilous dropoffs have been remedied.

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Phillip: Wow! That is a lot of N scale and you are going to have one fine layout. Thanks for rejuvenating my spirits to get me fired back up. First, I will get on with updating the revisions to my plans and try to get it posted soon.

BNSF: You need to do what I have done with my Steel making. Do a search on the Net for Cement and research everything you can find about it: how it is made, how it is used. Understand your industry and it will help you to decide what you need and can have. Also, ModeRailroader mag website has a pdf file you can download for a few dollars that has many industries with track designs, including a large cement plant.

KENL: Love that presentation method. What a great layout!

Can't wait to see more posts on here.;) :)
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Ken: I've gotta see that when it's done! Big time ore hauling complete with a dock loading setup........awesome!

Rex: Thanks! It's a big project alright!
ok thanks rex but i already have that issue of mrr mag. And everyone else, your guy's layouts sure are looking nice, my layout isnt done enough yet to even take pics, i only have some of the benchwork done, only the braces none of the actual subroadbed is layed or anything.


I finally have my plans updated.

WELCOME to the Blue Creek and Warrior RW, circa 1950's
Description: The BC&W is a fictitious railway system located in the Southern Appalachian mountain region. Construction began November, 2003 and now with 95% of track down, 75% of Industry in place, 30% town construction, 50% of scenery, 10% of detailing. Expected completion: No hurry!
Levels: 3
Roads: Southern, GM&O, L&N, N&W, BC&W
Scale: HO, DCC
Power: Digitrax Chief 8 amp
Track: Atlas Flex, Code 83
Total Track: ~1000
Turnouts: Walthers Shinohara, Atlas, (4's, 5's, 6's)
Total Turnouts: 135
Turnout Control: Lenz LS150 for mainlines, and manual for yards/sidings
Signals: Future plans call for ABS with Digitrax and Railroad&Co
Benchwork: Open Grid, 16" ctr., using 1x4's with 2x4 legs, diagonal bracing.
Subroadbed: 1/2" plywood, BC
Locomotives: Steam and Diesel, 19 total, 17 with sound.
Rolling Stock: ~250 mixed
Passenger Service: 1-GM&O, 2-Southern, 1-L&N

Scenery: The layout is about half mountains and half foothills country with loads of trees, rock formations, and rural scenery. There are 4 main towns/cities with several settlements.

Industry: Heavy industry is mostly located near town areas while medium and small can be found throughout the layout. They include: lumber, coal, steel, coke, petroleum, machinery man'f., furniture, WHISKEY, warehousing, and etc.
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Awww, c'mon, I started taking pics when it looked like this! Ridge/Picture005.jpg

Two hours later I took another pic. Ridge/Picture006.jpg

And at the end of day one........ Ridge/Picture003.jpg

Surely whatever you have beats that!

I started taking pics of my layout when the room looked like this!!:D :D



In Training Down Under.
Rex what's the whiskey like?? a small nip enough??

This is what I'm planning, with a few changes here and there. under this level is the sliding staging I'm working on.


I'm too lazy to design my own:D :D

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