Weekly Photo Fun 5-27/6-2

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Dr Frankendiesel
Got the mobile homes assembled and painted:




And I got this Frankenstein project put together. Proto2000 FA frame, motor and shafts. Athearn F7 trucks, Bachmann FT body:

Two Truck Shay

A B&W photo of my recently rebuilt MDC Shay sitting on the main at Camp 1 on the upper shelf waiting for a loaded logging train to work its way down the grade. Engine has a TCS M1 decoder and 2mm LED's for lights. Runs like a charm now.



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Explain the tank?
I was hoping someone would ask, i love telling this story :D

This tanker was made by one of the nicest MRR'ers i have ever had the pleasure of talking with. Sean is an awesome guy with amazing craftsmenship skills in Brass. Ask Greg (Tooter) about his work sometime! Anyways, i had seen Sean show this off on another forum before and had always admired it. He made it out of brass, copper, and plumbing parts. About 3 weeks ago, the oppurtunity arose to purchase this masterpiece, and i did so for a ridiculously low price. When this arrived at my house, i couldnt believe how big it really was. It is almost a foot long between the bolsters. It runs incredibly smooth too, i run it through 18in radius power-loc track on the carpet with no problems. :cool::D


Nice trailers Jeffery! Im thinking those would work good for something i have in mind and would look great to fill a small open spot im going to have on my High-Rise module

Matt, That is a beautiful KCS SD70ACe! I got a couple of them in and even though im not a KCS fan I was sad to ship them out to my customers lol. That paint scheme is really neat and eye catching, I might just have to order another one of them just to have it :D


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Jeff- I just realized what mobile homes those were. Those are the same kits i was considering getting and making into a "mobile home in transit" scene with an Athearn tractor.

Josh- Thanks for the compliments on the ACe. I try to focus on Northeastern roads, and plan on doing a freelance regional line, so the KCS is totally one of those things that i dont need but absolutely had to have. Theres something funny about the Belle scheme, I originally had an ACe in BNSF, and had to swap for a KCS one, i couldnt get the KCS one out of my head :D


Dr Frankendiesel
Nice trailers Jeffery! Im thinking those would work good for something i have in mind and would look great to fill a small open spot im going to have on my High-Rise module
You may be able to find them on Ebay. The company that made them, NuComp Miniatures, went the way of the dodo recently.


BN Modeller
Wow, great stuff as usual!
I had an odd scenario the other day that had more freight moving East than West, just the way it worked out.
This created a power glut in Longhurst with a shortage in Spencer due to the power rating of the ruling grade. (1.5 cars per powered axle for odd numbered trains and 2.5 cars per powered axle for even numbered trains)

Here's a short train passing thru Lake Winifred with seven locos at the point including a burnt out GP heading in for rebuild. (not the best pic...)
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not much railroadng lately... been working on this undec Proto2000 Gp18 that I bought from a fellow member here. been reworking it into a Illinois Central Paducah rebuilt GP10. so far I airbrushed it,added the air intake, added 2 extra exhaust stacks and relocated the bell. will likely add a sound decoder and led lights.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
I have finally found some time to get back into the train room...... Finish most of the construction of the roof on the workshop area in the Quarry Engine House. The roof was built from a piece of very thin plywood, scale 2" x 10" scale lumber, Corrugated Steel Roofing cut to size, Styrene Tubing for the smoke stack, and some .015 piano wire for the chimney supports.



For those who remember the inside of the workshop and the detail I put in it, don't worry.... The roof is detachable!



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