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Well, Mr. Gilbert, we have drifts over 4' high. The little Boston Terriers can run on top of them. Me? I sink like a rock in a lake....go figger. Shoveled all day. Snow blower puked out as the snow and the sleet/ice mix all embedded on the stuff was too much for it. I got 'er fixed, just a bad shear pin. Still, I had to shovel the darn white stuff!!!!



"retired" conductor
boB !!! Glad ta see ya!!

HEre we started the day at 30 degrees,,,,temp went to 48 with fog, them plummeted tonight to 20! :eek:

Thankfully, no precip!:D


Dr Frankendiesel
Just got an alert on MY forum from one of my neighbors to "Look out the *expletive removed* window!". I look and what do I see? Little tiny snow flakes. Not what I wanted to see. Good thing it'll melt tomorrow.


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I look and what do I see? Little tiny snow flakes
Huh! and that excites you? I've been seeing the same for the past 48 hours, it stops sometime tomorrow the guessers say. Took the dog out for the evening stroll at 8PM and there was over a foot of white powder in the driveway, :mad: much easier to take care of than the 2 1/2 ft (or more) along the sides of the driveway :rolleyes:
But on the bright side, all the forecasting groundhogs in the province forecast an early spring :) so if we get a second storm before the end of Feb. that's what will likely happen. Wonder how the little beggars know ;)
Anyway not so bad it'll take about a half hour with the snow blower to clear after breakfast tomorrow. :D
Bob said:
we have drifts over 4' high. The little Boston Terriers can run on top of them. Me? I sink like a rock in a lake....go figger.
Yeah we've got some drifts like that, but they'll support our Newfie at 105lb, but the stuff that's coming down now, we'll have to wade through it tomorrow, just like white powder.
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vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Only drifts I see, are people drifting over to the local tiki hut to order another round! BTW I got to mow the lawn tomorrow!lol's
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Good Morning ! from Tipton IN.



vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
I'd rather clear the driveway, takes a lot less time. :D


I only got 5000sqft of grass and a riding mower and it only 74* while I'm wearing my shorts and drinking a beer while I work;):) Month and a half I be Sitch that it's to dang hot out there!:rolleyes:


Dr Frankendiesel
I look and what do I see? Little tiny snow flakes.
Huh! and that excites you? I've been seeing the same for the past 48 hours, it stops sometime tomorrow the guessers say.
Yep! Here ANY snow that sticks for even a little bit is a BAD thing. Vehicles here don't have the right tires for it and most of these fools here don't know how to drive on it in the first place. They had several fender benders in the Wal-Mart parking lot yesterday morning because of a little patch of ice. Of course the idiots involved were speeding anyway (30-35 in a 12-15 mph zone). My van isn't sporting snow tires either but the tires it has are better on snow and ice than what the average person here has. So yeah, I tend to get excited (in a bad way) about any snowfall that has a chance of sticking. The snow that fell last last night can't even be seen right now because so little fell. The weather guesser is saying there will be snow and ice today, tonight and tomorrow. Later in the week it'll get warmer and snow will be an impossibility. Plus when you consider that as little as 1/2 an inch of the white stuff will shut things down here, yeah, I get excited about a little snowfall. If I have to go some place I have to be out there among a bunch of people who have NO idea whatsoever of how to drive on the stuff. I spent years in Europe getting around on snow and ice covered roads and later was a truck driver first for the military then as an independent driver, so I know how to drive on the stuff. The average person here doesn't and the roads quickly become blocked because someone just had to go to the store for a pack of cigarettes or a 12 pack of beer. So excuse me if I get excited about a little snowfall.


Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning. It's 28° and cloudy, a far cry from the 18° being called for by the weather guessers. The high will be 32 and there's a 10% chance of snow and a 10% chance of ice. Tonight the chance of snow and ice go up to 50% and 60% respectively. I'm getting the second half of my grocery shopping done today.


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Good Morning, first time posting in the coffee shop, although I have been listening to most of the conversations for quite a while now.
I sure hope this artic blast finds its way to Florida.;)


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
Kyle how far is Rochester from Montgomery?? I had a friend who grew up in Montgomery and went to the Univ. of MN. He graduated with an agricultural engineering degree and went to work for GM here in Anderson IN in 1969. I have not seen him since 74 or 75.

Steve B

Got a circuit of track down today so the boys can have some fun, can't decide weather to stick with DC or make it DCC, the boys trains are all DC and would cost a packet to chip em all, but i have one DCC loco and a DCC controller, i think i may make the outer track DCC as it wont be connected to the center track and it only has one turnout. The center track on the other hand will have about 15 turnouts, thats 15 places for the old train wheel flanges to short out on the turnouts so i think DC would be best. In an ideal world i'd just buy all new track and locos but were a long way from an ideal world at the mo


Dr Frankendiesel
Went to Wal-Mart this morning to get the remainder of my grocery shopping done. There was a crowd in there all competing for 'essentials' like milk, bread, eggs as if there was some dire calamity about to befall the area. The weather guessers have folks here so panicked that they think a major blizzard is coming in. Come on people! It's maybe a 50% chance of snow flurries that will be on the ground for one to two days tops. And a ruder bunch of people you couldn't ask for. Jostling, shoving, pushing, forcing their way through aisles. I watched two guys get into a shouting match over of all things a box of Ritz crackers when there were still several hundred on the shelf. I guess they thought that box had something special in it. It seemed also like people were just grabbing things, even things they likely couldn't even use. Flashlights but no batteries for them? What are they going to use to make them light? Good wishes? I wonder, is there some TV or radio channel out there that I'm not privy to that's telling these buffoons there's some big blizzard or other dire calamity coming and that it's perfectly OK to act like a bunch of jack***es strung out on locoweed? Where do these people come from? It's the same on the roads. People cutting others off, making illegal turns across traffic, one guy making a U-turn on a 4 lane and driving back the wrong way in a one way when the proper lane is only a few feet away? I wouldn't blame the local cops for just sitting, watching and staying out of it. They were probably scared stiff!

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Yet another day in the mid 70's!:D Although it was an overcast day:( But it was warm......:p I'm sure we will get two more short cold snaps before March 15th. I have a feeling we'll make up for this mild winter with a wild hurricane season!:rolleyes: Karma is a itch.......;)


Who left the back door open????

A cold front dropped into Alabama, bringing rain, sleet and ice!
It is 31*F right now and about 1/4 inch of slushy ice on the car.
I wonder if we can drive in the morning?

Will my flex track contract enough to slide out of the rail couplers?:D


Master Mechanic
Yep!...most of these fools here don't know how to drive on it in the first place...

You most definitely got that right, Jeff! I believe that every store, business and school let out between 2:30 and 3:00 here. When my wife got off at her normal time, her normal 30 minute commute took 2.5 hours because of all the wrecks on the interstate. Even the TV stations were telling everyone to slow down, but she says they all seemed to speed up. That is until they hit the ice! There was only some ice in a couple of spots, but it was enough to cause havoc from people not paying attention.

And whats more fun, is just about all the weather guessers here are expecting a real honest to goodness snowstorm for next Tues-Wed.
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