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Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning. It's 56° and cloudy. The high today will be 72° and it will be somewhat cloudy.

Laundry day today. I'll get the laundry done this morning and have it out of the way before noon. About mid afternoon I'll be heading off to a friends home for a steak dinner. Afterward (depending on whether he survives my special hot sauce) we'll do some planning for a layout he wants to get started on. Other than that I have no plans for today.


All new now!
Good afternoon folks.

I'm having a lazy day of incarceration while it snows and sleets outside. I've done a little modeling, a little shoveling and a whole lot of nothing while watching the Daytona 500. Not a bad day off.

The storm we're in is predicted to dump a foot of snow by tomorrow morning. The winds will come up to 30 miles an hour so that should add drifting snow to the equation. This is the first storm this year that my wife and I both have the day off so I could care less if I can't leave the house. Actually, I could leave but why?

I also managed to do a little train shopping on eBay and Wathers today. I ordered the shingles for the barn and a farm house and silo to go with it. I decided to try Busch's corn field for my farm. We'll see how it looks before I order enough for the whole area. Then I ordered some crossing and stop signs for my town. It's amazing how you can spend eighty dollars on not a whole lot.

I suppose I should also do something productive with my day. I think it's time for a snack!

Have a good day everyone!


"retired" conductor
and a whole lot of nothing while watching the Daytona 500.

Twas a heck of a race, were it not? :D

Oooops, whats this , a soapbox?:confused:

Climbing up :rolleyes:

They done did it,,,,again!! OK, I tried to play nice. :mad: I bought 3 undec Proto GP9's last year, for the purpose of installing sound and chop nosing them. When I got them, straight out of the box I checked the axle gears, and 75% of them were already split. Since they were new, I thought I'd do the "proper" repair and purchased new axles with wheels from Walthers. I installed them in all 3 and put them aside, as I had other projects demanding my time. Fast forward a year. I got victim #1 out to start the rebuild. I chopped the frame weight, installed a Tsunami and speaker, programmed the chassis and thought I'd take it for a test run. The sound system was perfect, but within the 1st foot of travel it started......thunk...thunk...thunk!!
Aaaargh! Back to the workbench where a quick truck disassembly revealed 2 split axles. Mind you, these engines have a grand total of about 20 feet on them since the new axles were installed!!!!:eek::eek::eek:
Thankfully I had a few spare Athearn axles to spare so I put them in. Yes, I know there are one or two of you out there gasping :eek: because the Athearn gears are made differently and may not be a perfect match but you have to admit, they do work! The engine now runs smoothly.:D
It just drives me nuts that the Proto axle problems still exist, and worse yet that Walthers is in total denial that there has ever been a problem!!:eek:
As soon as I can restock my gears, I'll be tearing the other 2 apart and split gears or not, they are being replaced. I'd rather do that now, than monkey with them after the paint and detail work is done!!!!

Whew, all better now:D

Climbing down,,,,I'll just put the box over here,,,I think Chris might want it back sometime!:rolleyes:

Flo, can I get a Diet Coke,,,I'm feeling a little dry.....;)

Good Morning ! from Tipton IN.




Gomez Addams
Staff member
Karl, I feel your pain about the gears. I've started just putting the entire wheel/axle assembly out of Athearns in those Proto units. I have a GP30 that has gone through its 3rd (and last) set of Proto axle gears. When I unpack from our impending move, it's going to the bench for new Athearn parts.
Yesterday I went to the club, taking a single Atlas SD35 with me, and no rolling stock. Of course, again, nothing would stay on the tracks more than 5 feet before either derailing or coming uncoupled from the uneven track. Oh, and there were shorts galore as well.:rolleyes: Mr. Sphincter came along, and again started his "it's not NMRA" chant again. I calmly pointed out that all the cars on all the trains were club-owned, and if they didn't conform to NMRA standards, they were his responsibility to make them so.;) His attitude underwent a considerable instant revision. He left, and came back an hour later with a bunch of good grade 1x4's to support the layout under the warped Homasote. He'll be doing that in the coming weeks, and if he wasn't such a pleasant so-and-so, I'd offer to give him a hand...:D Sometimes you just have to let them pee on the electric fence.


