WEEKEND photo fun Oct 5-6-7th

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Steve B

First off a bit of BN GP20


And some NS SD60

and last but not least MP15DC, still without details fitted :eek:
RJR Week

Nice bit of power there Steve :D

Ive got quite a lot done this week. The great thing about having my own space now is you dont spend 1 hour building, then 1 hour cleaning up, not that I like a tidy shop but working in the house is a lot more restrictive !!
Got most of the track almost as I want it on the left side of the shed as you go in. Decided the best way to test the viaduct joints is to continue the loop round on a temporary basis on the right side.

Here are some pictures of this weeks efforts.

Lift out section sliding built and in place


The track ends have hardwood "wedges" uder them to make the rail cuts more even lengthed. They also move the rails away from the board edge on the fixed section for there and my safety


An overview from outside the door, The track on the left is preety much as I want it. On the right is just a straight through length so I can test the viaduct, over time there will be a small staition an a couple of spurs on this side (You can just make out the marker pen on the boards)


I have also been testing camera locations for future video, here is a poorly lit test video




S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Nice work so far everyone! I have been finishing the last of my Cabeese. This one I decided to super detail the interior. Spent hours trying to find layouts and photos of the interiors of cabooses. Found a little but........ nothing that I could take verbatum and use. So I have made my own design based on what I found and have started to scratch build some of the interior.



I had a coal burning Potbellied Stove so I put a length of pipe on it, painted it black and glued it under the pipe on the roof. There is a water tank on the far right made from some plastic sprue I had laying around from another project. Several details are on order, like a washstand and a chair for the conductor's desk (Left end of Caboose).
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Dr Frankendiesel
I've been working on getting my HO GP50 ready for my fictional road, the Midland Gulf Railway (MGRy).

First was the preparation. I removed all window glass, lenses and number boards.

The next step was to lay the cab and body out for painting.

After two light coats, I allowed it to dry thoroughly.

While the paint was drying, I was printing the decals out on airmail paper.

The decals are cut out and set aside.

The roadname decals are applied first.

Followed by the cab numbers and number boards.

The body and cab are finally reunited with the chassis.

That's it for now.

Steve B

Paul tell you what,,, they don't need to put the de-rail ramp on the track there, the track is that bad looking i recon trains would de-rail anyhow.


Southern Railway lives on
Here are some pictures of my newly painted SD80MAC. I added A-Line windshiled wipers and a MU Cable hose to this unit. This is Southern's first Sd80MAC and hopefully the first of many more. The other Southern locomotive is my SD70MAC. It looks like I need a SD90MAC now to finish out the 70-80-90 punch.:D






The last photo is my favorite picture from this set. I took a video of these locos pulling a bunch of cars from the 1920's train,so be watching for that soon.



Smoke, 7238 is a real sweetheart!:)

Paul, I sure would like to watch those monster looking things at work;) :D

John, your layout is coming along nicely. Will you cover the bridge piers to look like concrete/rock?

dnhouston, that is a fine looking house. Love the roof and the paint job looks perfect for an old house. (I can hear the rain on the roof now.;) )

Jeff, nice looking logo. Have you tried printing them on decal sheets in your printer?

Steve, where did all that good looking power come from? I thought you were now running Brit power.

Ray, that is a good project. I would like to do that if I can ever slow down enough from other projects.


Active Member
Awesome looking locos!

Nice progress!

Cool F-units!

Nice looking house!

Great job!

Nice job on the GP50!

Great M-O-W shots!

Those are some awesome Southern units!


Dr Frankendiesel
I made screens for the GP50's dynamic brake grilles. Now that gaping hole is no longer there and the heat from the motor and decoder (cheap Lenz decoder) can escape.



Diesel Detail Freak
Here's a portion of my "haul" this weekend. The Gondola's and magazines are from eBay. The containers I got free (some crafty buying & selling to pull it off). Didn't shoot the boxes of other stuff I picked up though. Got some new well cars, more containers, and FP45, SD40-2, two autoracks, and some other various things. Got myself a 10% off coupon for the LHS too, think I'll go pick out something on Tuesday, or maybe I'll wait until the beginning of Nov.
RJR Viaduct

John, your layout is coming along nicely. Will you cover the bridge piers to look like concrete/rock?
The plan is to copy the basic style of a Scottish concrete viaduct, "Glenfinnan" its the one made famous by the Harry Potter films. The prototype is a few arches longer though.

Here are a couple of work in progress shots. The front face and piers are about theright shape, the arches still need forming and the back has a way to go !!





Steve B

Great work everyone,
Rex i still have some reserve power left in the fleet
John just e-mailed you
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