Wpf, 06/04/12-06/10/12

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Master Mechanic
Well since no one's started this yet for this week, I guess that I'll do it.

This is a picture of my wife's GM&O brass caboose. I painted it myself, and she really loves this caboose. She got mad when I told her, I needed to weather it! She said, "Over your dead body!:eek:"

So, I'll guess that it stays pristine.



If I say so myself, it did turn out well!

NH Mike

CEO & Wheel Cleaner
Nice start to the week's photos by all.

She got mad when I told her, I needed to weather it! She said, "Over your dead body!:eek:"

So, I'll guess that it stays pristine.
Some roads with enough resources used to assign a caboose to only one train crew. Being their office and home away from home many crews took pride in keeping their hack clean as possible. A clean and well maintained caboose is rare but certainly protypical. And of course we all know it usually is not good to irritate the ladies. ;)


BN Modeller
Off to a late but great start!
Here's a few I took on the weekend, I don't need to say it isn't mine!
(might give Greg some ideas tho) :p

Burlington Bob

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Some of the new stuff to go with the old stuff. Getting antsy. Looks like it going to be a loooong summer. Normally, I don't want fall to come but this year it's going to be worth the wait!



All new now!
My Athearn passenger cars I bought off Ebay. I payed $40 for all six! Of course, I added new trucks,wheels, plus kadees and decals. Most of my curves are 30 or better but I have a few 24 inch radius that I figured would cause problems with full length passenger cars. This was my first attempt at airbrushing and decals. I still have the diaphragms to add but I wanted to post a picture now.








Kid With an Airbrush

Great job on those heavyweights. They look very good. Did you hit the cars with some clear cote of some kind after you finished decaling them?



All new now!
Robert, thanks for the compliment. I used a gloss from Model Master to seal the decals and then sprayed again with semi gloss. I didn't want them to be totally flat. The only problem I can think of is the fact that these passenger cars were at the end of their life during my time period. Oh well, we'll pretend they were taken car of.:)


Kid With an Airbrush

Semi gloss, i'll have to look into that. That was the look I was trying to give my cars but wasn't able to get with dullcote. And when I have something that isn't prototypical I just say that's how it is on MY railroad haha.


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