Active Member
I finally found it. Ive been looking for the right deer rifle for awhile, and well, a couple weeks ago i found it. We were at the gunshop finishing up the final details with my dads new Browning. While they were doing paperwork, i spotted this behind the counter. I asked him what it was, and if it was in for repairs or for sale. It was for sale, and i got to hold the gun and asked some questions. My dad wanted me to get a 30-06 so we could shoot the same ammo. This was a 7mm-08. I figured my dad wouldnt even consider it so i handed it back to the dealer. Well, apparently my dad felt it was a nice enough rifle for a good enough price to forgive the caliber, and Saturday morning i had a nice little surpise trip to the gunshop. I thought we were picking up my dads new rifle, but we picked up this one instead. What i really like about this gun is that it could last a lifetime.

Forgive the dog hair on the couch, the joys of living with an Elkhound :rolleyes:



Alright, so enough guntalk and drooling.

Couple inches of fresh snow this morning. I think ill take a couple train pictures later, theyll look nice with the snow on the trees.

Have a good one gents.


Dr Frankendiesel
I was out most of the day. This morning I was taking care of doctor appointments. Afterward I went to Wal-Mart to get my glasses fixed. I was going to grab a bite of lunch at home but my father called and wanted me to go to the to water my mother's flowers. She has bunches of them! Mostly tropical. Lots of orchids. Good thing about orchids is they don't require much water. Bad thing about orchids is they don't require much water. It managed to grab a bottle of ruby red grapefruit from the parlor just before my father came in. From there we were off to town. First to Wal-Mart then to the rest home. I had him pay for some essential items I needed. Tube of Triple Antibiotic. Five rolls of one inch masking tape. I use it to wrap over the gauze on my ankle bandages. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than adhesive tape. Also got two rolls of Bounty select-a-size paper towels. I was half-way through my last roll. He got the items he needed, paid for it all then we headed for the car. We went to the rest home to see my mother. What a waste of time that was! She was conscious and moving about on her own but was about as clear as muddy water. She didn't know who either of us three quarters of the time, kept getting us mixed up then claiming we were total strangers. Not long after that we left. I got home a little after six. All I've had to eat (besides the grapefruit juice) is an orange. Now if you'll pardon me I have to scrape together something for dinner then I'm going to get some rest. I'M WIPED OUT!


Active Member
Old man winter came back from his vacation. We got at least 4" out of this last round of storms.

Yesterday, I watched the 500 and I am glad to see Trever Bayne and the Wood Brothers #21 in Victory Lane. Then I went outside to clean the driveway. I think I got all the carbon cleaned out of the ol' snow blower. The stuff was wet and heavy and made the blower work HARD!

I'm still not feeling that well yet. Hopefully I get over this bug soon.


Dr Frankendiesel
This morning my temperature is down but who knows how long that'll last. It was almost 103 last night. I don't believe I'll be going anywhere or doing much of anything today. It was a battle just to get out of bed to get something together for some kind of breakfast.


All new now!
Good morning folks.

We got another twelve inches of snow the last two days.:( Boooo!

I have the day off again with nothing to do. My wife has to work so I can do whatever I want. I'm thinking it's a traintastic kind of day. I have a lot of painting to do which means part of my day will be spent watching paint dry.:) I may need to identify a large project to chip away at while the small projects get painted and planted.

Speaking of paint drying, I better get started so I can use the pieces later today.

Have a great day everyone.


Corey - I have a friend who spent 8 months on a project in Mankato about 10 years ago. He changed the name to: man-kan-it-sno. He said winter lasted for 2 years, there had to be a time-warp outside the rest of the world.

Personally, I put about a 150 miles on the motorcycle running around this past weekend.:D

However, your lousy day at home playing trains beats my good day at work every time! Enjoy!!


