Woodland scenics has burned to the ground!

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The information I got from the owner of my LHS (a WS distributor) is that only the ground foam buildings were involved. As NHMike said, don't go out and support the price-gougers.


Did they put out the fire with Realistic Water? and duplicate the foam with water effects?:D

Okay, I'm kidding.


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The info you provided earlier Jeffrey from anothe forum is the same that I received through my sales-rep at the distributor I deal with and they handle the full line of Woodland Scenics.

According to what the info I received. it will be business as usual so I assume they have plenty of Back up stock as they have several locations and their offices & shipping department is located in a different building.


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Better get the whole story guys. It was just one building out of a number of buildings they use. Thankfully everyone got out all right. Guess the cost of those old hand cranked meat grinders and foam pillows will be going up as everyone makes their own:)


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Seen on another forum
"Dear all,

As you may have heard we have experienced a fire here at Woodland Scenics and there is good news and bad news. The good news is that no one was hurt during the fire or evacuation process. The bad news is that it took out a couple of our manufacturing buildings. However, and fortunately, there is more good news than bad.

We encompass multiple buildings that are spread out all over the town of Linn Creek. We only lost two of those buildings and those two contained just a small portion of our manufacturing facilities. Our shipping department, warehouse and corporate offices were spared any damage, as were most of our manufacturing buildings, so it is business as usual.

Thanks for all your concerns.


Gale Cousins
Director of Sales & Customer Service
Woodland Scenics"

This has to be as good a news as can be expected under the circumstances.
Thanks Jeff

This is good news as I'm on a ballasting binge! Though I will be heading to the LHS tomorrow to stock up (not hoard).


Chef Jeff

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Woodland Scenics Burns down

This is bad for me since I am about ready to go stock up on their products! I imagine a mad scramble will soon get every last product still out there off the shelves! But, I am so happy that no one was hurt and I would expect them to rebuild soon. They are too important a company to not only model railroders, but also to architects and others who model not to make a comeback.


Chef Jeff
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