All new now!

It certainly feels like a two year winter! Damn, I was starting to get use to highs in the forties a week ago. It's February in Minnesota, I'm not sure why I expect anything different!

Paint is drying! Hmm, now what to do?


Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning. On top of all my other problems I now have another one. Seems I broke my ankle last night. I have it strapped tightly and while I have my walking boot on it's as good as in a cast. I'll have to get to the doc when I can to have it checked to be sure but when something that was fused together and couldn't move pops and suddenly can move It's not always a good thing. Consider also that any pain I would feel below the knees would be bone pain and I have a ton of that today. I have Oxycontin that I got from my doc to use in case of pain so I took some this morning with my usual morning meds. I can still feel the pain but it doesn't have it's harsh edge anymore. It feels more like a bad sprain right now. As to my mother, the reports my father and I have gotten is that she's showing advanced signs of alzheimers disease.Yesterday she called me a smart alack for telling her what was good for her. I looked her straight in the eye and told her 'You should know. You've been a very good teacher'. She didn't get it. At any other time it would've gotten a rise out of her. This time, no reaction. And she's on no meds except those she usually takes. She's in the rest home so they can see that she get her exercise. She didn't eat yesterday so my father went there last night and spoon fed her at her bedside. Naturally I'm very concerned about her and though he puts a good face on it I can tell it's weighing heavily on my father. He continues to go to his job as it helps keep his mind occupied. I haven't tried to talk him into taking some time off because I believe work is the best thing for him right now. Until later, have a good day.


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
Parents what are we going to do with them, they don't listen, they don't do what they are supposed to and when we tell them something we are always wrong. Seems like my dad said that to me once upon a time. LOL LOL LOL My dad has a lift chair because he cannot get up and down even with the lift chair. He is 92 yrs old and he has his lift chair sitting at a 30 to 45 degree angle so he is always leaning forward. Well two weeks ago he fell asleep and rolled forward landing on his head. He was not seriously hurt but did get a minor concussion. He had a head ache for about 4 days but seems OK now. He put the chair back up to his desired angle and the nurses keep coming in and putting it at a correct 90 degree angle. They came in later and had to reset the chair again. I think he has gotten the idea that he cannot set int he chair at that angle anymore because he keeps getting chewed on by the nurses and the nurses aides. Oh well if I live that long I will be cantankerous too I am sure.
Winter has returned and I am sick of it. Last week was sooooo nice and warm that I almost got my Bermudas out but Glendia talked me out of it. Oh well it will be here very soon and then I can get back to my normal clothing. I hate wearing long pants even if I have knobby knees like someone else here on the forums.

Steve B

Woke up to hear about the terrible earthquake in New Zealand today, just had a message off Ken M and he's fine but it really scared him and his family. another friend of mine lost his friend, one of the 65 poor folks who have died god bless them.

To round off the day one of my parakeets died in my hand as my youngest boys was looking on, it had a heart attack i think as it just stopped beating poor thing, many tears later they are all still very upset poor kids.

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Guy's that are still suffering winter.......Dana and I went to the Beach for the first time! The water was still to cold for a swim......But the warm, toasty Sun warmed our souls! 2 more months the water should warm up enough to swim in! heheheheheheeeee


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
Guy's that are still suffering winter.......Dana and I went to the Beach for the first time! The water was still to cold for a swim......But the warm, toasty Sun warmed our souls! 2 more months the water should warm up enough to swim in! heheheheheheeeee

May the bird of paradise fly up your nose and an elephant caress you with its toes.


"retired" conductor
May the bird of paradise fly up your nose and an elephant caress you with its toes.

You were much kinder than my 1st reaction!!:eek::D:p

Of course, we could all chip in and send Chris a one way ticket to the upper Yukon!!! Might teach him a lesson on how to fit a snowsuit, boots, goggles, a camp stove, gloves, and 3 sets of thermal underwear into a carry on bag!! LOL!!:D:D:D
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